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  1. Can I ask? When they rejected it, did they send you a pack? Did they say you will be notified of the decision by the TEC ? It’s all so confusing. My son did not receive the paper work( due to my not having a permanent address ) , and also the car was scrapped shortly after the incident. He was eventually notified by phone from debt agency, which hadn’t helped as my son is currently under a mental health unit. If I had known sooner I would have just paid, but I genuinely didn’t. I’m trying to sort this out and I’m hapot to pay but I can’t pay £600. I don’t know what to do.
  2. Thank you sorry. I'm not great at these things
  3. Long one so apologies. Back in December last year . A relative brought tickets to travel to New York for their birthdays . They purchased through lastminute.com. They booked to go with Virgin, or so they thought. Unfortunately, they made an error with the name and had to pay a charge of £40 to change it. ( their fault) we tried to check them in the day before, however we couldn't do it online, so I called Virgin. They advised us that even though we booked with them, my relatives would be flying on Delta metal. The reason we couldn't check in was because of the name change error. The res agent said, she had corrected it, but we would have to check in at the airport. Next day, turned up at the airport hours before departure. Still a problem with the name, I called virgin res at the airport this time. Who said they were changing to a new computer system and it was in ' meltdown' . The check in agent advised that the ESTA was not completed for one of the passengers, although we showed her the confirmation letter. By the time the agent had sorted that out, the flight had closed and my family were told they were to late, but they could standby for the next flight. ( funny enough all flights were overbooked!) they had to wait another 3 hours, and were separated into different seats. I've contacted delta who offered them each a $75 voucher, only to use on their flights, my family will never use delta again, they are elderly and this was a one off. Delta advised us to go to the complaints body if we were still not happy. So we did, I sent every email and shred of evidence to the CAA, Delta wrote back saying it was virgins fault, but the CAA said ' Under Regulation EC 261/2004 it is the operating carrier that is required to pay compensation and not the airline the reservation is with. Therefore, as the flight was operated by Delta Airlines, please could Delta Airlines explain how the passenger was not denied boarding or confirm if you will be paying compensation."Delta did not respond. The CAA are exasperated and are willing to support us at court. I put all this on 'FLYERTALK' as I assumed it would help to get advise from other travellers who travel frequently. I was surprised at the comments some made, calling the incident ' far fetched' and practically accusing me of Making it up and not understanding what the regulation means. ( I copied and pasted the whole letter from the CAA) one person also said we were stupid to book through a tin pot third party! ( I've always found lastminute very good) . I actually wonder if they really have ' passengers' on the forum, or is it airline people themselves. I would really like some constructive non judgemental advise on what to do. Do we just leave it and never travel with Delta again or shall we try another avenue? This isn't really about the compensation now, it's more about how a company can advise a customer to go to a complaints body, yet the airline can ignore the issue anyway.
  4. Thank you for your constructive comments. They really made sense thank you.
  5. Hi the engineer said he will do a report and I just need to wait to hear from B&Q. From the past reposes, if the respond, I'm not sure I'll get anywhere that's why I'm stuck. As for the comment about my land lady, yes it is her responsibility, but not all tenants pass the buck, she's been more than helpful and supportive. That's why I'm helping, at the end of the day I'm using it
  6. I don't think I said it was broken when I moved in? I actually said everything was new. The oven wax brand new, when it first broke down she contacted the warranty and had it fixed, when it went wrong the 2nd time she called them again, and the third. We gave B&Q the benefit of the doubt, they have a warranty so we used it, hoping that Eoynd be the end of it. However, it's not. As its still got a problem. I'd really just like constructive comments please
  7. Hi, I'm at a loss as what to do now. I'm in rented accommodation with my children, I'm lucky that my landlady is very good, and has no problem with me asking for anything. When we moved in 2 years ago, the whole house had been renovated, and new appliances put in. The problem was, the oven. from the moment I moved in I've had problems with it, since then, we have had 3 call outs due to the same issue (the thermostat ), I've just had enough now, I've contacted the call centre on numerous occasions, I've contacted them via facebook, and even emailed the CEO, and called his secretary,( because she wouldn't allow me to speak to him). They take forever to reply, and when they did they said that as I didn't purchase it, my landlady would have to give permission for me to contact them, So, I got that, they then came back and said, even though my landlady paid for it, she can't authorise me to talk to them as she wasn't the one with the trade card! so I had to ask the builder to authorise me to talk to them. At this point I need to say I was happy to discuss the issue,( as I understand it) and my landlady had more pressing serious issues on her plate. Eventually, Alison, at the call centre decided to send out an engineer. I waited in all day, but no one turned up, I phoned the service company who said it had been cancelled as they needed to buy a part, I was so mad!! no one had bothered to call me, and when I called Alison, after a long conversation, she told me I shouldn't have an attitude with her (I think 3 months of being quite calm isn't bad!!) I explained that as far as I was concerned, someone was coming out to assess the oven, not repair it!! the last thing I want is a repair, especially as the oven has had the same fault 3 times in 2 years! i know that if it happens again, they will wipe their hands of it as its past its 2 year warranty, the oven wasn't fit for purpose even from new. I've waited in again all day today, so I called the CEOs secretary, who 'kindly' told me, that its not my responsibility and I should let my landlady deal with it, oh and also, they were discussing it with me as a 'matter of goodwill'. Eventually the engineer turned up and has just left (5pm), he was very understanding, and agreed that the oven wasn't fit for purpose, I asked him to just assess it and not to fix it, as I believe it'll be a waste of time. can anyone think of where i go now? many thanks
  8. I claimed last year and luckily got all my money back after going through a rigmorol of going through the courts. Nationwide also sent a letter saying that they could close my account if I 'breech' the terms and conditions again. However, I have incurred more charges now and I am scared to claim it back in case they do close the account ,(I have bben with them for a long time). If anyone can advise me what to do I'd be very grateful
  9. I've had loads of problems with Vodafone, about 2 years ago I received a letter from them saying I owed them money,I kept asking for evidence but got nothing, they then placed a default on my account. I went to OTELO who awarded me my money back and for Vodafone to remove the default. Great! I thought, 2years on, I apply for a mortgage, but was turned down because a default is on ly account from VODAFONE!! Since March 2007, I have phoned them been apologised to they said its been removed but wasn't, I've lost my deposits of £1300. They said as a 'goodwill gesture' they will pay that back with proof from the bank, the bank won't give me proof as they say they don't have to, and now the default is off they given us the mortgage. So I'm back off to OTELO again....
