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  1. HI!!! Thanks soooo much! I am going to PM now. I hope everyone reading this can see that it might not be as difficult as it seems to claim the your money back......
  2. Thanks - can somebody help me to get this thread moved to 'successes'? I have tried to PM a few people, but NO LUCK!!
  3. Update: Received letter from SM&C yesterday. They have confirmed the credit to my account and have replied "As agreed...." which I presume is the response to my letter...... "I accept your offer as full and final settlement only for this claim of bank charges made on my account between 9/11/01 and 9/2/07. However, I will only accept an unconditional offer and will therefore not be signing your acceptance agreement" I will now be writing to the judge, confirming settlement. I would just like to offer thanks to all those who have helped me......A donation will definately be winging it's way to you!!! Thank you, thank you , thank you! Can someone please move my post to 'successes'?
  4. Anybody there! I need a bit of advice on my previous post - any help greatly received!!!!! M
  5. Dear all I have just checked my bank account and low and behold it has been credited with the full amount I was claiming! I am a bit confused - I have no letter to the reply of my 'rejection' and they have just decided to credit the account. I am not sure if I should accept this or do I need to write a letter to say that I accept the money, but only unconditionally?? or should a letter arrive soon? - Any advice? M:confused:
  6. Hi! Just to let you know that I have sent/faxed to the letter SC&M rejecting their conditions. In the letter I copied and sent it says a bit about confidentiality. Has anybody had any feedback from this? " I am also not prepared to agree to any confidentiality clauses you try to impose, unless of course your client wishes to make an offer of due consideration in addition to the amount of £xxx, in order to be afforded this privilege by myself " Just interested....... Still a waiting game.......I was going to call the solicitors to make sure they had the fax - what do u think????
  7. Hi! Can anyone help me??? I have had a letter from the SC&M. They say that the wish to settle. I have a few conditions. It says the letter is confidential - it is safe for me to list these conditions to you? The amount they offered, is exactly what I asked for, plus another £117 which I was not expecting! I will say that the main condition relates to having a review with the branch. ANY advice greatly received!
  8. Hello all! quick update. I just dropped off my AQ to the court (along with attachements). I luckily did not have to pay the AQ fee as I qualified for an expemption! I await eagerly for the next stage. I presume I should start getting my papers ready?? What do you think?
  9. Hi Barty! Thanks for this. This is fine, I have printed them both out out and filled in the AQ form. I am going to drop it all off tomo at the court. Will let you know of outcomes. Cheers! Mamta
  10. Hi Barty! Just a quick question. in 'G Other Information' What exactly do I need to write? I got a bit confused with what was in the link . Do I then need to take a copy of the letters I have sent so far and attach?? M:confused:
  11. Hi Barty! Yep! It is the 9 point defence. I presume this is what they send to everyone? Anyways, I am going to fill in the AQ and then take it in to the court. I will read the advice first. Thanks! M
  12. Hi all! Long time no speak! I just wanted to update everyone. I received a letter from the court and Lloyds are going to defend the claim - surprise surprise - is the defence they state the same for everyone i.e. is it the same word for word for me that they send to everybody who gets this far?! I now need to fill in the AQ form and may call upon your help! Thanks
  13. Thanks for the update.....I thought I was going mad and have been tracking back for about 1/2 hour now! I wanted to update my signature to show progress of my case.....
  14. Dear all! Just a quick update....I have now been to and registered my N1 with the court on Friday 2 March 2007. Just a waiting game now........ Will update you once I have had a reply
  15. msp70

    MSP V Lloyds

    Hi Zootscoot Which thread should I use to update - I am getting confused! Do you think the other thread I have (Hellooooo MSP v Lloyds) is better as it has had useful replies? Please let me now. Also is it wise to change the title or just keep the same original title going?? I am slowly getting around this website - it's good though! Is there a tutorial?? Thanks
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