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  1. hi all. have nearly reached the end of the line for my claim, sent of my claim to the courts and Halifax have replied with an acknowledgment of service and they have ticked the box...I INTEND TO DEFEND ALL OF THIS CLAIM.... what do i do now???? all help very gratefully received...
  2. p.s does the bundle just mean all letters from halifax regarding the claim plus my bank statements for 6 years?
  3. thank you for the link..something i don't have is the terms and conditions for my account...i have a Halifax cardcash account if anybody has a copy.
  4. hi thanx for that info. i have already submitted my claim online, without interest calculated. one more thing: reading thro the info pages what exactly is a court bundle and when would i need it? cheers
  5. hiya thank you all for the advise. is it compulsory to add interest to the claim? and does it make a difference to whether i get paid out or not? just wondering as i forgot to add it to the claim, but am not that worried about getting it as long as i get the charges back. cheers
  6. hi all. ive nearly come to the end of my struggle to reclaim £1,077. bank charges from the Halifax. i sent of the letters as advised by your good selves and got a reply to which i was quite shocked, i cant find anything in the forums about a reply. basically after i sent the letter of intended action i received a reply which said that the charges were lawful and i didn't have a leg to stand on......i thought they might have made a settlement offer before i had to file my claim ( which i did this morning). any opinions, advise gratefully received.
  7. hi all i allegedly received a parking ticket last year in march. got one notice to owner 30 days later which i appealed and was upheld for out of time etc. did not receive anything from the council about how to go about paying the fine. my question is: does the ticket need to be stuck to my car? as nothing was on my vehicle. the local council say they sent letters out but cant prove it or send me a copy of the original ticket. consequently i had to pay bailiff's £500. to take his clamp of my car as this was the only way to save my car. i have appealed again to the courts about not receiving any letters, and still waiting to hear. what can i do now? cheers
  8. hi the Halifax have just 1 week left to send me my 6 yr banking history. i enclosed the template letter and the £10 fee. they haven't acknowledged receipt for it , in fact i haven't heard a dickey-bird. what do i do when the 40 days is up? all help appreciated:confused:
  9. the company is equita certified bailifs. another q? if i go to the council or pay via the automated system the PCN charge will this prevent the bailiffs asking for money as i dont want to give them jack sh**
  10. dont know if this helps but paypal have a clause stating all items have to be sent signed for/recorded delivery. they will definitely go with the buyer in this. i found out the hard way.
  11. i too have had no reply from a cca request. what now????
  12. pps. i never saw any documentation or identification from the bailiff as he came at 5am when i was still asleep.
  13. p.s. the original council ticket is £120. plus £411.00 bailiff charges i will be asking for a SAR and if i pay to keep my car will i be admitting liability for the debt or can i get away with scrawling on the receipt that i do not accept liability and only paid to prevent further distress?
  14. hi i have a PCN in dispute from last year, i never received the original parking ticket on my car and knew nothing about it until the notice to owner came thro the post. i appealed to Northampton court for a stat dec and won. the council claim they re-sent my NTO at the reduced rate, which i never received and subsequent default letters-again i never received. i asked them to prove they had been sent and prove i had received them. the reply was it wasn't up to them to do that. anyway today i woke to find my car with a nice clamp and a letter pushed thro the door stating that if i didn't pay by 10am they would be taking my car, i spoke to the bailiff who was a complete Piers Morgan. he said if i didn't pay, the car would be auctioned today and that any shortfall on the debt would be collected from possessions in my home. my problem is i never received any notifications from the council or the bailiffs regarding this and it came as one hell of a shock. my solicitor has said i would do better to pay up and fight it out in court after, but then if i wasn't able to pay i would lose my car-which i will never see again- even if i win my case the car will be long gone so i am in a no win situation. the bailiff kindly gave me until tomorrow morning to find the money which is why my car is still on my driveway. are they allowed to clamp on my private property without informing me? are they allowed to seize my possessions without informing me? Northampton court said i have a good case for appeal regarding the parking ticket but that doesn't stop them taking my car in the first instance. i have just filled another stat dec regarding out of time for the letters i didn't receive yet the council will not call the bailiffs off until they receive the declaration back from court-about 2 weeks- and in the meantime my car will have been sold at auction. this is a no win situation and stinks to high heaven. the bailiffs tried to scare me on the phone by saying he could take whatever he wanted from my home, and that it didn't matter who it belonged to they would take it also the warrant of execution to remove goods that was shoved thro my door at 5am had the '24hrs notice' of intended removal part scribbled out and 'today' written above it. can they do this? i have until tomorrow morning to try and get my facts straight before they get here. all help gratefully received
  15. hi thanx for the reply, when would they default? today which is the 12 day limit or 30 days as i have read on some threads. many thanx
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