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  1. Thanks both, so if i reply to the letter with the LBA and include a copy of their offer letter and include a sentence saying i accept this but as part payment and i am still expecting the rest - or words to that effect????
  2. Hi there, I havent posted much in the forum but in February i started to claim back my charges. These amounted to £3400 from the statements i was provided with (FOC i might add) by Barclays. I sent the letters in order and have just received a response offering me £2200 as full and final settlement. Basically, not wanting to sound greedy, i want the lot, or at least £3k. The LBA in the templates is pretty much the same as the others i have sent already. Should i amend it to state that i am not prepared to accept the offer made or leave it as the template shows. I am not worried about taking it to court but just a bit unsure of the wording on this letter. Any help is appreciated if you have been in this predicament!
  3. hi, I am new to this but i will be having a read through all of the FAQ's etc but i have to say well done for what this is about...... I wouldnt know where to start normally but this is obviously THE place. Thanks to you in advance.
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