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  1. hi starting with your post because its fresh!! just to let people know that their is a case being heard at BRADFORD county court on monday 14th january 08 @ 1030hrs between ADAMS V. BLS Collections(LloydsTSB) mr adams is taking BLS to court for breach of the data protection act 1998. he requested information via a SAR and provided payment for the release. BLS took the payment but failed to release the information or acknowledge the request.
  2. i still havent found an answer to my question, anyone help, where can i get a copy of s69cca1984
  3. on this issue, i am trying to isolate a print version of section69 CCA 1984, any idea where i can trace; i've been trying opsi but i cant isolate pre 1987 legislation, has it been amended, is their an updated instrument in use???? rudeboy
  4. this looks like the thread i need advice from. i had loan account and current account with lloyds. they defaulted both due to changes in circumstances;they added the two debts together making one repayment; however the current account debt was all charges and interest levied against charges, they have just paid back after my claim. however obviously with them adding this onto the loan some years agao, this has increased my loan and repayment time, as well as no doubt gaining more interest. is their a way forward ???
  5. i sent my first letter asking refund in dec 06, got response in the negative in jan 07. went straight to court action in jan, didnt even bother with the LBA, however i wouldnt advise you do the same. follow the steps in the guide on this site and all will be fine. it gets you down coz lloyds will drag their heels and delay as much as possible, but persist. all in all its taken me 4 months, and i have had a greater joy than some, coz ive had a payout in excess of £90 more than i was claiming.
  6. persistance pays dividends; my claim was for £545 charges £92 interest (approximations); just had payout for £891.43p. lloyds really dont want to go to court. they will delay and take time over every stage, hoping that you will faulter or give up. this site has the best advice and stage by stage management you can follow to pursue your claim. i started by sending a simple letter of disagreement over charges, which wasnt even in line with any of the templates now availible. lloyds sent the usual response -sorry but you agreed with our terms and conditions or similar- , i didnt even bother with a LBA, i went straight to filing a claim at court. followed the first steps of court action from this site, kept the claim simple and to the point, i only went for the charges themselves initially. lloyds then acknowledged service, then provided a defence. i then sent allocation questionaire and expanded slightly with regards particulars, to include interest levied against the charges. judge made directions as indicated within my AQ (as from template on this site). court date was set for 23rd may 07. sent off my court bundle last week, then low and behold, this morning they sent a letter with a cheque for over the amount i was after (excluding s69 CCA 1984 8%) but it covers the charges, the interest levied on the charges, all the postage and original court costs and still pays for a few drinks to celebrate!!!! persist, persist, persist, follow the step by step guide on this site, down to the last T and you can not fail to secure a refund. regards to all who sail this site! rudeboy866
  7. hi sonia; rudeboy866 here; as indicated on the chatroom, i have literally got my settlement this am; well over the figure i was claiming for. if i can help ease some of your concerns claiming against lloyds, ask away?!?!
  8. thanx VM for the responses guys and dolls, its good to know people care and are happy to help. i'll keep you updated. (jomad28-i havent fully compiled it yet, but if it works i will update accordingley) thanx again folks:)
  9. hi all, i've been scouring this site for some months now, taking on advice from some wonderful people; thus far they have helped me through writing to lloyds and requesting a refund, recieving their regular negative response; to filing my claim at county court; thru the allocation questionnaire; to the stage now where a court date is set, and i am in the process of putting together my court bundle. i would suggest everyone has a go at claiming back.
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