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  1. Just got news this morning that i have WON, yes i said WON.


    In full charges, interest and court costs.


    Money will be paid into my account.


    WO HOO, i'm so pleased with myself that i have managed it and a BIG HUGE THANK YOU to all the people on this sight who helped me through it i couldn't have done it without the support of everyone here.


    THANKS :grin: :-)

  2. Just got news this morning that i have WON, yes i said WON.


    In full charges, interest and court costs.

    Money will be paid into my account.


    WO HOO, i'm so pleased with myself that i have managed it and a BIG HUGE THANK YOU to all the people on this sight who helped me through it i couldn't have done it without the support of everyone here.


    THANKS :D:)

  3. Just after some support and encouragemnet.

    Getting a bit concerned i may have missed something as i have been reading over a few threads and noticed a lot of people getting GOGW or full settlement even though they have been at this less time than myself.


    As of yet i have had nothing from Abbey except from defence last month sometime and i'm due to appear in court on the 12th July for 10 minutes, i have only been asked to supply and take bank statements and proof of the charges/dates/reasons.


    Maybe i am just getting overly anxious about going to court but not sure what is going to happen.



  4. Can someone please give me the e-mail address and maybe a copy of an e-mail that everyone else is using in order to try and settle before court.


    I am due in court on the 12th July and would really rather try and settle before hand, just realised it is going to take me 8 hours there and back to drive to Liverpool county court for a 10 minute hearing and although i am prepared to go would rather not. (My physio just gave me crutches today due to the problems i am having with my pregnancy)

  5. Just called Linlithgow court,

    It is a Small Claims Hearing for the judge to decide were to go from here should take roughly 5 to 10 minutes and is informal, although the woman on the phone recomends i take all the bank statements with me and any other evidence to support my claim, (may not be asked for it).

    She said it is in a small room with the judge myself and Abbey.


    Now just counting down the days till the 12th July and dreading my rather long journey for such a short hearing but thats life and if it looks better for me turning up i would rather go than jepordise everything after coming so far.


    Now just looking for some support :D as i have never been to court before.

  6. I have had no other letter as yet, but was planning on calling the court tomorrow.

    Getting scary now, incase i am one of the unlucky ones were Abbey turn up, and don't want to be unprepared or mess up anything.

  7. As promised here is an outline of the letter i recieved;


    Notice of Allocations to the Small Claims Track (Hearing)


    District Judge Johnson has considered the statements of the case & allocations questionaires filed and allocated the claim to the small claims track.

    1. Claimant do within 21 days of this order, serve a schedule setting out the amount of the individual charges, the date they were applied to the account and the reasons given for such charges.

    2. (Allocations questionaire dispensed with)

    3. The hearing of the claim will take place at 12.00 on the 12th July 2007 at Liverpool County Court, and should take no longer than 10 minutes.

    Then it goes on to say i must inform them if the case is settled before hand, and the case is listed with a number of other similar cases and the order of them will be determined on the day depending on various factors such as attendance and priority. Although every effort is made to hear the case on the day it may need to be changed to another day.


    In the notes at the bottom it does state that if i choose not to attend on the day i must inform the court within 7 days before the hearing and the district judge will hear the case in my absence, but will take account all the statements provided.

    If the claimant attends but the defendant does not the judge may make a desicion based on the evidence of the claimant only.


    Can any one help with this please??

    Is their anything else i should send other than the schedule of charges??

    And do i really need to attend?? My issue is that by this date i will be 22 weeks pregnant and due to problems with my hip and pelvis am unable to walk far, Although i know it would look good if i attended and i would rather attend after coming this far don't want to blow it, but if the case is not even heard on this day that means i would have to travel to the court on another occasion.



  8. :eek:



    Just recieved a court date for the 10th July at Liverpool County Court, the letter says it is a 10 minute hearing.

    Do i need to attend, and hand my court bundle in before then?

    My predicament is that i live in Livingston (between Glasgow & Edinburgh) and although i am prepared to travel there and back i would rather not if i don't need to.


    Any help and advice from anyone would be a lot of help Pleeeease ;)

  9. Need some advice please.


    I have now paid my fee to court for the AQ that i am not getting, but unsure if i should be doing anything just now or sending anything to either Abbey or the court.


    Any help would be great please this seems to have dragged on forever compared to some people, (i started my claim in January)

  10. Hi Beckz, have you received a notice from your local court stating that the AQ has been dispensed with, or anything giving further directions at all ???



    Phoned the court this morning and they told me that as there are so many bank claims going on just now the judge has asked that not everyone gets an AQ, and i'm one of the ones not getting one but still have to pay the fee. Not sure if its good or bad not getting an AQ, could you let me know what will happen next if you know cheers.:)

  11. Just called the court in Liverpool to be told they are not sending out AQ to everyone now and i wont be getting one. (not sure if thats good or bad) but still have to pay the £100 fee to them before the 25th May. Can anyone tell me what happens next please?

  12. Im easily tickled Charley Farley. Well still nothing, so the wait goes on. No request for AQ since northampton dispensed with it and passed it to my local court, and no response to my Draft Order for Directions, and copy of letter send to court showing I had tried to negotiate with Shabby Irrational. So just waiting waiting waiting, whistling whistling whistling................. but waiting is peasy, cos it means I can swot up on the next stage. Lol xxxxx



    I seem to be at the same stage as you, Northampton have transfered my case to Liverpool county court and i have as yet not recieved my AQ.

    Could you tell me what the 'Draft Order for Directions' is please i don't appear to have come across this and don't remember sending anything like that away.

  13. Just recieved a 'notice of transfer of proceedings' today, my case has been transfered to the Liverpool county court with Judge Murdoch. It does not contain the allocations questionaire though just Abbey's defence. Does anyone know what will happen next and how long it will take? I am unsure about what will happen next.

  14. Need some advice please.

    I recieved Abbey's defence about 2 weeks ago but have not recieved anything else from either Abbey or the courts. MCOL did say they would be transerring my claim to a court and would let me know which one it would be but i have not heard from them either.

    I am getting a bit worried now incase i have forgot something.

    Can anyone advise if this is normal or if i should be doing something or contacting someone?

  15. I received Abbey's defence about 2 weeks ago but have not yet received the allocations questionaire. I'm a bit worried as to what is going on, the MCOL online said they would notify me of the court to which my case is to be transfered to but i have not heard anything about that either.


    Can anyone help me with this please, not sure what i should be doing if anything.

  16. Are you saying the court bundle needs to go now??? :eek:


    I thought you only needed this when you actually went to court, didn't realise i needed to send it now, does it have to be sent to the court and the bank??? :???:


    I am awaiting a response from MCOL to tell me which court will be dealing with my claim.


    HELP PLEASE :eek:

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