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  1. Hi Thai, Could be and (maybe) should be. Should be, first there first served though:cool: I believe Bo loves footy, so I think she should decide. By the way, I believe it's just a rumour?
  2. We missed it last night so we had a little £5 wager on who would go out. We watched the repeat today. She said that Ruth will in no way go out so I bet her £5 and gave her 10-1 odds as well. Silly mare didn't know (and still doesn't) that I got the result off the internet.
  3. How do they know you have a Halifax account in the first place?
  4. I think the footy thread has been hijacked here earlier Thai?? http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bear-garden/161738-everton-liverpool-competition.html
  5. Yesterday, when Liverpool were 2-0 down, a friend of mine put a bet on for Liverpool to win 3-2. The Bookmakers only gave him 10-1. What a rip-off. You could have got 12-1 for the same result before the kick-off:mad: That is why you never see a Bookie riding a bike.
  6. I think Philip is gutted really. Normally he would have put the quilt over HM's head.
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