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  1. Do you think I should carry on fighting it or try and get the full and final settlement down to as low as possible and pay it off? They have told me it will take a month to get a breakdown of the figures and have advised me that they expect me to comeence making payments in the interim. Can I get away with not paying anything until I have the breakdown? Only thing that worries me is when they talk about taking legal action and issuing a bankruptcy petition.
  2. I live in England.. I believe statute barred only comes into affect if there has been no contact in 6 years. Accoring to them the last payment was made to them in january 2002. The debt was sold to them in Dec 2005 and I have been asking since then for my CCA. Is it possible to reclaim charges for a loan, and if so, how do i go about it. Will try and take picture via camera, so you can see it for yourself.
  3. I have signed under consumer credit act clause and also on back page of application form 'declaration to Tesco Personal Finance Ltd'
  4. Ok.. description.. here goes. Its a copy of a fax!! First page headed with Application form, details re: data protection act, my name, DOB, tel no, etc, 2nd page, income and loan amount, all pages with lender name and address in top corner. Third page titled Credit agreement regulated by the Consumer Credit ACt 1974 Details: The bank..... The customer... Reference no...... Name........ address. Purpose and amount of laon, amount of interest payable on loan, total amount to be repaid, monthly repayment amounts and annual percentage rate. It then goes on to list charges in the event of non repayment and states that the loan is unsecured except for any rights arising by law. It has been signed by both parties. Doesn't look like I have a leg to stand on does it???
  5. One major problem.... scanner not working. Can I be declared bankrupt? He kept changing figures for full and final settlement, the letter says £6,000 but he was talking about wanting £4,000.
  6. Thanks for the reply once again Priority One. The agreement is signed by myself anf them and contains details of my previous address, employment details, bank details, etc and appears to be the 'real deal'. I rang to ask for a breakdown of how the figure has been arrived at. The guy I spoke to starting telling me that unless I made an offer of a reasonable monthly payment they could enforce a bankruptcy petition. Not sure what he means but says it can be done if need be. He also suggested that I re-mortgage to release some equity in my property to enable me to pay back the money. I really dont know what to do next.
  7. Hi Guys, Some bad news.... I have today received the credit agreement throught the post. First Credit are asking for £6,000 as full and final settlement or monthly payments of £215.00 to be paid for the next 3 years. I have not received the breakdown I asked for detailing statement of payments made, or interest added on, etc. Can they still chase me for this debt even though it has taken them so long to provide me with the CCA?? I'm panicing now... I cant afford £215 per month and certainly dont have £6k just lying around. Any suggestions??? Razpag!
  8. Hi all, I'm back again. After sending the letter to the agency working on behalf of creditor in february, and hearing absolutely nothing (all timescales now past), I have today had a knock at my door from a guy working for the credit agency, chasing full payment. I have advised him of the action I have taken and the fact that no credit agreement has been received. Are they allowed to just turn up on my doorstep like this?? Any suggestions on my next move??:?
  9. Hi again guys... have done as advised and have written same letter requesting credit agreement and sent another cheque of for £1 to creditor. The reply I got was the same standard letter I received over 12 months ago headed: REQUEST FOR COPY AGREEMENT. The contents of the letter are the same word for word and they have advised me that it will take at least one month to obtain the agreement. I'm in the same position I was in 12 months ago... only this time the request I have made is in writing. Is there anything I can send to the creditors after the 12 day and subsequent 30 day peiod elapses, advising them of their 'criminal offence' so that I do not find myself in this same situation in another 12 months time when they decide to send me another letter threatening legal action?
  10. .... and if they do, the original request posted to the collections agency for a copy of the credit agreement still stands?? Just dont want them to say that I have never requested a copy of the agreement... surely the collection agency would have notified them of my letter. Hope this would still count as a request even though it was not sent direct to the creditor. What if they find the agreement a few months or even longer down the line.. whats to stop them getting in touch with me again and demanding the oustanding balance be paid or legal proceedings will be taken.? Lots of questions, I know but I was not expecting this to rear its ugly head again over 12 months after they initially contacted me... i would like to get it sorted one way or another for peace of mind knowing that they cant contact me again.
  11. Does the 12 days (and subsequent 30 day) deadline still count when the £1 fee has been used towards my outstanding balance and the same request has not been made direct to the creditor... what i dont want to do is what the collection agency suggested and 'speed up the process' by contacting the creditor... not sure whether to wait it out and let the 12 days pass.... i just dont want this to continue year after year.
  12. Thanks for all the advice and links guys... you've all been a big help. Have received a letter today from the collections agency 'without prejudice' stating that they have noted the contents of my letter, but write to inform me that their files have been closed and returned to the creditor. They ask that all future correspondence be forwarded to the office of the creditor. They finish by saying "after numerous attempts to provide the original credit agreement our client cannot produce it within the said 12 days". They advise that to speed up the process please contact them direct. My payment of £1.00 has been allocated to my account. Do i now leave this and see what happens? Any suggestions would be greatly received?
  13. Thanks for the advice. Didn't have PPI. I'm hoping due to the fact that they couldn;t find the agreement when i asked for it over 12 months ago that they wont be able to find it now, and the 30 days will pass.... just not sure what happens then, and whether they can still take me to court... Shoudl I be sending the SAR now or wait until the 30 days have elapsed??
  14. Thanks for the reply Laiste.. I have written the letter using the template, along with a letter as priortiy one suggested to the solicitor to advise the matter is 'in dispute'. I will send it recorded delivery and see what happens.. I'll keep u posted.
  15. Just been to get letter from collections agency and have found the letter I received over 12 months ago. There is also a letter from them dated 16 Dec 2005 with title REQUEST FOR COPY AGREEMENT. Content of letter: I refer to your communication asking for us to provide you with a copy of the relevant agreement. We will shortly be advising our client of your request. This document will be sent to you as soon as possible. This process may take at least one month. Once you have received a copy of this agreement we would expect you to contact this office immediately to arrange settlement of this debt. Surely the fact that I have to date not received a copy of the agreement means it is unenforceable and the letter I should be writing should inform them as such... Is this correct??
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