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  1. Hi All, Im new to this site and I need your help. Here Goes..... Some money was owed on a debenhams card (around £450) The card is/was in my name. I moved out of my flat in the latter end of June (around the 25th) this year, and moved in with my new partner. This last week I have been refused a loan - my finances are good or so I thought..(all loans paid etc showing as '0,0,0,0'etc,etc) I checked this info by looking on my Experian free credit report (online) - it looked fine to me, maybe its because I have only lived at this new address for less than 4 months is why Im being refused a loan....... I then look at my free Equifax report and find placed there by Northampton court a CCJ (court date 08/Sept/2010) and the default sometime in July of this year....I knew that the card needed sorting but the default and CCJ have been added without my knowledge, obviously all the correspondance had gone to my flat - had I known about a court date I would have sorted it out... Surely this can be removed or something?? Any help will be much appreciated as this CCJ has absolutely wrecked my decent credit file. Cheers, Malc.
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