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  1. Forgot to ask - How do I stop the court action.
  2. 08/03/2007 - Just had a shock when checking my account - Paid in full £10,122.67 plus costs and canceled any pending charges. Got home and found the letter as above. Will make a donation when I have sorted everything out. :) :) :) Good luck everyone, hang in there I am sure you will get what is owed to you.
  3. 18 days now gone, no word from them
  4. 13 days gone, not heard anything yet Regards
  5. 20/02/2007 - Received Acknowledgement of Service dated 15/02/2007 - Mr Bacon is defending my claim. Regards
  6. 16/02/2007 - Letter received from Mr Johnson from Member Servicing advising they have completed their investigations into my ""complaint"" and find that they are comfortable that they have been open and transparent with their fees. And hope this clarifies the reason for not being able to refund my charges, they also don't want to loose me as a member. What utter BS, they will be uncomfortable now the court process is gaining momentum, And it is I that will hopefully be comfortable very soon. I will have to remind them when they close my account that they dont want to loose me as a member. Regards
  7. 15/02/2007 - Nationwide acknowledge claim on MCOL website, 28 days to respond to claim. Regards
  8. 14/02/2007 - Letter recieved from Court confirming the claim was issued and the Nationwide has untill the 03/03/2007. Regards
  9. I received the Member Services dept letter today, have stuck to my deadlines and started the court proceedings yesterday. Regards
  10. 10/02/2007 - Received letter from Ms Cornell, Member Services stating they are investigating my complaint quoting that the FSA gives them 8 weeks to reply. Looks like they have turned my request into a complaint so they try to stall me for a further 8 weeks and longer if they write to me stating why they cannot send a full response. To late for them now that court process has started. Claiming contractual interest. Regards
  11. This is my first go at this, so this is where I am up to. 22/12/2006 - Letter sent requesting 6 years statments. 02/01/2007 - Leter recieved confirming request from Mr Greenacre. 09/01/2007 - Letter/Statements arived (in rubber band not folder) from Ms Thomas. 11/01/2007 - Letter sent requesting refund of £7921.71 plus intrest (gave 14 days). 22/01/2007 - Standard fob off letter re transparent, open etc from Mr Huntley. 25/01/2007 - Letter sent requesting repayment again (gave 14 days). 05/02/2007 - Standard fob of letter re referal to Member Services from Mr Huntley, (actualy recieved two copies through post). 09/02/2007 - Completed Money Claim Online, made payment, got fingers crossed. Regards
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