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  1. THATS ABIT LATE SEND THEM ONE OF THESE MY STATMENTS ONLY TOOK 2 WEEKS http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/6986-data-protection-act-non.html
  2. I had that letter asking for another seven days then 2 days later money was in the account £1085 about £50 less than what i had claimed.that was yesterday, today covering letter about their charges being right blah blah goodwill payment and all that arrived explaining £50 short fall was my miscalculation in what i had claimed for interest. but i was happy with that.
  3. i think your partner would have to give as much info as she could i e address at time of account date of birth any thing else hope this helps
  4. hi steve the statements from before 12 months will be copies of their microfiche statements, i e lists of transaction photo copied i had to wait untill 42 days after i sent my sar to recieve mine
  5. hi like you i found the spread sheet a little hard to use( i am not really up on computers) so i used the calculater on money savingexpert.co.uk,It adds on the intrest as well if your claiming it i did. i just printed out the list from there and sent them off. i used template letters from here got my money from coop after prelim letter sent.As long as charges are within 6 years you can claim its your money get it back:)
  6. piglet1


    http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/6986-data-protection-act-non.html sorry try this:rolleyes:
  7. claim won:) :) after two letters they just credited my account today with £1085 thanks to all who have advised me on this claim now on to shabbey abbey some how i dont think they will be so easy:) :p ps can amod move this to success post please
  8. thanks for advice,it seems it didnt matter in the end they settled the claim today just checked my account and its all in there£1085,i suddenly feel good about going to work today now
  9. you beat me to it but good luck kirstys:)
  10. hi i used address below, got my list of charges after 2 weeks and first reply from prelim after 7 days asking for another 7 days to get back to me so have just sent lba as i am going to stick to my time scales THE COOPERATIVE BANK CUSTOMER CARE P O BOX 101 BALLOON STREET MANCHESTER M60 4EP hope this helps8)
  11. piglet1


    hi my microfiche statments came today 2 days after the forty days, idid send them a reminder letter last weekhttp://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/6986-data-protection-act-non.html http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/6986-data-protection-act-non.html
  12. just realised when i sent my Schedule of charges for coop with my prelim and lba letters i did not itemise each charge i just listed all charges in date order and value, what a plonka i feel like now, only found out when doing schedule for charges for abbey,do i have to start again with the coop. I had a letter from coop last week asking for another seven days to get back to me just sent lba on sat
  13. not known them send bits and bobs/probley hopeing you will treat it as full and final settlement,did they not enclose a letter with this.depends what u want from this,some might say as they have given you some go for the rest,depends what your happy with. good luck:-)
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