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  1. Hi All Just as I go about filling in my claim papers I pop along to the cashpoint and find I've got £700 more than I should in my account. On getting a mini statement it seems I've had numerous charges refunded to my account by Abbey - Hurrah!!!!. (Still not my full £2,537 though). Bit of a breakthrough it seems but now that Abbey have given me some money back it seems only right to use it to fund my action against them for the outstanding amount. Should I hang fire though until I get a letter stating which charges they've refunded as it's not clear from the statement?
  2. Thanks Karne. Always nice to get some advice. I'm going to take my time to fill the forms in and prepare everything thoroughly as reading through some of the threads Abbey seem to be a bit "difficult" to deal with.
  3. Hi all Just thought I'd lt you know that I got a response to my LBA.Apparently they're investigating my complaint. I didn't hink I'd complained I'd just asked for my charges back so I don't know what they're investigating - just another stalling tactic I suppose. The 14 day deadline ends tomorrow and they're not sticking to the deadline that I asked them to. I'm going to have a read through all of the info this week about preparing my claim for court action to recover the charges so should hopefully be in a position to submit this towards the end of the week. I'll keep the forum p
  4. Sent my letter before action by recorded delivery yesterday. I'm expecting a reply by 28/08/06. Expect it will be the usual fob off so I'll prepare my claim for submission for 29/08/06.
  5. Thanks for the advice. I'm posting my letter today.
  6. Received the usual letter today from my local branch manager it states: "I am afraid that I shall not be able to meet your request for a full refund of the total amount of charges paid on your accoun over the last 6 years, which totals £2537.00. At the time of account opening and subsequently through monthly statements you are made aware of what charges are applied to your account and in what circumsatcnes these would be applied. I am enclosing a leaflet showing the current charging structure and how much you would be charged in different circumstances." I also got the standard
  7. Thanks for this. I'll keep you posted.
  8. Good luck Monika. I'm a few days into the process so I'll let you know how I get on Andi
  9. Karne Thanks for the welcome. Glad to see I'm in good company. I've been through the FAQ's and think I know what I'm up to but if I get stuck I know I'll get some helpful advice from fellow members. Andi.
  10. I requested my statements for the past 6 years through their interent banking site (not sure if you've got access). Although I had to follow it up with a telephone call on the phone banking site I did get copies of my statements without having to pay the £10 DPA fee. It did take about 10 weeks to get the info through but it is an alternative that you could try. It worked for me and I've just sent off my preliminary letter to reuqest a refund.
  11. After chasing them for numerous weeks to get details of bank charges I've finally go them through. I've drafted the initial letter and posted it to the branch last week requesting a refund of £2537. Expecting a reply by 14/08/06. I'll keep my progress posted.
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