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  1. I have totally screwed myself up here I was damn sure I had all papers sorted then realised that I was missing statement 18 - All the papers are coming in order ( last minute ) and this happens, so sorry for people helping me here and I goes and screws things up ..... also depression doesn't help
  2. Well wish me luck tomorrow's the day for court papers
  3. I don't know African you should ask someone in your own previous posts. Anyway thancks again KnellyK I thought it prudent the court/judge should see what I've subtracted from the total, urmm should I send a letter to the Shabbey stating that the GOGW is accepted as part payment ?? Or not bother and proceed with the litigation ?? ( I'd rather proceed just to pee em off, lol ) Awaiting your reply. Thanks to everyone thats helped me and others out on this forum it's amazing how people help each other P.S. renewed Excel Schedule
  4. Hi KnellyK thanks for the info thus far I have changed details on the POC and the schedule I hope this is it I had printed off the POC already lol , this is getting to be a pain in the butt hehe .... But keeping with it.... Changed schedule ... ( Excel ) And the changed POC ... In the last one I iterated about the gesture of goodwill payments. I changed the money detail accordingly.
  5. Cripes yeah thx for that KnellyK But do I deduct the £70 GOGW from the total of the N1 ?? or POC
  6. Hi Knelly yes basically I did this on the quick and it looks a right mess here's a better version and also the POC I want CAG to view to see if it looks correct ... This is the Excel of charges listing ... The POC is in 2 parts ... Part a, Part b, I hope I'm doing this right ...
  7. I'm all ready just need to deduct the £70 GOGW and of course having the money to pay the courts , that will be next week. And yes I am claiming the interest @ 8%. Just hope they settle out of court and not with me in court :o And my schedule .... UNPAID DD CHARGE £30.00 01/03/2002 1764 £11.64 UNPAID DD CHARGE £30.65 01/03/2002 1884 £12.70 UNPAID DD CHARGE £30.00 29/05/2002 1795 £11.85 UNPAID DD CHARGE £30.01 29/05/2002 1795 £11.85 UNPAID DD CHARGE £30.18 30/06/2002 1763 £11.71 UNPAID DD CHARGE £32.00 29/12/2002 1581 £11.13 UNPAID DD CHARGE £32.10 29/01/2003 1550 £10.95 UNPAID DD CHARGE £32.00 02/03/2003 1518 £10.69 UNPAID DD CHARGE £32.00 02/03/2003 1518 £10.69 UNPAID DD CHARGE £32.00 02/03/2003 1518 £10.69 UNPAID DD CHARGE £32.00 29/04/2003 1460 £10.28 UNPAID DD CHARGE £32.00 29/04/2003 1460 £10.28 UNPAID DD CHARGE £35.00 29/04/2006 364 £2.80 UNPAID DD CHARGE £35.00 29/05/2006 334 £2.57 UNPAID DD CHARGE £35.00 29/12/2006 120 £0.92 £140.74 £479.94 £620.68 Sorry if its alot I hope I've done this correctly For some reason I can't copy the POC to this post ?? :-|
  8. I'm all ready just need to deduct the £70 GOGW and of course having the money to pay the courts , that will be next week. And yes I am claiming the interest @ 8%. Just hope they settle out of court and not with me in court :o
  9. Ok its been a while since I've gone through all the motions and I digress probably didn't follow certain criteria spelt out on this website, probably because I couldn't afford the court cost's at that time. Anyway I wrote another letter to shabbey detailing that if I dont get a satisfactory reply or my money back I'll go to court, well I got a letter this morning and apparently they are " happy to refund " me £70 ..... [email protected]@@ sorry for the language but I think its a [email protected]@@ take, especially its supposed to be £479. What is worrying me is this line of text .... " I appreciate your feelings on this matter but we are satisfied that the charges do not contravene the unfair terms in consumer contracts regulations 1999. We also comply with the Office of Fair Trading,in dealing fairly and openly with our customers" ... is this true . They also state about the charges being of extra administrative work... but I do see the same thing that the courts want to know is about how they charge their customers,they regret they can't show or detail their charges, lol. Well I don't know what to do now, next week I'll have the money to take them to court, but I heard from someone that after the 1st of April folk cant argue the toss about the charges fiasco... I have been utterly depressed with this problem I do hope I can pursue this without any obstacles. Thanks for the help CAG I will donate soon. Xen Crap nearly forgot I had the £70 already in my bank a day before the letter....
  10. Crap almost 2 days to go and then I file the N1 because I've had no response to my LBA. Thing is I may have screwed up on the LBA I put in the charges obviously but omitted the interest off the list as I dont have an overdraft facility on this type of account. I shall be applying the interest alongside the LBA of course with the main capital I'm asking for which would raise it to £607 approx ( haven't done the sums yet). I just hope I'm doing this right I have read the topics I need but some of it gets too much and turns my brain to mush lol.
  11. I sent the LBA yesterday and shall be awaiting another 14 days for a response. If the claim does go to court it appears I only need to pay £50 after checking how much I have to pay for this claim seeing as my claim is only £479.
  12. Thx for the reply Nick
  13. I've pre written the LBA omitting the interest until I put this to the court as explained in the procedures on the website. I hope this is correct as I have also omitted the DPA because I haven't had a relevance or written correspondence from the bank about any defaults on my account. Just hope I'm doing this right Do I add the 8% interest on the LBA or when I put this through the courts ??
  14. Well today I got my response from the (sh)abbey and its a letter stating that they are sorry for my complaint blah blah. So I guess after reading some more posts in the (sh)abbey section it appears I may have to wait eon's for these idiots to sort this claim out. In the meantime my sister had written to her bank Woolwich (Barclays) and asked for her charges back, this was £1,135 but they gave her a GOGW of £675 I did tell her to either reject this to go for the full amount or put this sum as as part payment until the court case. She has declined the idea of court and accepted the GOGW. I shan't be going in this same avenue I'm gonna go for the full amount. I shall wait until the 14 days are up then proceed to the next step .... the LBA.
  15. Thanks for the support folks it will help me get through the procedures ( if any ) that arise in this case. I am hoping that for some folk the money gets put straight into my account and I wouldn't have to concern myself with the court. I shall wait and see whats next and possibly get a letter within 14 days or some communication or retribution on my account .....
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