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  2. Thanks for your comments. I have been a member of this site for many years. I can see that it is now joining the rest and simply criticising people who want genuine help. I will gladly get it elsewhere.
  3. OK...so I now have a cancelled Finance agreement and a suspended Return of goods order. I am court bound to pay a certain amount for the next 20 months. No problem in theory. BUT....what should I be seeing on my credit file now.
  4. No paperwork at all. And I don't even know about a time order.
  5. Hi All, Prob been asked a million times but My search is too wide ranging. BPF Terminated my agreement. I am in the position where they will need a return of goods order which I think will be requested by DWF. 1. will I be notified of the ROG. 2. Can I defend it. I cannot get alternative Finance and I really need to get to work. No public transport avaialble.
  6. I appreciate your reply but the 'goods' are not protected as the agreement has been terminated and as such the protection does not apply. But thanks for your addvice re the time order. Should I start that now or wait until the court are involved.
  7. In short I am in arrears with my car finance. Over thirds but slightly under half. Total arrears £900. Have tried making several offers of payment which have been rejected outright. Mainly have suffered with employment but have tried to make full payments. They have passed my debt to a company called DWF who have flatly refused all offers of payment and want it resolved over three months and nothing else. My father has offered to help me with some payments and they have refused that stating that they will only accept payments that I can afford. They have demanded that the only offer they will accept is a total of £700 per month to clear the arrears. I have tried lodging formal complaints but as usual they just keep saying that they are never upheld and always fall in their favour. Barclays have now terminated my agreement stating that they intend to reposess the car. ( i already know they cant do that). I did take some brief advice from FOS but they wont act until the complaints have been dealt with. Ive just accepted a job 17 miles away to try and get my arrears cleared and get my Finances sorted out. I am going to have to decline that offer now. What the hell do I do.
  8. Hi all. I've started work in a new place......well 5 months ago. I'm in an office of 18 people. We have 6 cameras. No signs. No Policy. No information. And I know that our Site manager is using them to watch us coming and going and to see if we are on our mobiles during working time. I feel very uneasy about this and have been told stories whereby the knowledge of a person's particular activity could only have come from monitoring the cameras. There is nothing valuable, confidential, sensitive or anything worth stealing. We have no problem with any type of petty crime and Security is most definately not an issue. We have a swipe card system on our door which is 200 yards inside our gate. What should I do.
  9. Person in van decides highway code does not apply to him. Decides to drive on wrong side of road around a parked car on his side, and then drives all along the side of my car....and blames me. Despite the fact that he is clearly in the wrong he will not accpet any responsibility and my new car is wrecked. What next.
  10. Waited for a parcel before xmas. option to collect from matalan. collected it along with £100 ticket. what to do next.
  11. I switched my Bank to these clowns after suffering Fraud with very little help from my previous morons. I tried to login to my account at work a few weeks ago and it would not accept my details. I later discover that my access is locked and I need to go through some kind of satanic ritual to be allowed access again. Despite providing all of my details they could not do it. The letter is in the post with your temp password and your temp in will follow. Needless to say this has not happened and it seems completely and utterly impossible to get this simple issue resolved. I cannot get through on the phone and guess what...you cannot even make a complaint because they wont let you. Even if you get through on the phone to the complaints people...slect all the options to make a complaint I disovered yesterday that you dont actually get through to that depyt it simply routes you to customer service and they get to decide if you have a complaint or not. And even then they wont register a complaint because...The issue has been resolved. NO IT HAS NOT. All i want to do is start using my mobile app and pc login again....Jesus. I wont even mention the GUARANTEED SWITCH SERVICE.
  12. no CCJ. But in my experience they seem to clamp cars as a matter of course to try and force your hand whether on HP or not. This is why I am confused some say its protected others say it isnt
  13. I am confused here. I am currently being persued for a previous HP debt which in fact I am making payments for but I dont have the car which is a different story. I am concerned that one day my new car will be clamped even though it is on HP. It seems that when you look at web advice...some say it is protected and some is not. So...if I have a vehicle on HP: Can it be clamped. Can it be removed.
