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  1. Hi Munchkin I too filed my claim through MCOL about 2 days after they had decided to stay all cases. I applied to have the stay lifted and it looks like I'll see you in court, my hearing is also on the 7th January in Leeds with 2 others. So I'll be preparing appropriate docs. Lets hope it goes in our favour
  2. Well good luck Pink P - hope you get your money soon. So I've sent mine registered today - do I count 14 working days or 14 normal days, that takes me to the 1st or 2nd of August! And then hopefully I'll be able to file my MCOL...
  3. Thanks Pink Princess - will do. Do I send in the scehdule of charges with interest added as well or do I wait to add the interest when I file the court claim?
  4. I've recieved my first - go away letter from Nationwide. I know my next letter is a Letter before action but the only one I can find refers to not having received a response. Can you direct me to the template, and do I have to send a schedule of charges in with the letter as well. Thanks
  5. Thanks for the advice Joa - I'm definately taking action. I'm sending off a letter today to the landlords to advise them of this and giving them a week to reply! - I really hope finally that I'll be able to get some compensation :-|
  6. Anyone else got any advice? I intend to send the landlords a letter advising them that I am willing to take legal action.
  7. at the time we owed them £60, this email was sent after they had removed our contents. When we rang up to find out where they had removed them to, we were told they had been destroyed!
  8. I've just found the email they sent us, AT - below: Due to your failure to address the arrears of rent on the above garage we have now:- 1. cleared the garage of its contents 2. changed the locks 3. re-let to a new tenant 4. outstanding rent and clearance costs of £420. PLEASE REMIT URGENTLY
  9. I haven't informed the police,and it happened 2 years ago now. But you're right about criminal damage, I'm definately taking them the small claims court for compensation!
  10. I'm not sure if this is the right forum as my query is about a garage I rented and the actions of the landlord of the garage. We were renting a garage from 2003 to 2005 which was behind a flat we owned. There was no contract and upon receiving the keys we began to pay the monthly rent by standing order. In 2005 we went abroad for a few months and in that time 2 of the standing orders had bounced. By the time I realised it was a couple of weeks after the 2nd SO had bounced, so I paid them directly via internet banking into the landlord's account. We had a friend flatsitting for us at t
  11. hi guys thanks for the advice. I'm going to send off my letter on Monday after working out the charges. I'm looking forward to getting my first refusal letter
  12. Hi all After waiting just 38 days for my statements to come through from Nationwide I received them yesterday. I've worked out that the total in bank charges alone comes to £4950. My question is should I be asking for interest as well, as I know the maximum amount to claim in the small claims court is £5,000. Also can anyone tell me if they have gone down the financial ombudsman route or is it better to do the tried and tested MCOL route? Thanks for your help.....
  13. Hi Speedy, I'm at the same stage as you. I rang the number you quoted and also spoke to a nice lady who told me I would have my charges by beginning of next week at the latest. Which is fine by me. Hope it true and I can start claiming my money back
  14. Thanks for the advice, can someone just clarify that: a. if I have served notice on the tenants to leave by a certain date, and they have decided to leave before the end of a month which they have already paid to me. Are they within their rights to ask for the remainder of that month back as a refund? i.e. they have paid up until the 3rd of June but are leaving on the 28th May and are asking for 6 days rent as a refund?
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