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  1. Here is the standard reply I received in response to my appeal....... Dear xxxxxxxx The driver of the vehicle was issued with a parking charge for parking the vehicle and leaving the site. Numerous signs at this site state that parking vehicles and leaving/walking off the site will result in the issue of a parking charge. By parking the vehicle and the occupants not remaining on the site the driver contractually agrees to pay a parking charge of £100 (reduced to £60 for early settlement if paid with 14 days from the day of issue), which remains unpaid. Whilst we sympathise with the situation, as the parking charge was correctly issued on this occasion it will stand Your representation has been rejected for the reasons supplied to you. If you wish us to consider any additional information which you believe supports your appeal please provide this within seven days. You may also appeal to an independant assessor through POPLA (Parking on Private Land Appeals) for tickets issued 1st October 2012 onwards details of which will be sent at the appropriate time. regards UKCPS Ltd Appeals Department Clearly haven't read my appeal or dealt with anything i raised in it!
  2. I will update with their next response. Is it the retailers decision to contract UKCPS? cheers
  3. There a quite a few posts on here relating to Parking Charge Notices which refer to possible mitigating circumstances ie slight overstays, not presenting tickets properly, hidden signage, puddles over double yellows etc. In my particular case I DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG!!!!! Below is the content of my appeal to UKCPS (blanked out anything sensitive for confidentiality)...... I wish to appeal against the issue of the attached parking charge notice ISSUE NUMBER 8****8. On Sunday 21st October 2012 my partner and I parked in Forbury Retail Park to visit DFS to buy a new sofa. We spent 30 minutes in the store and spoke to a sales assistant called J***. We then went into Furniture Village for 10 minutes followed by Home Sense for 10 minutes. We then returned to the car and left the site. It was not until we arrived at Tesco down the road that I noticed the parking charge notice attached to my windscreen. We returned to Forbury Retail Park but could not find a parking attendant to query this with. I took time to check the parking charge notice and review the terms and conditions on the signage in the car park again and noted that your offices are not open on a Sunday so deferred contacting you until today. I telephoned 08700 330002 today 23rd October 2012 and was advised that appeals must be sent to [email protected] because due to legal procedures it is difficult for UKCPS Ltd to submit verbal evidence before the court. The reasons for my appeal are as follows: Firstly, none of the boxes under "REASONS FOR ISSUE" were ticked so I am not entirely sure why the parking charge notice was issued therefore I will state an appeal for each of the "REASON(s) FOR ISSUE" 1) No "REASON FOR ISSUE" has been indicated on the parking charge notice - issue number 8****8. 2) I was parking with authority as I was shopping at Forbury Retail Park. 3) I was parked within a marked bay. 4) I was not on yellow line/s or box section. 5) I was not shopping for longer than the stipulated limit. 6) I was not parked in a disabled bay. 7) I or my partner did not leave the site. 8) The car reg on the ticket states "OY** ***" my car reg is "GV** ***" Further to this appeal I am requesting to make a formal complaint with regard to the attendant (1C?) who issued the parking charge notice as there is no reason why I should have been issued a parking charge notice in the first place. This constitutes a breach of the code of practice as referenced in PART 8 "LAWFUL ISSUE" on the parking charge notice. I would also like to enquire how to instigate an assessment and review of your operational procedures by one of the number of government organisation which operate a working code of practice to ensure lawful and ethical practice as referenced in PART 8 "LAWFUL ISSUE" on the parking charge notice. I would like to request that you acknowlege receipt of this email. I look forward you resolving these issues promptly. Regards This was written before I looked on CAG and I have since recieved a standard response stating that I left the premises and therefore owe £100 etc etc. I realise now that it may have been a waste of time bothering to explain my appeal to them so eloquently as they probably didnt even read it. I simply replied stating that I stand by my above appeal and that I would like to now appeal using POPLA and could they please send me the forms. I also requested that they respond to my two requests re PART 8 LAWFUL ISSUE So there you have it. Sorry its such a long post. Have I done the right thing? Do I have anything to worry about? Cheers All
  4. ok, i know this probably sounds really dumb but i don't seem to be able to work out a definiive answer for myself from looking at all the references to it so far..... ....please can someone tell me who the hell i should be putting a sthe defendant on the MCOL? Barclays? Woolwich? Barclays t/a Woolwich? my local branch? Plc? gaaaargh! sorry if i'm asking people to repeat themselves. cheers.
  5. no where near as much as yours. £3,000 well, £2997.40 if i lose and have to buy you a drink.
  6. hey, good luck. how about i race you to the finish line. looser buys the drinks lol
  7. hey, i'm claiming against the woolwich too. i notice you havent added any updates since 20th. hows it going?
  8. hi everyone - my first post! so far my experience has been really good. after a phonecall to woolwich (clacton) i recieved the usual "we are unhappy that you are dissatissfied" letter swiftly followed by a breakdown of all my charges for the last 6 years including a little key to work out what they were for. excellent. it seems they are totally aware of the reason for the request and are resigned to actually helping me! i sent out the 14 day letter (from BBC) requesting that they give me the money they owe me and they recieved it on 08/02/2007. well, i will keep you posted on my progress. to be fair to woolwich (here's my naivety, lol) they seem to be really helpful and i even commended the lady on the phone who i spoke to for her transparency and willingness to help. maybe things have come a long way now since the posts i was reading about banks dragging their heels.
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