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  1. Hi I am defending the claim on two counts as I have never had a dealing with Equidebt and any other debt is over 6 six years and is covered by the statute of limitations, I have sent back forms to County court as the dead lines. I have sent CCA request for the contract which I have only had a reply from BC stating they do not need to supply these to me as they will supply to the court. As I have little detail about this allegation I find it hard to defend.
  2. Hi Not sure if this is the correct way to post. But having been a member of the forum for sometime and found this information useful. But this time I have a small problem with the above who have issued proceeding in the county court. The alleged is held by Lowell who I believe must have purchased from a company Equidebt a company I have never heard of and have not had an advance as regulated by the consumer credit Act 1974. I believe this may relate to a debt that is statue barred from over 6 year ago (when last payment was made as I disputed and no longer acknowledge ) I have request detail of debt under CCA and all other details as to the originator of the debt. Carter replied that the court protocol as follows under direction 7c point 1.4 (3A) I believe this mean they are stating they do not need to provide these details, and that evidence will be provided at the courts direction. 1/ how can I reply as I have no knowledge of this allegation so can not enter a defence. 2/ if the debt is barred how would I know as they are not providing details as requested any help would be most appreciated
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