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  1. I completely agree and would be willing to help where possible, not sure how to go about it though
  2. I am in the process of claiming back my bank charges with HSBC - the money grabbing bank, roughtly £2100 and I also have a managed loan that I believe I was mis-sold, I have had this loan since sept 03 it started at £3100 and stands at £2200, have paid £2400 over the past 3 years so Im sure you can see my prediciment, (it would have been cleared if not for interest) please can you help? is there anything I can do??? Any advice you can offer me would be fantastic! Its fantastic to know that I might as well have flushed £1500 down the toilet, oh well whats £1500 to a struggling single mum??? A blooming big kick in the teeth!!!!
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