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  1. aww poor cat! i hope she's better now. Give her a big hug from me. i just want to say well done for carrying on with your case against these people after all the harrasement you're getting. Don't let them get away with it. Those type of people just rely on intimidation to do as they please. you go girl.
  2. thanks for the replies. ok i've tried to get my head around all of this and here's where i'm at. please correct me if i'm wrong. an overdraft still has to comply with certain conditions from the cca since the court case in 1990? there doesnt have to be a regulated agreement but they still have to have sent you a letter stating the apr, credit limit etc when they gave you the overdraft? you have to have signed when you opened the account or after that there was an overdraft facility on your account? ok can i ask for my postal order back then or do they have to send me the above mentioned for this pound? or do i have to sar them for this stuff?
  3. Hi i've been hunting here for some answers but i dont seem to be able to find anything i understand lol after cca'ing a dca they have told me that they arent covered by cca i have read a couple of threads that have said since they charge interest there must have been an agreement and therefore need to comply. any ideas on what i should write back to them? i'm doing quite well with cc debt but this one has flumoxed me unfortunately. would appreciate some ideas
  4. thanks for the advice priorityone i will do that. clicked on ur scales ;D
  5. hi sheildslass it might be best if you started ur own thread so that ppl can try to help you easier. might be worth noting down what the money you owe is for. you state that there were court fines, so have they got a ccj against you? from what little i know the only thing you can be arrested for is non payment of council tax and for criminal fines. can anyone confirm?
  6. i had the same reply from moorcroft regarding cap1 too and have just sent a cca request to the second dca that are trying to claim it. will wait to see what they say lol. i dont really mind if one man and his dog try to collect it coz they dont have a hope i'm just worried about how many £1's i'll end up sending out let us know if you make that complaint and what happens. good luck
  7. lol good idea!! so many little laws that have gone unchanged from eons ago and yet nobody really has any idea about them for unknown reasons. might be worth researching this one and having a go! but hurry do it before someone changes it
  8. thank you read some of your threads and i wish you luck too
  9. Hi thanks for your replies. I have already sent 3 letters to them telling them that an application form was not what i asked for but they're ignoring my letters. when they last phoned we told them that we were'nt willing to discuss it on the phone and that hey had a letter to that effect and others. they then turned around and said they had never received any letters from us even though we have the royal mail signature from their company when they signed for the letters. i will none the less send them another letter and hopefully they will give a proper response this time. not gonna hold my breath this is what they've sent us http://aycu27.webshots.com/image/23666/2002911203539909786_rs.jpg
  10. Hi I have been in correspondance with Lowell financial for a few months asking them for a copy of my husbands credit agreement with cap 1. they have supplied us with a copy of his initial application form and a few months worth of his cap 1 statements. From what I've been reading here I feel quite confident that its unenforceable but the more time goes on the more nervous i'm getting. they seem to send computer generated letters all the time totally ignoring anything we send them and have now sent a notice to commence county court proceedings. it has no apr stated but does say that they will base the apr on a search of hubbys credit file and the same for the credit limit. just to put my mind at ease to me this is not enough and they must state these details- does anyone agree or not? do you think that they are just trying to frighten us or do they really think that it is an enforceable agreement and will take us to court? sorry to be a pain and i've read so much on here to try and help but i suppose i'm trying to get some reassurance :S
  11. hi after cca'ing a dca they sent me my po back and said that they were sending the debt back to barclays. now they have just sold it to a different dca instead. do i cca them aswell or just a letter telling them that i've already cca'd? or do i send one to barclays telling them to stop selling it ? sorry if this has been answered somewhere else but i cant seem to find it. confused x if anyone could help it'd b great also if a debt is in arrears but hasnt been sold to a dca yet can i still cca them the same way or only reclaim the charges back? a family member is paying £70 for a cc but the charges every month are higher so her debt is going up instead of down :s thanks again
  12. I am so starting to really hate this company. I first was paying them by direct debit and cancelled this because they were over-billing me and therefore taking too much money from me. As you are probably aware they charge ppl for not paying by dd. since i sent them a letter asking them to justify their charges they keep being "unable to find" my payments and have not replied to my letter. i now pay by standing order and have repeatedly checked with them that their bank details are right but 4 the last 3 months they have cut off my mobiles for non-payment and i have had to take my proof of payments to the shop and lo and behold they find the payments. now can they mark my credit file as late payment if i have proof i have paid on time and its them that cant find the payment? and also should i write back asking them why they havent replied to my letter and ask for the charges back? rofl sorry if this is a bit long winded
  13. yeah my mother had the same problem with the cab being as bluntly as i can put it- crap! needless to say now i am sorting out all her bills instead with the knowledge from this great site. i know ppl say even on this site to go to the cab for advice but i'd say to take everything they say with a huge piece of salt because they dont know very much from my my point of view.
