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  1. Hi,....my wife took out a car loan in 2008 for which she was sold an insurance PPI. She now wonders whether she is entitled to reclaim the amount paid but needs to know the correct procedure to follow. She doesn't want to use a claims firm and would prefer to do it herself. Never having done anything like this before she is understandably nervous so would very much appreciate some help. Many thanks
  2. Could someone please give me some advice on the following item regarding benefit entitlement; A friend of mine has had to give up her job after a prolonged period of ill health, the employer has given her 3x months pay in lieu of notice. She had been off on paid sick leave for the last three months or so and her doctor had informed her employer that it would be unlikely that she would be able to return to work in the foreseeable future. The question is ; at what point should she make any claim for benefits..... how is this severance pay treated in any benefit c
  3. My mother has been in a nursing home for about two years. She has dementia and this varies with some short conversations being fairly lucid whilst mostly she quickly becomes very confused. Her husband, my step father is 85yrs old and visits most days. Last week without the prior knowledge of anyone else my sister and brother took a solicitor to the home and got my mother to appoint them both as power of attorneys. My step father only found out about this the next day..he is very upset. My concern now is whether this can be be challenged and what the likely costs, if any, will be...?
  4. Dear Seeker27 Has your £100 monthly arrangement been with the council or the debt collecting agency?? This makes a lot of difference to the so called fees that can be charged..
  5. Our situation is similar to many others who have posted already but in our case we have made a few mistakes which others may like to heed . (1) we were making payments to council with regard to council tax arrears but the payments we made were for the current year and not being set against the previous years arrears...the first we knew of this was the letter from the bailiff informing of his impending visit. (2) After receiving advice from National Debtline we knew not to let him in nor sign any documents...however we live in a rural area ,on a farm actually, and the vehicles we
  6. acer

    acer v hsbc

    Sorry to all but due to work and other commitments I have not been able to keep my thread up to date...so where was I? Last time I was bleating on about being fobbed off by HSBC, after my prelim letter, and was contemplating sending my LBA letter. Well the printer went on the blink and the sending of the letter became delayed...out of the blue last Saturday I received my third letter from Colin Langdale, this time with an offer to settle the matter with a sum that represents 85% of my original claim. Given my own peculiar circumstances I have decided to settle but only on the condition t
  7. acer

    acer v hsbc

    Thanks for the advice Rooster...I'll get the next letter off asap...am I right in thinking that the 8% interest is not added at this stage?
  8. acer

    acer v hsbc

    Hello everyone...finally got to start my own thread. After several weeks studying this site I eventually sent off my preliminary letter to hsbc and have since received two replies from Colin Langdale to the effect that they are looking into my complaint and will respond fully when their investigations are complete. This is obviously a well rehearsed delaying tactic and I have rather foolishly given them more time. Therefore I have a couple of queries that need answering: firstly, do i send my 14day letter to the same address as my prelim or directly to Colin Langdale. Secondly, if
  9. Good evening Gemspan From my own experiences the managed loan is one that is generally imposed by the bank as a means to 'help' people sort out problems such as overdrawn accounts etc. It normally has a higher interest rate than an ordinary bank loan and has other strings attached such as no overdraft facility or access to other forms of credit. You may find, as I did, that even after the loan has been paid in full, with a perfect payment record that further credit is refused. Over the past ten years or so I have had three managed loans imposed upon me and am at present resisting o
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