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  1. Thank You for your reply BRIGADIER2JCS I am new to this, so could you please explain how to check to see if time barred Or anyone that can advise me Thank You
  2. Yes its an old debt dated Jan 2001, i dont remember doing it but it is my writing and signature, the letter apolagises for delay but now a copy has been sent, gives me 14 days to contact them before the continue proceedings.. Any Advice welcome
  3. I was sent a letter asking for money i owed from a company i had never heard of 'Weightmans LLP' I replied to it as it is suggested in these pages requesting proof of contract etc letter was dated 4 feb 2011.. i have just recieved a photocopy of and old agreement i had with RBS, from Equidebt, its now september well past the 12 days, how do i stand with this ? what do i do? Thanks for any help:
  4. Thank You Unclebulgaria67 i will act on your advice, thanks again Rightfullymine
  5. Please help, i am being persued by C.A.R.S for an outstanding amount with Budget Insurance... i had a car and was insured by Budget, my car had personal number plates on it,,, i sold the car and retained my number plates. i informed the insurance company who continued my insurance for a further year on my number plates.... I wanted to drive my girlfriends car, so i called budget to make sure everything was legal and to increase my payments if necessary, they then said that i couldnt do that and i should not have been carrying on with my insurance... So Budget had sold me the insu
  6. I have recieved a letter from Nelson Guest & Partners Solicitors please read.. Client Ref ********* Client Wescot- Vodafone Ltd Wescot Debt No: ******* We are instructed by Wescot Credit Services Ltd on behalf of the above named Client, in connection with the sum outstanding shown above. Unless payment is made to Wescot within 7 days of the date of this letter, legal proceedings for the recovery thereof may be commenced without further notice. In the event of Judgement being obtained, we shall seek all fixed costs and fees together with statutory interest on the outstanding
  7. Hi Guys Thought I would keep you posted as promised, I have now recieved a letter as follows: Our ref:******* Creditor: Equidebt Ltd (Formerly Barclay Card) I confirm reciept of your letter dated 22nd Feb 08 and the enclosed payment of £1. A request has been placed with our client for a copy of the Consumer Credit Act document and the account has been placed on hold until this matter has been resolved and no further collection activity will occur. If in the meantime you need to contact us about any aspect of this matter please call the following freephone number 08005872756 or wri
  8. Ok So This Could Have Just Crossed In The Post Then... Thank You For The Warning - I Have No Intentions Of Ringing Them At All.. Hope You Had Fun Though I Will Keep You Guys Posted Thanks For Your Help..
  9. I Have Started Recieving Letters From E C I Debt Collectors, I Sent A Letter Asking For The Agreement And Sent £1. This Was Last Week. Today I Recieved A Letter I Quote: Our Ref:********** Our Client: Equidebt Ltd Client Ref: ******** Outstanding £???.??? __________________________________________________________ Your Payment Is Now Unnacceptably Overdue act Now To Avoid Legal Proceedings Phone 08000731170 Immediately To Pay By Debit Or Credit Card Yours Sincerely Wes Mulligan ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ S
  10. Thank you so much for your help and reassurance guys, as yet have not heard a thing, I never talk to anyone on the phone always say they got wrong number to anyone thats not family or friends. Im not sure what its for.. I will keep you posted, Thanks much appreciated. :grin:
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