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  1. Go for it Dave!! A site with just the informatives, letters and templates is what is required here as a lot of the useful stuff is spread around in threads and is sometimes time consumiong especially when you are trying to meet the bullies timeframes!!
  2. Tam Very pleased for you, I've been out since last Monday and just catching up tonight!!!!! Fantastic news and I KNOW this justifies all the hard work you have put into this!!!.....and all the encouragement & advice you have given us all. Regards Mike
  3. DMD I havenever tasted Vodka and hot Vimto but I bow to your better judgement!!!! Good Luck and keep us all posted? We are all rooting for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Regards Mike
  4. DMD Get well soon!!....and whilst recovering think very hard about what you want to achieve, digest the advice here on these forums...then go for it!!! Litigation or no litagation you know what is best for you and what the law allows you to do. BLS/LTSB have no idea what the right or left hand are doing. The law is on your side so go for it!!! Take the medicine and think very carefully about your response but if it is any encouragement I would do them for processing of data first as they have already infringed the CCA requirements. Good luck. keep us posted and get well soon. Regards Mike
  5. Paulw922 Many thanks for obtaining those subscriber numbers!! I now know to add 141 before I call back. Still not heard anything further from Crapquest - another 7 days to go!!!
  6. Saliburyowl I agree with pmhcfc; sit back and wait for them to comply with your CCA. You might want to send them the letter requesting they do not contact you by telephone and put everything in writing. I have another 8 days to go before my 42 days are up. I have however been receiving calls from the following numbers: 0800 197 3936 0800 169 5876 0800 027 0360 which I have not answered. Any one got any ideas who these numbers might be?? Regards bi15hgm
  7. Stornoway This is a forum to outline the CURRENT laws and what people who have run into hard times can do about it. It is NOT a forum to discuss the morals of any contributor to the forum. Please do not moralise about what diskmandave may or may not do or should or should not do, that is HIS decision and his alone. Advice he receives on this forum and what he does with it is for him to decide and him alone. The majority of DCA' that are mentioned on this forum act outside of the law and without morals, that is why this forum is so helpful, successful and so many people access it to obtain advice to counteract the reprehensible contempt of those same DCA's. As regards future law, none of us would contemplate taking the steps we do to face up to these DCA's if we waited for the law to change. We act on the law as it is TODAY. However I think we are all wise enough to realise that the law is always changing and at times it may support us but equally it may harm us. At the end of the day we are all responsible for our own decisions and certainly, with what I have gleaned in my short time on this forum most people appreciate that fact. I am sorry if this message may offend you but the majority of people using this forum, do so for advice about the law and their rights as they stand today, so that they can solve TODAYS problem.
  8. Salisburyowl I checked my credit file with Experian on 11 February and there was absolutely nothing on it. In fact my credit score was 978 whatever that means!! The last communication I had with Amex was, I think, back in 1991 when they 'passed' the debt to RW. I was made redundant from a company that ceased trading so was well and truly down the swanny. I am of a mind to await the next communication from Crapquest as others have done, so if I can get past the 26 February and they cannot produce the agreement I can then sit back until 26 March OR SO I BELIEVE from other postings on this forum. I will keep you posted and you do the same for me. It could be interesting!!! Mike
  9. Welcome to the Capquest Amex Club Salisburyowl!! It would appear that you and I are in the same boat. I too received two letters (both dated 14 February) from Capquest stating account was on hold after I sent the CCA request last week. They also requested I furnish them with statements and details of payments. THAT I AM NOT GOING TO DO!! However I have been paying Robinson Way a token payment for the past 15 years by standing order. I did read in these forums that RW are not now classed as a Data Controller and it would appear that this debt has been, according to Crapquest 'sold by American Express' to themselves. I received their first letter on 10 February. I now have the dilema of whether to continue to pay RW until I find out whether Crapquest can produce the documentation from Amex or go for a SAR to Amex. Still pondering but will probably wait to see if Crapquest come up with any goods. Will keep you posted and good luck!! Mike
  10. Just received the Capquest 'Account on hold for 28 days letter dated 14 February'. My first CCA letter did arrive and the info I received from Royal Mail was false OR Capquest did not sign for it. Can I therefore assume that Capquest 12 day clock starts from 14 Feb? Do I now need to send a similar CCA request to Robinson Way who have been collecting this debt for the last 15 years? OR Do I need to forget RW, keep paying and send SAR to Amex? Any advice and guidance most appreciated. Regards Mike
  11. Update According to Track and Trace on the Royal Mail website, the letter has not been delivered. Having now called Royal Mail they tell me that Signed for Recorded Delivery can take up to five days First Class and you have to wait 15 Days before letter is classed as lost. In order to safeguard myself (I had to respond by 20 February) I have sent same letter today to the address on the forum with a copy of the first letter by Special Delvery with a GUARANTEE that it will arrive by 1.00pm Monday. Assuming first letter is eventually delivered they will now have two letters; at least one by Tuesday.
  12. dizzydeedee DO NOT MAKE YOURSELF ILL over this. Follow the advice on these forums and you will be ok. Just make youself a cuppa and calmly write out your strategy. You can cancel a DD at any time but you must inform the payee that the DD has been cancelled or they may be able to reclaim charges for a failed DD. In future try and set a up a Standing Order where you are in control and not them. Also send them the template letter requesting them to communicate with you only in writing, send the CCA request letter, again in the templates and then wait. That is my advice but as I am also new to this there will be others who have better and greater experience of these matters and I sincerely hope you will, as I have done, be encouraged by the support from this forum.
  13. Thanks dx100uk but I have been paying through an arrangement with RW for the past 15 years by standing order. This has come out of the blue as Capquest claim that Amex 'together with others, has been sold to Capquest Investments Limited who have appointed Capquest Debt Recovery Limited as one of their group of companies to manage yopur account in all matters relating to collection and litigation' I have not contacted RW but continue to pay the arrangement through Standing Order and will continue to do so until such time as I receive the CCA request from Capquest. I will then report back here to determine what I do with RW. Hope that clarifies the situation for you.
  14. Hi All As a new member to CAG I am encouraged by the postings and the amount of advice available as I now have an issue with Capquest and Amex. I received the usual letters from Telogram, HL Legal and on Saturday 10 Feb, Capquest. This letter solicited a response from me by 20 Feb or legal action would be taken to recover the debt. This debt is with American Express Optima (Credit Card) and is over 15 years old. No default notice was issued but debt was transferred to Robinson Way whom I agreed a payment plan and have continued to pay by Standing Order ever since. It was not until I received the letter on Saturday that I discovered this forum and decided I needed to confront Capquest with CCA letter. This letter was posted by Signed For Recorded Delivery on Monday 12 February to the address specified in the letter as PO Box 396, Fleet. I have had no response from the Track and Trace feature on the Royal Mail website so I do not know whether it has been delivered or not. I have since discovered through other pages in this forum that I have probably sent it to the wrong address. My question is do I send copies of everything to the other address today or do I just rely on the fact I have a receipt of posting from Post Office? Thanks in anticipation!!
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