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  1. I decided to get Sky freesat for my touring caravan. I have all the necessary equipment, dish, sky+ box etc so I ordered a Freesat card from Sky cost £25. I had problems setting up the card so I called sky help, after a long heated conversation it turns out that, with the new "SKY CARD", you cannot receive any SKY channels. I was not happy. Surely this cannot be right. It seems they are charging for a service that they do not supply. Any thoughts.
  2. Yes, I know how we should have done it, but this leaves us with this situation. (If we had hindsight)
  3. I paid CASH for the boiler and the Landlord is paying ME back with a monthly payment albeit by ME not paying the full rent. You do misunderstand the situation.
  4. Thanks for the argument. I am still trying to find someone to give me exact advice, which is proving difficult.
  5. Thank you all for your posts on this, I guess that I will need to have a discussion with the LL to see what to do, thanks again.
  6. What you are saying then is, if I paid 6 months rent in advance and the landlord then agreed to reduce the rent for say the next year for me to "use up" the advanced payment, that is ok?
  7. Why do you think I have been paying less rent, the cash plus the monthly portion of the boiler still adds up to the full monthly rent for which I am entitled to HB. If I had paid cash up front instead of purchasing the boiler would the same argument hold?
  8. The LA did an assessment which included bank statements and all other income and outgoings. The bank statement shows the monthly rent payments (at the reduced rate). The LA wanted to know why the rent was reduced so I provided copies of the agreement with the LL. Not all tenants treat the LL as an enemy, we have been on excellent terms since we started and we agreed that a new boiler was necessary. We agreed that I would pay for the boiler and he would reduce the rent to pay me back, this suited both of us.
  9. Thankyou, this is the point that I have tried to get over, in theory I have paid 2 years rent up front even though no money has changed hands. I have already been in touch with shelter but they were unsure as to the best thing to do even after about 50 mins on the phone. The rent agreement states that I should pay £x per month and the reduced rent was only a personal agreement between myself and the LL.
  10. We were getting housing benefit on the normal rent. I paid for the boiler and the landlord agreed to reduce the rent so that I could recoup the cost. In theory I paid the boiler value in rent up front so I don't see why the council think that my rent has been reduced.
  11. Hi all, its been awhile since I last needed your help but here goes.. ..I am a private tenant and back in February the boiler in my property became very poorly. I contacted the landlord to arrange a replacement. We came to an agreement for me to pay for the new boiler and installation and for the rent to be reduced over a two year period for me to recover the cost. All was going well until recently. We receive Housing Benefit and recently the local council decided to do a financial assessment and needed to know why the rent had been reduced. I sent them all the paperwork including the agreement with my landlord and explained why the rent was reduced and for how long. The council took this as the rent that I now pay and reduced the housing benefit accordingly. They also now want me to pay back the overpayment back to February, even if the landlord now puts the rent back to the original payment the council want proof that the boiler has been paid for, this leaves me out of pocket. Has anyone any idea where I go from here. Trevor
  12. Thanks for the posts. Unfortunately it was too late for power of attorney before aunty went into care but have been handling her finances for a few years. There is no one living in the house at present. Is there any time scale in applying for probate? Trevor33
  13. Hi everyone, its been a long time since I posted on CAG. My uncle recently passed away and I have been appointed executor of his will. He lived in the house that he and his wife owned but she is in a care home. In his will he has left all his assets to his wife. I do not expect his wife to return to the house so will I have to get probate. Most of his care was paid for by the local council and now they require details of his death and if probate has been granted. His wife has all her care paid for by the local council so will I now have to sell the house to pay for it? Trevor33
  14. Thanks for your posts. I have looked at the possibility of applying to the Court of Protection for my uncle, wow.......has anyone done this. I know it is for the well being of my uncle but it seems so complicated. There are forms by the dozen (slight exaggeration). Fees to pay. Practice Directions to complete. Doctors to talk to. Permission to apply for from the Court. People to notify if all goes well. Written evidence to obtain......so it goes on. I think the only way to do this is to get legal advice, but that costs money......the reason why I needed to do this in the first place.
