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  1. Hi lee this is the reference number #11686592 you requested.
  2. Ok long time member not posted in the last few years due to ill healt... On 6th july (my bday of all days) i ve received the paperwork from the northampton bulk centre... relating to a debt with vodafone. The amount that capquest chased me for was £380... but on the court papers the original amount claimed is 299.99(?). And the bulk centre in northampton confirmed the claim number. I can't remember exactly the dates... but i think this could be either SB or close by... Anyway is there anyone that can help file a defence?
  3. Ok guys i need some help... Problem: Car insurance Broker: Swinton Story so far: had car insurance ending 29/10/2011, and a week prior i went to my local swinton office to ask about a renewal quote. I also stated that found a lot cheaper quote(280 quid) and if they could beat it, i would renew, otherwise we were parting company! I did decide to pert company in May 2011 after a mighty cock up from them. So no renewal quote, my insurance contract ended, and I took my business elsewhere. and cancelled the DD. 12th November we received the cover note, the schedule of paymen
  4. Cerberus thanks for the reply. 1. barclaycard sold the debt in 2008 to lowell, by this date they should have been aware as i ve CCA'd 3 dca that tried to collect... if it makes any difference. I have all the statements from barclaycard as i ve received the SAR reply just before they sold the debt to lowells. Can i reclaim charges from lowells?
  5. Long story short... Barclaycard debt... claimed some charges... outstanding balance never cleared. February 2007 3 DCA appear on scene: Call Serve LTD who instructs Debt Managers to harrass me into payment, and Credit Security LTD who again harrass me into paying. CCA'd the lot... Debt Managers run away, and nothing at all received from the other 2, and they still tried to collect... reported to trading standards and investigated by them... result unknown. In March 2008 Barclaycard sells the debt to Lowell Portfolio I and they start the merry-go-round... I have in no uncertain terms
  6. In a nuthell tell him to get lost. This peoples are only trying it on to scare you into payment, been there myself, with studio. Remain calm and ask him/her politely to leave without any details. If they don't take the hint, you could also involve the police. (Memo for myself: need to type faster...ha ha)
  7. Thank you again spamheed You are a star and a little scale ticle for you as well.
  8. Thanks thought about that... so i will need some help drafting a letter for Capquest and HL legal. Any help please? forgot to mention that english is not my first language.
  9. Hi guys and girls advice needed. Long story short: September 2008 got contract phone with vodafone(18 months), february 2009 got made redundant. Couldn't afford to pay, tried as much as possible. Vodafone rescinded my contract early and added the 12+ months of line rental due. total debt $448.32 Debt passes to Capquest that write to me in no uncertain terms... you must pay it back and all the rest... debt is now 515.46. I send a letter back saying that i am unemployed and on JSA and offering a token payment of £5 per month. No reply to that letter. Today HL Legal writes
  10. My 2 pence worths When cohen sent the letter purporting a CCJ been granted... you should pay ££££££ starting xx date... Is just me or there could be a case of Trying To Obtain Money By Deception? Of course i may be wrong, and if so, please accept my apology. Its just a thought
  11. Thanks pinky so just to recap.... is PS right to assume that the default notice is invalid, and should A or B terminate the contract under that default notice... Both A and B have breached the contract? Thanks again for your help.
  12. Hi all, i am in need of clarifications, regarding running account credit agreement. Parties me, (PS), finace company (A) and services company (B). so the story: PS contact B for provision of services... B says yes, no problem, but it will cost ££££££. PS accept the offer. The payments are taken by A, and when PS misses 1 payment, A sends a default notice under s.87(1) CCA 1974. So PS write to A (19/06 recorded delivery) with proposal of remedy to default and dispute default notice. Today PS receives a letter from B (in A's envelope )saying B have arranged a Running Account (cred
  13. Cool Buzby BT wins were they justified by poor info/preparation by the claimant? If so I' ll let it rest for the minute... more pressing matters... with a few "cheeky" DCA.(Thats another story).
  14. Have you thought about reclaiming the charges? That alone should bring it down a fair bit. also i would ask connaught to actually prove they are entitled to collect this debt. This is for starters, hopefully some more knowlegeable peoples will add to this and help you out.
  15. hi guys and girls i am after some advice. I Have BT as line rental and phone package, and after reading about late payment fees and non direct debit fees, i was thinking to make a claim for it. I have not SAR'rd BT as i already have info, and after reading the Martin 3030 vs Virgin media i am about to start. No letter have been sent yet. Is there any reason against it? please be gentle with me. Thank you for your help.
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