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  1. just hope they dont wait till the very last minute to pay me iam very skint anyhow lets all enjoy the winnings and saving plan curtisy of barclays soz about spelling xxx to all cheers ronvin and sands x x you made a mammy very happy
  2. good luck sands ive just got a letter today from my lba reply and barclasys offered me 1095.00 so ive decided to accept it anyhow good luck mate with your second claim x
  3. got a letter this morning off barclays saying that they dont agree with what i said in my lba letter but they have offered me 1095.00 and i have decided to accept it a it only 295 short of what they owe me will make a donation when money goes in bank account thanks again to everyone as ive been a right pain at time asking stupid questions
  4. well quick update no reply to lba so going to court next monday,a week later than planed a we are moving house on friday anyhow i will have to apply at court as i think i get court costs paid as i get working familys tax credit, so it truro court in cornwall next monday guys wish me luck xx
  5. thanks for a quick reply will keep yous posted on progress
  6. hi sands just a quick question if you here anything regarding your lba could you please let me know on my post if you could. As iam at the same stage and this is my first time taking bank to court, dont worry if you cant though just a thought x:?
  7. helston cornwall we move there 21st april did not know whether to start court here or wait and start court there lba dead line 15th april thanks for reply mate
  8. thanks ronvin but do i start court in gosport or wait untill i move then do it in cornwall thanks for reply your a star
  9. well done on your first win sands, anyway i will be watching your case as you are at the same stage as me lba off tomorrow, got the standard response to prelim will take 4 weeks to deal with my case blaa blaa blaa so please read our leaflet. somehow i dont think ill be reading it just sending lba please watch for my posts also if you can
  10. []any advise would be helpfull:confused:
  11. can anyone advise please
  12. ronvin can you please advice due to send lba tomorrow got a standard reply from prelim letter dealing with your case bla bla bla will take for weeks lba off tomorrow deadline for this is 13th april but the problem is we move house on the 23rd april. should i advice of chandge of address on lba then wait till we move to cornwall on the 23rd before i start court action. please advice and reply asap your advice is really appriciated
  13. its okay ive sent my prelim off and i didnt add the overdraft interest as i didnt have a clue how to work it out anyway balls slowly rolling now so will keep everyone posted heres hoping it goes to plan
  14. hi to everyone just a quick update sent my first letter on the 9th of feb and got statements today in total charges are 1460.oo wrote my second letter today asking for charges returned will post it thursday :-| also calculated charges with interest for court can anyone tell me if my figures are right 1460.00 charges plus 8% interest at £156.33 total amount £1616.33 please tell me if this was right ammount thanks
  15. good luck pal hope you get what you wish for :)
  16. hi everyone just a quick update sent off dpa letter 9th feb with £10.oo postal order, got postal order back with a letter today from a mr Peter Townsend stating they are dealing with my request and as a guesture of good will they are prepared to send out my statements free of charge, which is quite good of them concidering lol. It also says please be aware that statements after 2000 are stored manually and make take longer than 40 days. Can someone please advice me do we have to wait 40 regular days incuding sat and sunday or is it just working days for all the letter deadlines ? please post and let me know thanks. As i want to do it all by the book .
  17. well done sand enjoy your money x:smile: :smile:
  18. need advice in plain english what do i put into a court bundle for a current account claim
  19. iam really ****ting myself now ive just started this process but iam going to go all the way ive been reading loads about the court bundles and wanted to have myn well prepared the only thing is i have no printer and i cant acccess the basic book worm court bundle ah any advice
  20. yes rovin sent off for them on friday with postal order for 10 pound
  21. Thanks Ronvin One Other Thing Should I Copy Template Letters Exact, As In The Second Letter Requesting That The Bank Refund The Money It Goes On To Say They Have Made Bad Judgement Against My Name Should I Put All This In As I Dont Know That To Be True
  22. hi everyone today can anyone tell me should i do copys of all my letters i send and if so how many, and should they all be sent recorded delivery .And one other thing is it ok to hand write letters as my printer is playing up of late many thanks
  23. hi ive just sent for my statements to barclays data protecton,radroke hall,knutsford cheshire please can any one tell me the address of the bank or person i send my return of charges and other letters to please help
  24. hi iam new to this so could you please tell me how to write posts on mr moo without having to open a new thread each time thanks
  25. hi to everyone today can anyone tell me have barclays closed down anyones bank accounts after you started taking action to recover your costs. Also ive been looking at my statements and it seems i was overdrawn by about 10-15 pounds each month and they put 30 pound charges then they repeat this charge for having been overdrawn more with the first 30 pound this seems to happen alot is it worth me taking them to court. please help
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