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  1. Brilliant, Thanks a lot. Is there any standard arguements that I can access like the Court Bundle's on this site, so that I can put my arguement in more eloquent legal terms??
  2. Thanks Dar£n for your reply, much appreciated.. Are there any examples that others have done that can help me here at all please? Many Thanks..
  3. Anyone please help on this 'skeleton arguement' part of the court date form??
  4. Can anyone please advise on this 'skeleton arguement' please. Thanks..
  5. Thanks a lot.. One more thing (sorry!).. The court document states that 'each party shall prepare a skeleton arguement and deliver it to court and the other party by 4pm 7 days before' Is this normal? Any ideas would be much appreciated.. Thanks again..
  6. Thanks guys, great help as ever! I'm being thick I'm sure but what is a SOC?? Thanks again.. all you guys are god-sends!
  7. Hi there! Thanks for all your help up to this stage.. now I've got a court date! It's going to the Small Claims Track and the letter from court states: Each party must deliver to every other copy and to the court office copies of all documents on which they intend to rely at the hearing. These must include: The Contract Bank Statements for the relevant period Witness Statements These were the exact words (think there is some typo in first line!) So are these documents the 'court bundle' that is spoken about on this site?.. and also, do I have to send documents to Bank aswell? From here then, is it usual that people are calling to settle with bank about one week before date? Is this still working out well? If so, is there a specific 'spiel' that is recommended to use when calling, and for my last question - who is the best contact at Barclays to speak to about settling? Sorry about all the questions - it's all so real now!! Thank you so much for getting me to this stage.
  8. Hi Guys.. Sent off my AQ today. Thanks for all your help in this, very much appreciated. What am I waiting for now? Is the ball in the banks' court or is it a case of sit and wait for the court date.... Can't wait till all this is over! Couldn't have done it without you guys though, so thanks again..
  9. I am filling out the AQ now: For section G - Is it only the XXXXX that I need to insert my own details and all else can go as it is - paragraph from post #3 and Draft order in post #2.. Are the paragraphs ok to send in the Draft order which go: "If the Claimant fails to comply with this order, the claim will be struck out without further order".. is this something we can state?? Thanks
  10. Thnaks Michael , great help. Should I send them to Adrian St John, the guy that has signed the defence? I will hopefully finish filling the AQ in tonight and this will all make more sense... In the meantime, thanks again for all your help.
  11. Hi There, Firstly sorry for not continuing threads last time. Allocation Questionnnaire is through. I am claiiming for just over 6 years because they have fined me since I first communicated with them via letter etc. They picked up on this in the defence, should I merely stick to the amount (albeit a little over 6 years?) Also, is it these papers that a copy goes to the Court AND to the bank? ..one last thing sorry: in the link to Allocation Questionnnaires on this thread, it links to a 'New guide to completing AQ's' - to be honest this has confused me a little as to what to follow when completing. Can anyone please advise. Thank you all for your help up until this point, I couldn't have done it without you!
  12. Ok cool, thanks a lot, suppose will just leave it as a good bargaining tool when settling (hopefully!).. Cheers...
  13. Also, one last thing... I have not claimed interest up until this point.. is there any way in which I can still claim this even though I didn't in the initial on-line claim? Cheers...
  14. Thank a lot for all your help, will keep you informed...
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