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  1. Thanks for the info, unfortunately mine isn't statue barred but I've sent my CCA request to see what that turns up. I'm guessing as the debt is only a few years old they won't have much trouble finding it!
  2. I'd love it if my (or any?) CU offered Visa Debit (normal, not Electron etc) card facilities.
  3. Cheeky b*****ds aren't they. I'm lucky I found this place, if I hadn't I'd probably be selling my organs by now.
  4. Nopers tiglet, they are preparing it and intend to issue it in two weeks time, where it will be personally served upon me. A couple of "scary" paragraphs later, they say I can stop it by phoning them and because they are so nice, they have offered a reduced settlement. I won't be phoning them but will make the requests as recommended above (thanks!).
  5. Also, should I worry that this action will continue, as they could continue before I get the CCA? Should I ask for the deed of assignment, I've never been informed of the sale by letter so am I right in thinking this should be provided also?
  6. Thanks, just wanted to make sure I was on the right page. I think the SAR would be useful as capQuest offered to halve the debt probably only because the majority of the debt is charges.
  7. Hi there, I received a letter from Capquest (original debt with Halifax CC) stating they were going to issue a Statutory Demand. This debt is not statue barred and I have no documentation from either the OC or the DCA to state they owned the debt, other than the claim in this letter. I've never heard of capQuest until today They claim that they will make me Bankrupt and I will lose my property and goods (I don't have any, so good luck with that). I just want to clarify my next steps: 1) Request a CCA? 2) If they provide, make an offer for repayment (unemployed so it will be a token payment) 3) If they can't, ignore the debt? Is this the correct thing to do? Thanks!
  8. Hi there, I'm posting on behalf of my friend who is in a sticky situation. Basically she is moving into a rented house with her friends. She hasn't moved in yet, but her friends have and have been there for a couple of weeks. Before moving in, the landlord promised that the whole house would be cleared and cleaned and all potential problems would be fixed. Of course, when I heard this, I knew it probably wouldn't have been the case. When they got the keys they found the house in a far worse condition than before, none of the promises were kept, the house is very dirty, has misc items and rubbish spread around the house, has dangerously fitted electrical sockets, broken windows, mould, some sort of snail infestation and various other nasties. From my understanding my friend should write to the landlord and give them a chance to have all the problems fixed however the extent of the problems probably couldn't be fixed without having to move out for at least a few weeks, if the landlord even concedes that it is necessary. The house is virtually uninhabitable and the only people left living there now are the ones who have no where else to go (yet). What I'd like to know is, as they have signed their rental agreements, can they get out of them? I haven't read the agreement but surely the people cannot be forced to live in such a disgusting house, nor should they pay for it if they are "forced" to live elsewhere? Thanks if anyone can lend any advice.
  9. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong! I believe the thing to do is write to Experian telling them the information they hold on you is wrong. I'm sure there is a template letter somewhere if you search, I did a quick search but couldn't find it but there should be either that or advice somewhere here. Incidentally, when I requested my credit report I got my mother and fathers also. I'm not sure that was supposed to happen!
  10. Quick question, I have a laptop which I love (I know). I'd like to get an insurance policy for it, to cover it just in case. The laptop was bought under credit and I'm paying it off monthly. I just wanted to know, what happens if I need to make a claim in the future? Will the money to replace the laptop go to me to replace it, or will I have to give it to the credit company? I'm just wondering how that would work, as I don't want to be left without a laptop. Thanks!
  11. Does anyone have any theories on how they are doing so well? With some of the stuff I read about problems with ISP's, o2/BE seem to be doing really well and they are quite cheap. It almost seems to good to be true?
  12. Interesting question about infectious credit reports, I remember applying for my credit report about 3 years ago and got my mother and fathers and my credit reports sent to me.
  13. Oh and we have to pay to get our report to check if the information about us, that directly affects us is correct, then spend half a year chasing all these companies to make them fix their error!
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