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  1. I'm sorry for the double post and i'm sorry for the spam reply but 'We are the champions, my friend and we'll keep on fighting 'till the end', sorry I got my cheque today and it was for the full amount, Glee.
  2. Well they have filed a defence, hopefully this will be over soon.
  3. Bah, I hate waiting but at least it means more money for me.
  4. To be honest I do actually have the jitters a bit.
  5. I have finally paid, now the wait starts.
  6. Guess what I got today, thats right the second letter! Again I like these reference numbers they use AAA0000/UNFAIR4 hmm I wonder what 1 and 3 say. Well nevermind that its of to MCOL now, yay the most stressful part.
  7. Well A&L signed for the first letter I sent but I will be going to the post office on monday to find out if it has been lost.
  8. I sent it recorded delivery and according to The Royal Mail's website the letter hasn't been recieved and I sent it first class on monday.
  9. I have 'yet' another question, since it doesn't look like they got my letter (looks like the post office messed up) should I send them my LBA again or should I just wait out the remainder of the two weeks and go straight to MCOL?
  10. You can send the LBA off now and it is always best to start your own thread. Thanks Advoc8 I will have to get ahold of excel and download those spreadsheets.
  11. Heh, I was wondering about the interest, I know I can only add it at the MCOL stage but when can I charge it from? Is it from I when I sent my first letter or from when I first make the MCOL?
  12. Thanks for your reply, I was getting lonely. Well I sent my LBA out on monday by recorded post and I checked that it hasn't been recieved today, i'll check again tomorrow but i'm expecting the usual bugger off letter.
  13. Today I recieved the standard blah blah blah these charges relate to credit cards not current accounts UNFAIR2 letter as exepected I shall be sending out the LBA tomorrow by recorded delivery.
  14. Congratulations 2hapennys, I hope everyone elses goes aswell as yours.
  15. Just checked and they recieved my prelim today, now all I have to do is wait.
  16. Cool, thank you I will be sending a letter off to them tomorrow, thank you for your help, I will say how it goes but from reading everyone elses post doesn't look like it will go that well.
  17. I am considering filing claims against A+L but I would like to know that since I have a current account will I be able to claim, I have read all the FAQs and other site but they only seem to mention credit cards. I know claiming back £259 doesn't seem like much but with someone in my situation I need all th money I can get and if I can claim it all back I will post everything here. Thanks in advance to anyone who posts and helps.
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