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  1. The agreements were taken out in the UK, she is writing to them to get copies of the original agreement will post when received. Thanks
  2. Do they not work with overseas debt collection companies? Or is this impractical due to the difference in in laws between different e.u states. They have threatened to send debt collectors to her previously, this was when I found out about it and we agreed the monthly amount with them. Thanks
  3. Thank you, will do and let you know how i get on. Darknoiz
  4. Hi I have spent last hour trawling through the site to find information to help sort out my mothers problem, I have found some letters but not sure on how to proceed, brief details :- Following my father death my mother has managed to run up approx £18,000 in credit card debts £9000 to barclaycard and £9000 to Lloyds, she has only just told me about this following a deterioration in her health, barclaycard have agreed to accept a payment around £80 per month but Lloyds have not responded to her calls/letters. She is retired and has a part time job and realistically cannot afford £80 per month on one card let alone two, we are therefore currently paying this for her. To put it bluntly we will be paying this until she dies as the £80 is not going to make any real dent in the debt and they will not accept a lower amount. Is there a FAQ or guide to how to deal with this, ideally I want the bank to write the debt off as the worry is affecting her health so badly, I realise that she should not have run the debt up and if I had known about it sooner would have intervened, but whats done is done and there is no way that she will be able to pay the debt off in her lifetime. Any help would be gratefully appreciated, the banks as you can imagine are none too willing to help. She does not live in the UK but in the EU and owns her own property and is worried if she does not continue making the payments that she could lose her house. Can anyone offer any help or guidance. Thank you Darknoiz
  5. When you buy travel insurance from a travel agent they are not regulated by the FSA, hence the agravation, will look into on Monday (I work for an insurance broker that specialises in travel and non standard insurances), will speak to the Travel centre manager to see the routes you have for receourse, will update then!
  6. Thank you , that sorts that one out.
  7. Was it single trip or multi trip? Had the date of travel specified to the insurer passed? Which Insurer / Broker did you use? Is the 'redstar' a clue to the company Darkoiz
  8. The interest rate on my last statement shows 1.7366% retail & cash, how does this relate to the spreadsheet, is this the daily rate and how to i covert this for the spreadsheet? I am probably being dense, but you advice would help:? Thanks
  9. PM me with your fax number and I will forward to you.
  10. Sent my Subject Access request on 12/02/07 by rec del. received letter from them dated 12th March advising delay in getting information, they would respond by 9th April. 29th March received letter from them and copy of statement printouts, various waffle in the letter about their justified charges etc and advised they were sending a cheq for £489. Their letter advises that they have not treated the request as full data subject access request and returned my £10. Total cost of all charge is £1005 Does their response alter anything ? Do I move on to the request for repayment and do I include the 'manual intervention' paragraph? :-? Dont want to do anthing that will jeopardise my claim Thanks
  11. I seem to have got mixed up, this one was on mse forums, was reading through both sites at the same time, will now go and look here for an alternative letter
  12. Hi, first post here, I wrote to MBNA using the standard letter and enclosing a £10 cheque and ID to request a copy of my statements , they wrote to advise me their enquires were taking longer than expected, but confirmed i would receive a response by 9th April, which they now have done. They have enclosed copies of the statements, they have provided the information free of charge as they say they have not treated the request as 'full data subject access request'. All the information I need seems to be in what they have sent me. They returned my cheque and enclosed a form pretty much identical to the subject data access report sent previously and advised should i wish to request the full data subject access to complete and return the form with i.d and payment. They have offered as a 'gesture of goodwill' a payment of £391 on one account and £98.00 on another and advised this cheque will be sent within 10 days. On using the interest calulator on th MSE forums I have calculated the following: Account 1 - Charges £230 Interest £75.92 Total £305.92 Account 2 - Charges £775 Interest £165.94 Total £940.94 total £1246.86 Does the method they have replied in alter anything , do I proceed to now use the following: [iNSERT NAME, ADDRESS AND TELEPHONE NUMBER] [iNSERT DATE] [iNSERT NAME AND ADDRESS OF BANK] Dear Sir or Madam, Re. Account number: [iNSERT ACCOUNT NUMBER] I am writing to request that you repay all the default charges that have been applied to my account. I do not believe these charges reflect the true cost to [iNSERT NAME OF BANK]. The charges total £[iNSERT TOTAL CHARGE], plus as I believe I have been unlawfully deprived of the money I have calculated £[iNSERT TOTAL OF INTEREST]interest at the statutory rate, the amount the court will award. I therefore ask that you repay me the full amount of [iNSERT TOTAL OF CHARGES PLUS INTEREST]. I have attached a full schedule of the charges and interest with this document. [iNCLUDE THE PRINT OUT OF CHARGES AND INTEREST FROM THE CALCULATOR AND BE SURE TO KEEP A COPY FOR YOURSELF] I look forward for a full response to this letter within 14 days. Yours faithfully, [YOUR SIGNATURE] [YOUR NAME (PRINTED)] Your help would be gratefully appreciated Darknoiz
  13. Hi, I worked long and hard to get myself out of debt and to ensure that I tried to keep my credit rating intact, MBNA hit me with £££'s and £££' s of charges, as much as £150 on one statement, I paid everything off finally with a very big lump sum, now it seem there may be some recourse for those charges. Looking forward to claiming back from them!!!
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