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  1. hi, tandlehill i had the same problem with lloyds in oct 2008, sent sar letters then put account in dispute,they still took money out of my account, and the last straw was when my heating allowance ie: £100 was paid into my account they took that out also,i then opened another account elsewere,and pursued my true signed copy of my original agreement. i have informed them that i will not pay a penny till they sent this document still has not arrived,my advice get another account elsewere good luck phantom44
  2. thanks for the replies i sent the same letter back to them stating the account was in dispute without a stamp on the dca was russell way thanks for the info regards phantom44
  3. hi i had a credit card with lloyds which was put into dispute in october 2008 ,after using all the letters from this forum ,and today after 1year i have received a letter from a dca company threating me with a court order any advice would be most welcome regards phantom44
  4. thanks for your replie BRINDLES i think my sister in law just filled in the ccj papers not knowing she could claim however i will help her to claim any unfair charges for her thanks again phantom44
  5. hi can anyone advise please ,my sister in law whom is 67 had a capitalone card for 7yrs, her limit was £2000 which she could not pay ,the account went to £4000 pounds and for the last couple of yrs i found that she ha been paying off £20 per month though a court order , question could she still claim for any charges that were attached to this account, or since she has filled in a court court order capone has spolit her chances for this account any info would be welcome regards phantom44
  6. phantom44


    hi tendogs yes i sent a letter in oct2008 for a cca ,they only responded with a unsigned copy ,i then put the account in dispute but they have ignored all other requests up todate including my request for SAR sent £10 and after 45days still no papers received regards phantom44
  7. phantom44


    thanks for the swift replie tendogs i understand it a little better now,could you please advise me if i should send ltsb that letter or wait to see if they take me to court sorry i'm a little slow on grasping things regards phantom44 ps my hearts ticking over ok at present
  8. phantom44


    thanks for the replies,i have a credit card with lloydtsb and have asked them for a cca ,only to get an unsigned one with the new charges on it ,i have also sent them a default notice which they have ignored, also have requested an SAR £ 10 included and after 40 days still no sign of them coming, they have sent letters demanding the full payment what i was asking was a full explaination of what a cpr was ,sorry i,m rather confused regards phantom44
  9. phantom44


    hi could anyone please explain what is CPR , ive been trying to get my head round it any info would be most welcome regards phantom44
  10. hi holley i had the same problem with them,i sent a letter putting the account in dispute,they still ignored me then sent £10 for Subject Access Request ,after totaling all the charges i asked them to refund my all my money £1700 after 2months and a lot of bank fodder, i sent a final LBA still no satisifacation i then filed in my local court costing £85 8 days later they offered full claim plus court costs today i received my cheque keep at them you will get your money back regards phantom44
  11. :)hi received today a full offer of £1800 off capone thanks for all the info, will send donation when i receive the chq letter says within 21 days regards phantom44:):):)
  12. hi maroondevo52 thanks for the quick replie now could you give me some other info please my current accout is actualy a joint one my wifes and her wages is paid into her own account q1 can they take any money out of her own account regards phantom4 ps my wife is going down to our bank on monday to pay the £400 overdraught off and closing the account QUICK QUOTE ROBIN HOOD ROBBED THE RICH TO HELP THE POOR BANKS ROB THE POOR TO HELP THE RICH
  13. hi can anyone advise me on this issue Point 1 on 15th oct 2008 i sent a pound requesting my cca for my credit card point2 on the 3rd dec2008 i received a letter from lloyds with what seems to be there latest agreement with the £12 charges showing yet my old statements they showed i paid £20 charges and also the agreement was unsigned, my c/card was taking out in 1998 point 3 i sent replie to them that copy they sent me was not the copy i requested and also that unless i receive the true original i am putting the account in dispute as the letter off this site stated point4 today sat 17-1-2009 on checking my current account this morning i noticed that they took all the balance being £242 out of my account and paid it off my credit card which was in the arrears,i was able to go to my branch approx 1130 this morning and speak to the assistant manager, whom pointed out that they can take it out of my current account as you signed an agreement and it is in the small print i then pointed out that they have not given me my signed agreement which i asked for she replied i,m sorry you will have to take it up with the credit card dept any advice please regards phantom44
  14. thanks for the replies Audreygreeneyes yes i sent them the new charges being £1364 + interest £364.44 i printed the copy from my excel spreadsheet calculator it also showed the interest being worked out at 8% i dont know if i should have put this on the claim sheet yet ,as i have seen on some of the threads you only apply them when you go to court could you clarify this please, i resent my updated charges on the 19-12-2008 so i have to wait till approx the 5-1-2009 for them to respond any more info would be welcome , i also paid for the small claims lawpack off this site i am struggling to get my head round it regards phantom44
  15. hi can any one point me in the right direction on the site regarding filling in your court papers 1: is there any simple to follow samples or is any person willing to send me a copy of there court papers without there details in please any advice would be welcome phantom44
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