  14. Absolutely and almost entirely my fault. I have accepted that and I am trying to put it right, but there is only so much I can do. I was being treated for depression at the time ( and still am ) and was not making the best choices or decisions. The 'dealer' was obviously some form of [problem] merchant looking for a quick profit. I have accepted full repsonsibility but it seems they do not really want to believe me or accept anything I say. I have no reason to lie here because by doing that I would make it worse for me. The idea here is to get it resolved not just keep trying to deny having the vehicle. I have told them and written a statement of the whole incident. What is more difficult is that I now have a different mobile number and a different Bank Account. The 'dealer' I have heard further stories which i believe are the same person but I simply cannot recall what he said was the name of his business. There were three gentleman of Indian/pakistani/ or whatever nationality talking amongst themselves and I am convinced they new fully what they were doing. It is the first time in my life anything like this has happened to me and it is making me ill. I am trying to take responsibility and do what I can but I do not have the vehicle, I do not know where the person is, I do not have any contact details, and I did receive a DVLA slip thanking me for notification of a keeper change. This has no information on it. No further documentation was exchanged or offered. TBH....I should perhaps have been suspisious....they travelled a long way and seemed to be in a rush. All the signs really but I cannot turn back the clock. In fact I was worried as I have never even sold a car before in my life. The whole thing has gone wrong and its now difficult to deal with.
  15. The Car Finance Company....even when they told me that they had not applied for it.
  16. Hi all...to srat with I have been totally stupid and landed myself right in it. Car on Finance...Unemployed...couldnt afford...over one third...thought would make a little profit and settle finance. June 2015 Advertised. 'Dealer turned up...bought car...showed me a bank document suggesting that he had paid the finance company and gave me the difference...approx 700 quid. I was relieved to be out of a sticky situation....treated for stress and depression and still am being to date. Guess what....you knew it already...dealer was not a dealer.....a tidy [problem] to get a nice car for 700 quid....I am left holding the baby...so to speak. So Now there is a return of goods order. Despite this I have been in contact with the finance co and I am making payments based on affordability having consulted debt line or something. They are turning up with a truck knowing full well that I dont have the car.....I have explained the situation. I accept full responsibility and I am making payments but they are now adding on charges. I am going out of my mind. Incidentally the car was not registered on HPI but now it is. Since then I have another vehicle on Finance...which surely wouldnt happen if I was showing as default on call credit or whatwever, I am so confused and extrrmely worried
  17. Im not applying...neither is anyone else. Its something I have noticed on a particular site. I have read the terms and conditions and compared them to others. Some seem to have it 'almost' explained in a various combination of words and others just dont seem to give any clue whatsoever that you will be credit searched. I am really struggling with the term....'Clear and Unambiguous Consent'.
  18. Another one.....unusual circumstances. If you (or I ) apply for Finance on a Broker website...with a simple one minute application. Where they are clearly a broker and only have very limited information about you....can they perform a credit search or 'soft search' without speaking to you and confirming your details and also asking for consent. Just been reading about clear and unambiguous consent.
  19. I want to start a campaign for ripped off fathers. I want a petition to take to downing street and before i die....i want to demand that the csa start treating absent fathers fairly. If i get enough response on here i will start the petition. Please support....i will carry this onto my death bed and i promise it will go to downing street.
  20. This is f....g rediculous. They mess up my calculation...let it run for years and then give me a 2 year backdated attachment of earnings. for over 800 pcm. (for one child). I had to leave my job....I got a much lower paid job and they were taking 350 for maintenance and arrears. I get another low paid job...they then accepted 250 for arrears only as the regular payments had stopped. I get another job and try to contact via email and web enquiry. No reply. Suddenly...without warning. £425 per month out of my bank account. I cant even afford my rent or electricity. And this is without travel to work costs or food. What the hell do I do.
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