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  1. Hi everybody, I received an overpayment from the council for wages of £110.56. Forgot to pay it and received a letter from Jacobs saying it had been passed to them to recover. As soon as I got that letter I contacted the council and explained it had slipped my mind and paid with them in full on the 29th July. Fast forward to this morning and I've had a debt collector at the door with a demand for full payment. Explained I had paid the council direct in full and showed him on my phone the payment - he said he didn't believe me as it could have been for something else and the debt is still outstanding and he will be back later today. I've looked at the letter from Jacobs and the amount outstanding with them is £129.91?? The amount outstanding was £110.56. Can anyone advise with what to do next when he comes back and do I have to pay the admin fees to Jacobs even though there is no debt to be paid? Thank you
  2. Hi all, I took out some insurance with total care and support for my computer, gave my bank details and started taking payments. When the contract expired 6 months later they re-instated the payment and support without my say so. I have received another letter today to say thank you for your order (which I haven't made), and they will be taking payments as of 3rd July. Ive spoken to them on the phone today and they have stated that I placed an order on the 14th December again (which I didn't) and that because my direct debit had been cancelled they will be taking further action against me. They did say that they had spoken to someone on the phone on the 23/06/2008 who agreed to this contract and gave my bank details which is impossible. I have tried to explain that my mum was waiting in that day for a delivery and she may have answered the telephone, she doesn't remember doing so and she certainly doesn't have my bank details! They are now being very agressive and saying that as I have a verbal agreement they have every right to take the money out, and that they will be chasing me up for £55.00 in back direct debit payments. I was wondering if you guys had any knowledge on verbal agreements and if I have a leg to stand on, I don't need the product any more and I thought that was the end of it after six months!! Thanks very much Vici
  3. Oooh how exciting! I shall look forward to them leaving me a message telling me they are taking me to court!! I think its about my monument card. Thanks everyone!!
  4. Does anyone know how I can find out which delightful debt company is harrassing me this time?? I've had 7 missed calls while i've been at work, and they have rang 3 times, the last time being 9pm tonight!!!!
  5. I have kept the letter, thank god. Ive also kept the £1 cheque they sent too. Can you help with a letter I can write? Im hoping that this pillock doesnt call again tomorrow!
  6. Hi all!! I wrote to you all a while ago to help with my Next Directory debt and dealing with both Howard Cohen and Lewis Group. I sent a CCA letter to The Lewis Group and they replied back that, although they had taken on the debt, it was up to me to get a CCA request to Next and thus refunded my £1 (awww). It then said that I had 21 days to get the CCA from Next (I am awaiting Next's reply, it hasnt been 12 days yet). Fast forward to Thursday. Off work for a change, afternoon snooze, bang bang bang on the door. Didnt bother going as he banged and then rattled the letterbox and then banged again and it peed me off! So he peered in my window and I nearly gave him the finger the cheeky beggar, he left a RED CARD (oooohhh!!) Which says: FINAL NOTICE To Miss V Scott Date 1/11/07 Re: NEXT DIRECTORY ACC no:######### Despite numerous visits by our agent, we have not been able to establish contact with you. Therefore, failure to contact your local agent within 5 days from the date of this card will result in your account being returned to our head office and further action will be taken to recover the outstanding balance. 8pm he called again. So I answered the door. He explained that he was from the Lewis group and was here to set up a "standing order". Me: Have you got an appointment?? him: No, but I have come all the way from Yorkshire!! Me: Well as I have explained to your offices, I am awaiting a CCA request from Next therefore I am not paying any more money until I get this. Your company have explained all this in their letter to me so i'm not sure why you have come? him: Well, if you would just let me come in and explain I can set up a standing order with you for a basic tenner a month(?!!!) Me: No thank you, I am not prepared to let you in when I dont know why you are here Him: Oh, well, I better go back to the office then. Me: Goodbye!! Ha ha!! Well, they have never attempted to contact me, and I wanted your guys advice on if they have broken any law sending someone round if theaccount is in dispute and a suitable letter I can write to sort this out. Although I acted ok, I felt really shaken when he had gone and I am a single mum, he could have been anyone!! Thanks guys x
  7. oh yes, they are now ringing 3/4 times a day (thats when i'm NOT at work, not sure how much when I am!!) Its mainly The Lewis Group, when i press 1471 it says "you have been contacted by a marketing company" (????) Is there anything else I can do bar sending the harrassment letter??
  8. Good luck Hayley! Let us know what happens, and if you get a lovely letter from Howard Cohen. vici xxxx
  9. ooh its Mercers, and the lewis group. Ive managed to get rid of DLC:eek: (god knows how!!) I'm having a look now, and thanks for the advice. Ive sent a CCA, to Lewis, and their 12+30 days is now up!!
  10. Hi, Could anyone point me in the right direction for the guidelines on telephoning debtors? they are ringing me, from 8am weekdays and weekends, and on Sunday night I got a phonecall at 7.30pm. I'm sure this is not allowed and I am now having to screen my calls. Plus they keep waking the kids up!! Any help would be greatly appreciated, and another small point if anyone could help, when I do answer, they always ask for me by name, then, could you confirm your address and telephone number? Well, they could be anybody!!! Anyone have any ideas of something pleasant to say to them?? :grin: Thanks Angel xxxx
  11. Hi Hayley Just seen your post now, I am in the exact same position as you, in fact Lewis have already said that they cannot produce a CCA, as one doesnt exist, and I have also had a final demand from Howard Cohen solicitors ( Ithink this is your next letter coming out to you:D ) I was wondering, If as now my 12+30 days are now up and passed, I could send this letter to Lewis and tell them now to pig off!! Help please!! Vici xxx
  12. Hi all, Many thanks for the invaluable advice, I have received a letter from Howard Cohen solicitors, advising me that they are preparing court action. Although 12 days have passed, it is not the 30 days that are up yet, that will be in August, does anyone have any advice/help in writing a letter to them regarding the solicitors letter? Also, they are phoning up to 5 times a day, I havent answered the phone and I have switched the answerphone off, so they cant leave a message, but it is really starting to bug me:mad: I feel like answering the phone and telling them to bog off!! Is there a letter I can fire off which can stop them ringing?? Thanks guys Angel x
  13. have you got a template letter I could "pinch" from you I'm not very good with composing letters! Angel x
  14. Hi all How do i compose a letter to Reliable Collections to ask them to remove all the "administration fees" they are charging me? I am down to the last £30 of the debt, and have received a statement on Friday, they are charging me £12.00 per week in these admin fees!! I need to get them removed, and will happily pay the last few pounds, but I begrudge paying all these fees. Thanks Angel x
  15. Thanks Curlyben You have made me a little happier. Just set the clock ticking!!!
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