  10. Hi all, sorry but this is probably going to be a long one. A few months ago I got back about £800 from my bank. Since then I have been so careful not to incur anymore charges, however, one of my cheques bounced last month, which I was devestated about cos, it was written to my employer and now they have charged me £30 and banned me from writing cheques(with a letter on my personnal file) for one year. I have an overdraft facility of £1000, so in my mind I thought I had enough to cover the cheque. I have just received my statement, before the bounced cheque was banked I was overdrawn by £857.44. Then on the 23May I had 2 credits of £35 and £22.0 (so overdrawn by £800.44)on the same day, I had a debit of £40.50 (overdrawn by £840.94) and again on the 23May my cheque was banked (which was the sum of £154.10) Therefore I was overdrawn by £995.04. I was near to my overdraft but not over. I phoned Nationwide who explained that the reason they bounced the cheque was cos at 1 minute past midnight they take all the debits out first then put the credits in even if they all came in on the same day, and that I should make sure I have enough funds when I write the cheque! Also, if I'm not happy with that then I should write a letter to them. I told them that I think this is unfair and I not only have been charged and disciplined by my employer but also charged £30 by them. Can someone please help me write a letter. Thank you so much
  11. Thanks for replying. Yes I can back it up, as the ombudsman has opened up a new file and linked the old one to it (including the conclusion). i should have checked my file before hand, however my financally advisor(who we've been using for years)did the paperwork and assured us that we would be sent the offer within a week, we've never had a problem before, and my circumstances haven't changed. Unless he was lying, which I doubt as I totally trust him, but he said it was solely because of the default.
  12. Hi A few years ago,Vodafone and I went through a dispute that I finally took to the ombudsman and won. The outcome was I would get all my money back and my credit reference would be updated. In March this year we decided to try to improve our finances by purchasing property abroad, we were told everything was fine and we just need to get our mortgage offer. We went on holiday to Arizona and got a call while we were there saying, that a default was on my credit file and we were refused the mortgage because of it. I spent 2 days from ther calling vodafone it cost a fortune, I still didn't get anywhere. I sent emails, it ruined our hol. When I got back the ombudsman advised me to write to them. We had paid a deposit on the 2 properties and should have been paying the the rest. I wrote to vodafone asking for compensation and removal of default. They said they would pay the survey(which we didnt have to pay in thye end) and remove the default. It has been romoved now but I am now getting emails saying we have breached our contract and the lawyer abroad is screaming for his money too! this is so stressful, but yet Vodafone said they do not usually offer any compensation.(The ombudsman said I can claim up to £5000, but what can I claim for?) Sorry this is so long but please help
  13. Thanks Pitters thats very kind of you good luck to you too
  14. SUCCESS!! Just received the last payment into my account, the 1st payment was put in as a correction, the next 2 were 'bank credit'. Total £892.18. I was also charged for an unpaid cheque after the claim had gone through, I emailed them thanking them for refunding the charges but also asking for that charge to be reimbursed. I received that payment this morning (16April). Just to warn everyone, NW took their time to pay up,they waited more than 30days after I had filed a claim via MCOL.(They were given 28days) I filed a default judgement ( I recieved a rejection of that saying " case status is set(eg paid transferred etc). No one told me. I have had no correspondance from NW, and my account is still up and running for now! May I say thank you to everyone, I'm not good at these things, but I couldn't afford the charges either, it wasn't helping me get out of debt. May I also say that it is my own fault I received these charges so I do expect some penalties but not to the extent of £30 each. Good luck to everyone, don't be scared be confident you will get there. xxx:-D
  15. Good news!! NW put £605 into my account today, they actual owe me £865, including the court fee. Normally, I would have cut my losses and bowed out gracefully, however, they have really wound me up by leaving it for 30days, then 'forcing' me to go down the judgement route,(which I did yesterday). Can anyone advise me if I'm doing the right thing or not? If I am, what shall I do about the judgement shall I inform MCOL? Any advise would be appreciated. Thank you
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