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  1. ps i shall be donating to this fantastic site.......i found this site as a link from martins tips website so i guess that site also takes some credit in making people aware of the unlawfull charges.
  2. i now been very down on luck and felt a little negative about it all. There does not seem to be a firm rule on who and when people get refunded back these unlawful charges. But i guess you have to be relaxed about it and just bide your time you will get your money back.......we did!
  3. i had recived all bank statements very quickly on both accounts.... as per my comments at top of the thread... I was a mad woman this morning when the postman came running up and down lol....how easy it all is. I want to help all my friends now particulaly as it was announced that halifax made something like £6 billion in profit around that figure anyway!
  4. requested bank statments on the 10th begining of this thread...for both accounts. And sent stage 2 letter requesing bank refund charges on one account. (wanted to deal with one account at a time) so in total its taken 18 days to get full refunds on all bank charges on both accounts! Even though i had not sent a stage 2 letter for the joint account....They obviously knew i was going to send one though as i had requested bank statments.
  5. HI ALL GUESS WHAT !! i had a letter for husbands account today saying that they will refund the full £1.500 within 14 days. Checked bank account and it was paid in yesterday ! ALSO on our joint account i only got as far as requesting the bank statements when also today reiceved notice they are refunding £800 within 14 days and yes they paid it yesterday! i cannot belive it....... how easy it all was one letter and 12 days was all it took to get all of our money back and cleared our overdrafts!!!!thankyou so much to you all on this site thankyou.
  6. HI, could someone reassure this is correct? *ive had standard letter response from my letter requesting bank charges be refunded. Giving them 14 days to refund * my next actions will giving them 7 days with the letter before court action ?? Is this correct. I will use the LBA template? Thankyou....
  7. hi all, An update I had the standard letter response on the 22nd feb. This letter states that they will respond within 4 weeks. But as i AM sticking to the 14 days response letter i sent. well they have untill tuesday 06 th march to refund the charges i requested. I am now preparing the 7 day letter before court action as i want to make sure deadlines are adhered to. And that i am fully prepared!!!
  8. Also one more thing i was given a leaflet from local branch as the address to send the complaint in, the address to post stage 2 letter which is a post box address in leeds. I have been advised by this site to post to trinity road west yorkshire so i shall do that..
  9. hi all, Right had the statements through for my husbands account. He requested them at the local branch and they took 4 days wow is that a record here! still waiting for joint account statements which i ordered via the telephone. So i guess that ordering them in your local branch is quicker.. Because of the fees which i have totalled up without interest is £1500.00. I cannot afford printer ink (due to financial loss) for my dell printer i will have to hand write the letter stage 2 ! phew.... anyway hope that will not make much difference does not look as profesional. I shall post the letter special delivery tomorrow am. and give them 14 days only! mmm waiting game starting ....
  10. o very well done to you !!!!! thats fantastic news for you. I have had the statements for my husbands account now took 4 days. and briefly looking through charges total around £2,000 over the last 2 years makes my blood boil looking at them to be honest! kicking us when we were down! im just trying to work out where to send my stage 2 letter. Could you advise where you sent yours ? halifax seem to have soooo many different addresses........again WELL DONE to you!!!!
  11. hi, after financial difficulties and no help from halifax and spiralling bank charges...you know the £28, £39, over and over for going £1.20 over my over draft limit is one example and for refusing to change a direct debit to a halifax credit card ! which came out just before payday....These are just 2 of the many many examples i could give you over the last few years! believe me which im sure you do!! The most awfull customer service in the world! why have we put up with it for so long ? scared of change scared of more charges...scared of the big banks...NO MORE. we have 2 accounts with halifax and we have yesterday asked for the past 6 years of bank statements.( was told by customer relations department that they are soooo busy due to media hype and attention!! ) The statements will take up to 21 days rather that the 7 -10 days. So i eagerly await them and cannot wait to get started! As our unlawfull charges will probably run into hundreds of pounds. We are fighting back at long last!
  12. good luck for you also. Please keep me informed of how you get on. Will give me more confidence in what i am doing. As we have had such bad times i find it very hard to even believe that they will refund charges. But im getting more confident just reading the stories and information on this site....
  13. thankyou for the info. I did read it was 40 days max time. So hopefully i will get them within 21 days be great. I am so looking forward to going through the statements as halifax have caused serious financial loss to me and my family through excessive bank charges and we have just let them get away with it and gone without so much. This site has given me hope to get back what we have lost. thankyou.
  14. just like to say hi what a fab site. two accounts with halifax one joint and one my husbands. Customer of halifax for 20 years and just about had enough of excessive bank charges. Customer service is appauling to say the least. Im fighting back o yes! watch this space! just asked for bank statements they say because of all media attention i will have to wait 21 days ! rather than the normal 7-10 days. not happy about that but what else can i expect from the halifax!
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