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  1. Hi I need help please. I was due to take court action last week but due to the lack of funds i couldnt manage to make the claim .i was waiting until payday this friday but ,yesterday i recieved a letter from jeremy sutcliffe & co soliciters This is the letter Dear RE: Claim against Yorkshire/Clysdale bank We refer to your letter dated 2nd may addressed to our clients in connection with your claim for a refund of charges incurred by you as a result of presenting items for payment when there were insufficient funds available in your account to meet them . as our clients have already pointed out to you, the charges could have been avaoided if you had contacted the bank in advance to discuss an overdraft facility.In the absence of such an arrangement the bank incurred costs which it is entitled to recover from you as a direct consequence of you acting as you did. the fact that these charges would arise is well publicised and are charged in accordance with the terms of the contract that you have entered into .The level of the charges published from time to time and sent to you each yearand they represent the overall cost incolved in dealing with the situation which ,in law ,amounts to the provision of a service. In those circumstances, the bank is not obliged to make a refund to you .However ,we are instructed that ,having regard to all the circumstances and in the interest of good customer relations ,the banks is prepared to make an ex gratia payment to you(although it does not admit liability) in the sum of £200 in full and final settlement of your claim . We enclose a form of acceptance which you should return to us within 10 working days after which this offer will lapse. yours faithfully Jeremy sutcliffe & co . What i need to know is 1. What to do with this letter now 2. In their letter it said i should have asked for an overdraft and it was my fault the bank incurred charges .I did ask on many occasions for an ovedraft on my account but they turned me down ,so they are wrong in what they say . 3. Do i send a reply back to these soliciters stating they are wrong about the overdraft ,give them a further 5 days to pay in full or court action will be taken against the bank . 4.Just take court action straight away . ( i thought another 5 days shows willing on my side ) Look forward to your replies the duke
  2. Hi i have sent my lba to the bank see what happens next. Has anyone else had an email from this site saying someone has tried to access under your username but entered the password wrong 5 times ??????? i have just had one .....think i may have to alter my password incase its someone who knows me ........can i change my passowrd ?????????any help please. the duke
  3. Hi just to keep everyone updated my lba letter is ready to rock n roll in the morning so here goes ....see wat happens next . cheers the duke
  4. Hi Right its time to send in the lba ,but i need a bit of help please . Do i include the interest on my lba or not. ??? Do i just put the amount i am claiming and send another statement of charges along with it . The 14 days is up Monday 30th April so i really need to send this of asap . Any help please . Also if i am not claiming interest the letter will need modifying could someone tell me which bits to miss out pleas. cheers the duke
  5. Hi thanks for the reply i will be in touch in a few days to get the lba ready. cheers the duke
  6. Hi thanks for the reply sarah yes it was the charges i sent off not my statements ...but what do i do know i have had this letter back of them . The 14 days would have been up next monday (a week from now)........please help as i am unsure how to go forward from here. cheers the duke
  7. Hi just to keep you informed with what is happening with my case I sent my statements off last weekend ,anyway i had a letter from them this morning and i dont know if i have screwed up somewhere . The reply i recieved started with RE:charges complaint it then goes on to list 8 different terms and conditions and an A,B C, It then goes on to say taking all the information into account it will not be paying any charges back to me ,and that i have 8 weeks to complain to the F.O.S ,if i dont reply in 8 weeks they will consider the account closed . Has anyone else had a letter like this one ??????? What do i need to do now ...HELP .... Also ,it says i can write to them at the head office with my reference number .( i have sent all my other paperwork to my local brach ..... Please can someone advice me if i have screwed up or is this a standard reply . cheers the duke
  8. Hi Can someone help please. I have added up all the costs for my schedule of charges but im stuck on the interest thing in the last column .I have just tried to type up my letter and in the letter it says x amount of pounds plus x amount in overdraft interest ........is this the same as the interest in the charges table or do i just miss all the interest out .......any reply asap please as i want to post this in the morning . cheers the duke
  9. Hi I have just started a claim against the yorkshire bank ,but i have just been told that a claim can go back more than 6 years ,is this correct?. The reason i need to know is i was in a lot of trouble with the tsb before i joined the yorkshire .I had massive ammounts of charges each month and it came to more than my wage going in .One day they called me in took all the money in one go and told me i couldnt bank with them anymore leaving me with no bank account or money at the time . Im not sure if i have any statements left for the tsb to look at but i would love to claim back all the charges they took off me .They used to up my overdraft knowing it was more than my wage and then i didnt have money to make any dds so i got charged from day one of the wage going in .I really hope i can claim ... Look forward to your replies . cheers the duke
  10. Hi need help again please. my statements have arrived ,a little over the 40 days but there here .Anyway i have added up the charges but i need help on which letter to send next .Could anyone show me which one i need ,and also do i reply to the head office in leeds or my local branch as this is where i sent my first letter. Cheers in advance for any info . The Duke
  11. Hi thanks for your replies sure is a small world ......... anyway here goes i need help please.My 40 days were up today or tomorrow ,but the yorkshire have sent me a letter today as follows Re data protection act 1998 - i refer to our previous correspondence acknowledging receipt of your request for details of charges and/or statements relating to your bank account. Withinn the terms of the dta we have 40 days in which to provide you with the information we hold.The end of this timeperiod has almost been reached ,however due to high volumes of requests we have recieved in relation to this high profile issue ,i regret that we are not yet able to provide you with the information requested . Whilst you are within your rights to refer the matter to the information commmissioner at the end of the 40 day period ,i confirm that we shall provide you with the information as soon as we possibly can . i thank you for your continued patience and understanding of this matter. yours sincerely T.G Rayner Advice quality unit -charges section. --------------------------------------------- Now i need please are a few answers .... What do i do next ??? do i need to send another letter????(if so can anyone tell me where it is ) the letter i have above came from the head office in leeds ,i sent my original letter to my local branch in featherstone where would i send another letter to????featherstone or leeds. Please help as im stuck ,i really expected my statements not the above letter. many thanks the duke
  12. Cheers bigmac it makes it feel better knowing there is help on here:) regards The Duke
  13. Hi Just another quick question If i have added the 40 day wait up properly it makes it this Friday the 23rd March. I havent had anything apart from the letter to say they has recieved mine ,if i havent had any statements by Saturday do i progress with the next letter (not sure which letter to send next ) . Hope someone can help me im getting a bit nervous now .. Cheers for any replies The Duke
  14. Hi received a letter this morning to say they have got 40 days to return my statements under the data protection act . Firstly ,i know the 40 days began when they first opened the letter but how does the 40 days get added up ..is it monday to friday or 7 days a week . Secondly the letter says if i require further assistance write to them at the advice quality unit charges section in leeds ....is this right or do i send any paperwork to my local branch where i sent the original letter . Thirdly ,i ihave seen posts about scottish law and it may end up being dealt with there ,or have i read it wrong . look forward to any advice please the Duke
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