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  1. im awaiting an email confirming the above. However, i will include your quote in my letter: you waive your rights to attend any disc hearing and that you will not participate in any disc investigation because you have resigned and admitted the offence. Although may change the admitted the offence bit
  2. I have not paid them YET. However, I have said from day 1, I will pay them immediately. I have been co-operating. I told them from Day 1 that i will pay monies back immediately. What annoys me is the fact that the investigating manager is always reluctant to express any communication in writing. Now, he has said to me over the phone, that when I make the payment, and submit a response in writing to the allegations, he will deal with the matter "in house". However, my union have advised me to ask him to send an email to myself as well as a letter to state that "upon receipt of payment and letter, X company will not be taking this matter further" However, he keeps saying isn't my word good enough and I just don't trust this manager. Now, Im going to ring the manager tomorrow and say that the cheque is in my hand and ready to send to union, but before that I want an email or letter to myself or union stating that when i make a payment, this is the end of the matter. Also, another thing that has annoyed me is that, one of the team managers there explained my situation to a fellow colleague...Im going to ring him tomorrow and say I'm not happy with this leak. I know this because a friend rang me and enquired about this. I agree with you elche, why would Internal Fraud and security want to puruse matter when im willing to pay because it'l be more hassle to them. However, this manager is awkward and he's ****ed off because he didn't get to sack me because I resigned
  3. I'll explain this in basic details. I logged some claim for overtime through the internal work system. However, I had not worked any of those hours. i did not think they would get authorised anyway. They did. I resigned and wrote a letter stating that I am willing to pay the money back asap. However, a senior manager has started a factfind investigation and disciplinary hearing. Now, I've handed my cheque into union. But the manager has stated that he wants me to respond to the allegation of fraudulenty claiming overtime for hours not worked. In an earlier letter, i already explained the whole situation. He is threatning me or scaring my by saying, "I want to deal with it in-house, but If i don't get a response to the allegation, I will have to take it to Fruad & Security" I just want to know even if he did take it to F&S, will they bother pursuing me despite the fact that Ive already handed a cheque in for the amount and made a payment. Advice much needed please
  4. I wanted to know how serious such an offence is and what guidelines, if any, it breaches. If there is an internal investigation underway concerning an employee, and only management are aware of it...but then a particular team manager in a 1-2-1 with its team member relays the particulars of that investigation or matter to that that team member....and also adds personal opinions to it. I have found this out because that person who was told by the manager, went and told somebody else etc. Now, i feel this manager is way out of order telling anyone of such a matter. Would this be construed as misconduct issue upon the managers behalf?
  5. I'll explain this in basic details. I logged some claim for overtime through the internal work system. However, I had not worked any of those hours. i did not think they would get authorised anyway. They did. Manager phones me this week, and wants to know why I did it and that he is going to get in a lot of trouble for it as well. He went into work today. Im expected in tomorrow. I got a feeling I'm going to get pulled into a meeting, possibly suspended whilst they investigate this matter. I don't know why I did it. It was extremely daft and stupid and am seriously regretting it now. I haven't even touched the money. I can give it all back. Do you think I should go in and resign or wait to be sacked?
  6. Hi, my friend is in debt with .marlin financialservices They have had this account for over 6 months if not more. Last time, she rang and wrote and was disputing the account(and made a complaint), and they put a hold on collections activity. The bal on her account is £3000. She has come into some money and rang today and made her a offer of £800. I advised her start low and maybe they will work upto a reasonable settlement Figure. However, the lady she spoke to said we want the full balance and that we will issue a charging order. I was wondering could she write a letter and say "I tried to make an offer but your advisor was rude and aggressive and wasn't willing to listen. As a result, I will be making a complaint to the Financial Ombudsman.... I am willing to make a reasonable offer to settle this account, I look forward to hearing from you" Any suggestions please?
  7. I'll write saying that all i can afford is 50 p/m........i can prove this in court......do you think its wise to mention the fact that if they reject ym proposal they will not receive a penny from me. In theory, if im out this country, can the CCJ be served? If yes, then am i bound to it as i was not aware of it ever taking place etc
  8. Ideally, i want to avoid a CCJ situation as it will adversely affect my credit rating. How come it took them a year to decide on a figure? Did they not ask the full amount back?
  9. basically...the overpayment stems from the fact that I had to leave work due to personal circumstances. Now, i had used up my annual leave beforehand. Obviously, i expected to be there for the whole year. Now, 80% of this overpayment is the fact that they have paid me annual leave. The rest is sick days for the last month i worked which they could not deduct from last wage. Should i write something along the lines of: "I'm more than willing to repay the amount stated. However, due to my circumstances, which i can prove in a court of law, £50 p/m is all i can afford to pay at present until my circumstances change..." what do you think.
  10. I posted a thread last week saying that my former employer is demanding the money back. Now, i wrote to them asking them to justify the full amount etc. They have done so. Now, I do want to pay this amount of approximately £1031.03 back. However, I cannot afford to do so in one lump sum or payment. What is the best way to go about this? I am willing to pay £50 p/m without any problems. If i stretch this any further, then I am obviously making life difficult for myself financially as I am not working full time. Therefore, shall i write back to them and say this is all i can afford and throw in a general income and expenditure in there to justify the payment offer. Realistically, will they bother issuing me with a CCJ as im not evading or denying payment and making a semi-reasonable offer taking into account my circumstances. Also, I may be going abroad for the next 6 months...so i could say that CCJ would be pointless and if you serve me with that...then i will not pay you anything? advice please
  11. I've just checked with my bank and the last wage went in May NOT JUNE. Therefore, they are mistaken. The only thing i owe them is probably 13 days Annual Leave, but that amounts to approx £70 a day if that and the amount they have is totally incorrect.
  12. I want to dispute the amount as im not sure how they have calculated this? Also, I'm more than happy to pay what is rightfully owed. However, I will pay in installments as i cannot pay the amount in full as i am not working. They are a debt collection firm so they do have a in house litigation team. However, i could respond with an offer of 100p/m and say that i am working part time and this is the best i could pay. If they reject this, i can do full I&E and prove in court this is more than reasonable. If they decide to take it to court, who would the court favour?
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