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  1. Hoooooo Raaaaaaaa!! Just checked again, all money now paid in!! I Won!!!!! Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this thread, especially doo, monkeyuk and LlinB. Without your help, I may not have won. I'm off to the pub now........... Good luck everyone else who is still waiting for their money.
  2. Well done llinB, enjoy!! Thanks Monkey for your advice, I will sit tight and wait for the rest now!! Fingers crossed.
  3. Progress at last!!!!!!! Having checked my accounts today via online banking, I have been credited with cash from Halifax cutomer relations. My first account, which had bank charges and interest amounting to £396.06 has been credited with the full amount. SETTLED IN FULL. I had no phone calls, no letters, nothing. The second account has charges and interest amounting £1643.98, has been credited with £1116.88. I called customer relations and asked why they had credited my account when I had rejected their previous offers of £700 and £1439. They said that a mistake had been made and that I would be credited with a further £616.54 straight away. This would be a full settlement of both accounts. So it seems I have finally won my claim. I am just waiting for the outstanding money to be paid into my account, so until then, I will hold back on the celebrations! I'll keep you posted.
  4. Yes mate, thats right! Anything but the total amount will be rejected. Cheers for the advice. I'll keep you posted. LlinB, hope you get some news soon.
  5. I must have been in too good a mood!! Don't worry, I have taken the advice as intended and thankyou to all of you. I have decided to reject anything but the full amount and will see it through to the end. Cheers all.
  6. Just thought I would let you know that I had a change of mind since yesterday. Still taking Monkey's advice, I called the number on my letter (and recorded the call) thinking....what have I got to lose. I got directly through to a nice helpful guy and told him very politely that I appreciated the offer but it wasn't high enough. I said I would accept the offer as part payment, pending the rest. When I pushed him for a better offer, he offered me £1439. This is £200 short of what I'm owed on this particular account. I have now hit a point where I need some advice. If you have followed this thread, you will know that I am claiming charges back on 2 halifax accounts. One amounts to £1643 in charges (inc. interest) and the other £365. The offer of £1439 concerns just the first account, I have had no offer on the other account. Up until I did my MCOL, I kept the 2 accounts seperate, ie. seperate prelims and LBA. When I did my MCOL, I added them together which is why my MCOL is for the total amount of both accounts. If I accept the offer, this settles one account but leaves the other unsettled. Would I have to amend my MCOL in some way??? Any advice would be appreciated. Noddy
  7. I appreciate the advice monkeyuk. I will take heed and write back. Many thanks.
  8. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you LlinB. I'm hoping you're right, it feels like ages since I sat and added up all them charges off my statements.............worth it in the end.
  9. A small light has appeared at the end of the tunnel!! I recieved a letter today from Halifax with an offer! Although they still insist my charges were fair, I have been offered £720. This proves to me that they are fully aware that bank charges are totally UNfair and that they think I will now take the money and run.............afraid not!! This offer is way short of what i'm owed so be assured I won't be accepting it! (I'm after £2000, which is what they owe me) I would just like to add that if anyone reading all the other threads as well as this one and is slightly worried or put off by beginning a claim, DON'T be. I have been told throughout my claim that I am not entitled to any money, that they have 8 weeks to get back to me, that charges are fair and all the other usual crap they come out with to try and put you off. If you listen to them, they will win and you will get no money! Just be confident in your claim, stick to YOUR timetable and follow the advice on this site..........if bank charges were lawful, there is no way I would have even got this offer. The banks know they are on a loser, as long as you stick to your guns!!!! I intend to phone Halifax tomorrow and only accept the offer as part payment, awaiting the rest. I'll let you know how I get on. LlinB, hope you have had some progress too? Good luck everyone
  10. My MCOL was also acknowledged, on 13/4/07. Just have to wait and see if a defence is entered now, and I might start reading up on what I need to do to prepare for a court hearing!! Fingers crossed neither of us gets thats far.................:o
  11. I'm sure they will be in touch with us both very soon! All the best.
  12. Thanks mo, I'll keep this thread going so you can see how it pans out for me!
  13. Thanks Mo, How were you notified of being paid?? Letter, phone call, or just the money appearing in your account one day??? Thanks
  14. More info for those following still.......... Did my money claim online the other night, pretty straight forward and have claimed to the tune of £2000. If you recall from earlier posts, I have been claiming charges back on 2 Halifax accounts and up until now kept them seperate as individual claims. For anyone who has done the same, I have at this stage combined the two into one big claim via my MCOL. The MCOL now includes the interest that I hadn't yet asked for and my MCOL issue fee of £120. Today, I recieved in writing from the court that my claim was issued on 10/4/07, that it will be deemed served on 15/4/07 and Halifax have until 29/4/07 to respond. Time to start reading up on how I need to go about preparing for court me thinks.............!!
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