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  1. They disappeared ( lightweights!!!!) and I have moved address and removed my details from electoral register mailing list. [ hopefully not tempting fate]
  2. I await their computer generated threatogram, I get very little post.
  3. They appear to have gone into hiding. I will update if I receive any further nonsense from them.
  4. Well ... they are back. No CCA received - no surprise. But I get a daily telephone call from HFO - no voicemail message left. I have set my phone to automatically reject any of their telephone numbers. What should I do with regards to the breach of the CCA?
  5. Many thanks - I will keep you posted with all developments.......
  6. I was contacted a couple of years ago by HFO in relation to a CC debt - and I made some payments to them before finding this site - at which point I sent a CCA request with Postal order etc - I then heard nothing for over 12 months. I started getting demanding, threatening calls from HFO so requested only written contact. I have now requested CCA again - I have received a letter from Turnbull ,Rutherford saying that because I made payment to HFO in the past I acknowledged the debt and have no legal defense. "By entering into a legal agreement with our client you have acknowledged the debt and effectively waived your defence to legal action on this account" They have obviously received my CCA request - I was telephoned twice to day by Turnbull and co(hort) - and when I told them to communicate in writing - they became quite shirty saying that they would add the cost of each letter - etc etc. I suppose my question is really - "Where do I stand"?
  7. He/she needs audiometry ,video nystagmography and caloric irrigation balance assessment. Possibly followed by MRI ( I am not convinced that CT scanning will offer the detail that MRI should) In reply to the negative rantings of you know who - I am a frontline senior specialist clinician - 99.9% of my workload is NHS - I am committed to providing excellence on all levels for all patients. My private work is only provided at the request of colleagues who request my specialist diagnostic input and advice - it is only provided in my spare time and never at the expense of NHS patients. I do not believe that money should buy you preferential treatment - paying £160 for an hour consultation will not allow you to jump ahead of NHS patients and it will not provide a different or better diagnosis. I manage a service from a clinical perspective - my main focus is the clinical aspect of my job - management and administrative issues are carried out in my own time at no cost to the NHS - GARY 29 i suggest you read my original post - my post was specific to the original poster - It does not apply to every speciality - it only applies to my speciality -The 18 week rules on the whole are for referral to beginning of definitive treatment. I suggest you take some time out to reassess your perspective - If unhappy patients are your priority over your family or social life then I suggest something is intrinsically wrong with your department- it is apparent that you are unhappy with you management structure and support and that the team around you operate independently - If you were part of a performing and cooperative team, your colleagues would offer to cover you if you need to "pick the kids up". Frontline staff often get treated with contempt by patients and unfortunately receive little support or encouragement from colleagues ( admin or clinical) I am well aware of the grief that our reception staff are subjected to - In my department every individual runs the gauntlet that is "manning the reception". When we know what our colleagues face on a daily basis - only then can we truly support them. The first point of contact sets the scene for the whole patient journey. we treat every patient equally - we value each memebr of staff - we value criticism from within and also from without. You GARY29 seem only to be able to latch on to the possible negatives - you appear to be very confrontational - ( just based on your other posts) If the glimmers of negativity were specks of gold you would be prospecting by the kilogram. Just remember, I was offering clinical advice - you seem intent on assuming the mantle of The Harbinger of NHS doom and gloom.
  8. Negative point of view from someone who is very ill informed. when you say you work in a hospital- what do you do? The 18 week rule is set to be monitered from the end of March 2008. Foundation trusts have an opt out clause for certain RTT.
  9. As a co-ordinator of an eighteen week program, I am fully aware of "the rules". There is a huge amount of contention about interpretation of the rules in certain specialities. As a clinician, I was offering advice to someone about their balance problem and what they should expect within ENT/ audiology. Everyone who chooses to be treated within 18 weeks, and for whom it is clinically relevant, will be treated in that timeframe. The wait for diagnostic tests will vary from trust to trust but a broad statement that something will never be achieved is rather negative and paints a sorry picture. I have worked within the NHS and private sector - and have seen huge leaps forward in the last 12 months. Whilst not everything in the garden is rosey - it is improving for many patients.
  10. You need to ask your GP refers you to an ENT ( ear nose and throat) specialist. ENT will request hearing tests(probably), blood tests(possibly), balance assessment testing( definitely) and possibly an MRI if indicated by the history of your complaint and the results of the other tests. A full balance assessment is definitely required. From date of referral received, the first test must be completed within 6 weeks with all treatment complete by 18 weeks. Good luck
  11. I had a letter from Westcott because I was in arrears and had missed a payment. Therefore I was under the impression that it was all being handled by Westcott - I have received no further communication from SLC. I contacted them(Westcott) by telephone recently because I wanted to check the amount outstanding, and it had actually gone up. It transpired that it was only the arrears that had been passed to Westcott and my original student loan was still accruing charges. This amount was then being passed on to Westcott - it appeared as though Westcott were acting as an intermediary or some sort. I asked for the account to be investigated and it has now been passed back to SLC
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