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  1. Very useful thread Here's what we did. 1. Cut up ALL credit and store cards 2. Cancelled ALL dd's 3. Registered for internet banking 4. Got in touch with a company called PAYPLAN based in Grantham - they charge no fee and deal with all creditors on your behalf. It was all done over the phone with a few forms to fill in by post. It's a whole new life (and it only took 4 weeks) ..no calls, no letters, no reminders, just the knowledge that our standing order to them every month pays all our creditors a proportion, leaving us with plenty enough money left to live on. All interest stops - and 3 of our creditors actually knocked 75% off what we owed to get it paid off all at once rather than over five years. Gone are the days of hiding bin liners full of bills/reminders/ other various threats in the garage! The difference internet banking has made to us is also remarkable. Instead of guessing if you can afford to go shopping, you check. If you can't, you go on the day you can. No more interest, all we earn is ours. ...Dont use any fee charging debt management plan - I've heard lots of bad stories about them. Payplan is (So i'm told) the only one that was set up by the government to help people in their time of need, and like i said, they charge NOTHING.
  2. Accept it! from people I've talked to the "easier" you are the faster they're paying up. I simply sent my own letter, worded very politely and was awarded every penny. Good luck:oops:
  3. From one polite letter dated March 2nd, an offer from RBS on March 23rd and one chasing email from me last week - THE MONEY IS IN OUR ACCOUNT TODAY!!!!!! I can't believe it I feared we would have to keep chasing for it. Just to let you all know, don't lose heart - I hadn't heard anything for 3 weeks and bingo there it is. All (a few thousand) of it! Hollyz
  4. my letter said it would be paid direct to my account. I'll just sit and sulk for another week, as long as I know its on its way I suppose I shouldn't pester for fear of holding up anyone who hasn't had an offer yet.
  5. I've had an email response saying they have a huge backlog waiting to be entered so they can't confirm if they have or haven't received our signed acceptance or when they will be repaid (but i posted copies by special delivery last night just incase) so it's just a matter of being patient I guess. I will of course keep you posted
  6. yes they did send us a leaflet explaining charges etc. I've emailed her asking her to confirm receipt of both acceptance letters and asking when it might be repaid.....
  7. .. where do i say i got the email addy from..... i dont wanna drop anyone in it?
  8. how did you get Sandy's email address? are you allowed to pass it on? ta
  9. thanks, I used their prepaid envelope but stuck first class stamps over their 2nd class one! dont wanna waste any time... the first one we signed was March 22nd, the second was 26th.... I CAN'T WAIT ANY LONGEr!!!
  10. Hi, I know its only a week since we signed our acceptance offer for the FULL amount offered on both accounts! ..but I'm so excited at the prospect of being a few thousand quid in CREDIT .... does anyone know how long it actually takes the bank to pay the money into your account? thanks Holly
  11. see my post on "a long road" forum ta Holz
  12. Hi I wrote a polite letter to my bank (RBS) on the 2nd of March. there are 2 accounts involved, one of which we've been charged £334 and the other £7400!! (had two very bad years). I received the usual letters 14 days later - "our charges are fair and transparent etc..... I was getting really worried until I turned to page two of these letters - "as a gesture of goodwill and without admission of wrong doing we are prepared to make you an offer of £...... in full and final settlement of your claim". I am over the moon to say the least. They have offered us EVERY PENNY back! I'm presuming this is becuase we've banked with them for over 20 years, I have to say I was so worried they may close our account but it's all been very polite, and extremely quick. I jsut hope they're as quick putting the moneys back into my account as I've spent it already! lol Holly
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