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  1. The point of this thread is to find out how many other people Cabot has tried to get money from that is not owed to them or the firm, bank company etc that Cabot says they have purchased an account from. Did I not make this clear in my thread, perhaps you should read it again. Regards SM
  2. Nice one Windy They tried the same thing on with me but CitiFinancial in 2007, they wrote again in Nov 2008 saying the same as they told you and asked for just over 50% in F&F, they get NOTHING, they will have to find another way to get their Christmas party money. I'm lucky in that they do not phone me so I will not have the pleasure of hearing a ranting CABOT employee seeing his/her commision drift away. Don't let them get to you... Regards SM
  3. This may help, hope so I am going through a similar thing with CABOT, they wrote in 2007 quoting an account they had purchased from CitiFinancial, as I have no account with Citi I wrote and asked for a copy of the original agreement, they said that they would send off for it from Citi and could take up to 8 weeks... Over a year later, 6th November 2008 I receivd a letter stating that they were sorry that they could not suply me with the agreement and they would accept a reduced sum in full and final settlement. If there is no agreement then there is nothing owed to them, would you knock on a persons door and ask for monies that they do not owe you. See what is in the letter you get back from them and take it from there, if they say they do not have or cannot get a copy of original agreement then tell them to go away or do not reply and consider seeing a solicitor. Hapy days will come Regards SM
  4. Hi all Just thought I would try to find out how many of you have been on the CABOT 'get new customer list', They sent me a letter in 2007 saying that they had taken over an account I had with CitiFinancial ( I am not aware of ever having an acount with Citi) after failing to send me a copy of the original agreement and over a year later, 6th November 2008 to be exact, they were sorry that they could not supply me with the original agreement and were prepared to accept a reduced sum in full and final settlement. Just over half of something I have never had, I know Christmas is nearly here but they are not getting any pressy from me, not on my cardlist either. See CABOT THREADS for further info and comments from SCABHUNTER.. Regards SM
  5. Hi SH Thanks for that, and I will send you your reduced fee of a third but it will have to be 1 million laughts, hope that is OK with you. CABOT will get nowt but I will have a laugh . Have a good day mate Mick
  6. Hi all My dealings with CABOT are as follows, they wrote to me on 30th July 2007 of their recent purchase of an account I held with CitiFinancial and asked that I contact them. I replied on 6th August 2007 stating that as far as I am aware I have never held a account with Citi and I asked that they send me a copy of the original agreement. Received a reply from them 14th August 2007 saying that they had contacted Citi and that they hope to resolve the matter swiftly and that they anticipated a reply within 21 days but that it could take up to 8 weeks and they requested my understanding in this matter. No further contact from them till 6th November 2008 (yes 2008) they regret that they had been unable to obtain the information (copy of agreement) to assist in resolving my query, they go on to say that they are dependant on the original lender to provide the information and they regret that they are unable to do so. As a gesture of goodwill they are prepared to accept £1191.15 in full and final settlement if they get it by 30th November 2008. (The above figure is nearly half of what they say I owe) I have not replied nor am I sending any monies, from what I have read in other posts and threads they seem to do this kind of thing a lot. Has anyone further view on this subject and also are CitiFinancial anything to do with CABOT? I know they are part of Citibank, CF that is. Mick
  7. Good on you SF, I had a accident in 2003 and was off work for a year ( other driver was drunk) and being off sick does not pay the bills. WHO does Haribo work for I wonder, if he is a TROL then he would not know what work is!!!
  8. Yeh also watched the Reliant launch, wonder how much that cost TOP GEAR!!! Seems the only way out of paying the licence fee is 1/ don't pay it and become a criminal, 2/ Dont watch TV SKY etc, are there any other options.
  9. Just joined so am looking forward to reading posts and hopefully being able to help others with my experiences with DEBT and associated DCA's.....
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