  15. Hi all. Its been a while since I posted on CAG but I am concerned about the LA and the DFG. My uncle is in his mid 80's and suffers from dementia and severe arthritis in his knees so walking is a major problem for him. I had to take over his finances because a young nephew "stole" all his money and left him struggling. Social Services got involved and got him to go to a day centre which he had to pay for. His condition has deteriorated and now has care in his home. At first he was paying for all this care and it took me some time to persuade Social Services that he could not afford this. My uncle then had a financial assessment (he owns his home but has an equity loan on it) and it was decided that he could get financial help with his care. The problem being that him firstly paying for his care had drained his bank account. (Sorry for going on a bit) His deteriorated condition has led Social Services to insist that he needs a ramp to his front door, so a DFG was applied for. (All going well). Another financial assessment was done and it turns out that he has to pay over £2000 towards the cost. He does not have that kind of money. It has taken me more than 2 years to get some sort of order to his finances but all that Social Services say is that we (SS) with go to court and get an order to take over his finances. I have explained to them all of the above plus other points but they are not interested. I do not have Power of Attorney, when I realised that PoA was needed it was too late because of his dementia. Can SS do that (take over his finances) without any input from relatives.
  16. No I am not at home at present so I do not know how it is made up.
  17. It seems a bit strange that I have to pay tax on an income that is paid from tax contributions. I have been working since 'time began' (it seems) so I have paid all my contributions so now I should be getting what I am owed from the state. Even if my pension is made up of various parts and is over the £10,600 minimum I still do not see why I have to pay income tax on the extra. The Pension People have decided what I should get so if I have to pay tax, why is it not deducted before it is paid to me?
  18. I am sure it is made of Graduated pension and Basic pension. Not sure of the details but I end up with about £240 per week.
  19. I think that most male pensioners receive more than the £10,600
  20. Hi all. I am a bit confused. I received a self assessment form recently. The first one for many years. My only income is State Pension. I went on-line to find some info. I went through the form filling process and at the end it said that I should not be required to send in a self assessment form and to phone for conformation. I phoned and was told that I had to pay tax on my STATE PENSION on anything over the tax free allowance of £10,600, needless to say I was gobsmacked. If this is the case, I think that a lot of people who receive State Pension are unaware that they need to pay tax on it.
  21. Hi Andy, thanks for the reply. The mediation was today. AW just dug their heels in and want the whole amount. There is no way my daughter can pay this off. Would it be better to go to court and face a judge? Trevor
  22. Sorry it has been a while. As far as I am aware there has not been any details sent to her of the how the claim has been calculated by AW. She had to go to telephone mediation via the court which I think was a farce. They would not listen to her side and insist that she pay £340 per month to pay off the debt. She is on benefit and has 3 children under 7, one of 17 and a disabled husband. I do not know how to advise her further. Can anyone help.
  23. Happy New Year to one and all and thanks for the posts POC as follows THE CLAIMANTS CLAIM IS FOR WATER AND/OR SEWAGE CHARGES UNDERTAKER PURSUANT TO THE WATER INDUSTRY ACT 1991 IN RESPECT OF THE PREMISES BELOW FOR THE PERIOD --/--/2011 TO --/--/2015. THE CLAIMANT CLAIMS THE SUM SET OUT ALONGSIDE BEING THE AMOUNT DUE AND OUTSTANDING FROM THE DEFENDANT. IN RESPECT OF.. (Defendants Address...withheld) Defence We dispute the full amount of £----.-- claimed by AW because we have evidence that the dates specified by the claimant are incorrect. (details of when tenancy commenced...tenancy agreement enclosed) Also Claimant is claiming charges in advance from dated between present day and 2015. Letter included that shows the account up to date as of April 2014. No evidence on POC of any account number relating to premises or persons Hope this is ok Thanks T33
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