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  1. Hello I would like to take a Company to small claims court that I have wrote to twice asking for a refund on goods I returned to them. I ordered a pair of Sunglasses from WD SPORTS from the internet, paid by Visa Debit Card, returned the goods by Recorded Delivery which was signed for. After some weeks of no response I emailed several times and after going to the CAB was given the phone number for Consumer Direct who sent me information on writing a letter Recorded Delivery asking for refund and stating within 7-14 days. I have sent 2 letters now asking for a refund with no response what so ever. Is there a Template for a County Court form that can help me word one please.
  2. Insurance runs out April I have tryed again but was told not covered and if i go back to DFS it's my word against the salesman, so not gonna bother. But it's a lesson i have learnt and hope many others do after reading this.
  3. Looking at a recent statement i have the statement is Littlewoods Direct Flexible Account if this helps any one to give me advice on interest charges
  4. Thanks for getting back to me I will go to DFS and have a look for the salesman who told me about this Insurance. But if i dont get any luck is there any one i can write to or can i take them to the small claims court:idea:
  5. Hello gyzmo, I am still paying for the sofa as I got it on 2 years free credit, and I bought it in store. Yes i do have paperwork just got to find it up, but i know i have all the paperwork and i bought it June or July time.
  6. Hello I have managed to get all charges made on my Littlewoods Catalogue account and I have been charged a lot of interest each month Can i re-claim these interest charges back :-| or should i just go ahead and add them to my Administraction and Late payment charges
  7. Hello gyzmo, I am still paying for the sofa as I got it on 2 years free credit, and I bought it in store. Yes i do have paperwork just got to find it up, but i know i have all the paperwork and i bought it June or July time.
  8. Hello, I bought a sofa from DFS and was advised at the time to take out Insurance on the sofa at the time of purchase. I was asked if I had children or pets and at the time I had 1 child and 1 dog. I now have 2 children and still 1 pet. I was told at the time that the Insurance would cover ink on the sofa from kids drawing on it and if I spilled a glass of wine on it that was also covered. I recently phoned my local store where I bought the sofa from to get some one out to get some damage repaired that had been done to my sofa. But when I made enquires about the Insurance that I had I was told it did not cover this. Is there any one I Can take this complaint to ? am I covered under the sales of goods act of 1978 ? can I take Court Action ?
  9. Hello Slick132 and Ell-enn, Many thanks for advice and help, especially guidance on filling in the N244. I have had a busy week-end with Grandsons 1st Birthday and usuall w/e shopping ect ect. I will get the N244 form completed and get it in the County Court a.s.a.p. once again many thanks, it's nice to know there is help when you want it And i will keep this updated with the Court's decision.
  10. I have phoned the County Court and was told I can appeal and i do fill in a N244 form. I have d/l a N244 but is there a Template with help filling this form in please. Sorry to be a pain but looking at the N244 i'm not to sure what to tick and fill in.
  11. Thanks for advice, I will contact the Court in the morning and ask if i can have another hearing. I was told by a friend i can use a N244 wither this is right i'm not sure?
  12. Just a Date which is as follows 12 february 2008 but letter is Dated 19th February 2008 Theres nothing stateing any amount of days i have to appeal Do i use a N244 to appeal ?
  13. Letter says, A preliminary hearing of the claim will take place at County Court on the 12th February 2008 at 11 a.m. with a time estimate of 15 minutes. a) to consider allocation b) the effect of the OFT case and whether proceedings should be stayed pending consideration c) to consider consolidation of two actions d) to consider the evidence necessary and lenght of trial Letter for decision dated 19th February said: Upon thee being no attendance by the claimant and hearing counsel for the defendant. IT IS ORDERED THAT the claim be struck out
  14. Court Date for Hearing was 12th February 2008 Reason for missing was, didnt think i had to attend just wait for letter to tell me what had happened I got a letter sent to me dated 19th February with the following; Upon there being no attendance by the claimant IT IS ORDERED THAT the claim be struck out
  15. Hello, I took Barclaycard to court for charges against myself and case went to court but i didn't. I received a letter from the court saying it had been struck out, can i appeal to the court as i didnt know that i should of went to court. And if i can appeal I will appear at the hearing.
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