  14. link have acknowledged received one of my letters but for some reason royal mail dont have signatures from link so i cant prove that they have the second letter. have you checked with royal mail for delivery confirmation? if so and they have signed for it then i personally would let them default as you have proof that they have received it. if they are still sending you letters asking for payment then personally what i did was replied to them enclosing a copy of my first letter so that there was no doubt as to where they/ i stood but other ppl's opinions may be different. I decided to do it with this compnay just as they have a reputation for being awkward. with other company's i let them default and then sent them a letter afterwards. it seems customary that the first reply you will receive is them fobbing you off and saying they dont need to comply- but they do. theres quite a few threads on here about this company i suggest you search for link and have a good read because they are an awkward company to deal with. good luck and let us know how you get along
  15. i sent off my letter to vodaphone about non dd fees a month ago and still no reply and now this months bills due (again with the fee) any sugestions as to the next step plz?
  16. Just to update you on my progress! i am currntly trying to sort out mine, hubbys and my mothers debts atm and one of mine as i've replied to other ppls posts on the subject it moorcroft. after they sent the usual rubbish letter about asking whether i was going to say i never received the goods/credit i never replied to them and guess what .... received a letter from moorcroft today telling me that they are unable to supply the agreement so are sending the account back to the original creditor!! hehe has to be a good thing!! well i'm dead chuffed about this as when i was paying them they wouldnt accept less that 40 pounds a month (after begging them to lower it from 60) but haha now the greedy mere's dont get anything !! Just wait and see what i receive from the original guys now huh xx
  17. with me link tried to get out of the cca request by saying that thy didnt have to comply as the agreement wasnt current but that they would be able to get me statements/copies for extra fees. searched in past threds for them and i laughed at link. one of the posts said that if they were claiming that the agreement wasnt current then they couldnt claim any money from it so if they were trying to get money off me the agreement had to be current and so had to send a copy of my agreement. they will probably try this with you just so you are aware of one of the possible letters. sent a letter to them today telling them they still ahd to comply- now the waiting game again! keep us posted what happens as i have an interest in this company. good luck x
  18. there's so much information on this site but i'm sure i read somewhere that a DCA is not allowed to add charges to your account as you havent signed anything with them and if they do you are entitled to ask them to remove them. hopefully someone will come along and agree/ disagree with me asap fet x
  19. aww reading your thread made me want to give u a big hug!! i'm afraid i cant give u any more advice that has already been posted apart from that you shouldn't worry so much hun. you must be going through a roller coaster of emotions as i have done numerous times. Before I joined this forum there was no way I would ever have stood up to these company's but now I'm sorting out my life. my husbands and just started on my mothers! Whatever you do don't give in to these people and their bullying tactics because it won't help you to agrre payments you cant afford. Like me you probably thought about borrowing to pay them off? I think everyone just wants these people to go away by any means necessary but what your doing is the right thing so be strong Personally I would leave the I do not acknowledge in the letter just to be on the safe side but i'm sure someone will be along soon to let you know. Dont cry. x
  20. i know that it's really irritating when they phone all the time but please stop talking to them on the phone. as others have pointed out there are ways to refuse their calls or even if it is feasable for you just change your number. dca's have for a litle while anyway stopped calling me as i used to ask who it was (i never acknowleged who i was or answered security questions) and just say that i wasnt going to talk to them could they please write and that the conversation was over. there is also a template on this site (sorry cant recall where) which is a harrasement by telephone letter to get them to stop phoning. let us know how it goes and remember theres a lot of us in teh same situation and are willing to try and help any way we can good luck xx
  21. hi read a post in ur thread where someone said that the best way to pay is by direct debit but i dont believe this to be the case. i have had times with this when they have requested increased payments and even though i refused they still attempted to take the increased amount through direct debit. the other way similar to this is to set up a standing order which will get paid exactly the same way but you are in charge of it not them. but as others have mentioned, your first step should be a cca. keep us posted on this one
  22. gingerheid, my god this thread is soooo funny have sat here laughing myself silly everytime i've read it and also read bits out loud to anyone who'll listen definately subscribing i'vr got to know what other gems u come up with to say to these lot.
  23. i had the same problem with british gas and wescot. phoned british gas who said that they would amend the bill so that their was nothing outstanding. i've found that the customer service team dont like doing this but if u request a manager on the phone they will do this for you. i also got in touch with the dca who put the account on hold while they investegated what i had discussed with british gas. havent heard anything from them since february so hopefully all sorted. will chase it up in a little while to make sure its all clear and check that there is nothing on my credit file from them. i suggest that this is what u also do. let me know how u get on also
  24. thanks for the advice will do as u suggested. will keep this thread updated now so that i dont end up with loads of them. might also help other ppl if they are or end up in the same boat. heard that link are right awkward so hope they take it easy on me
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