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  1. i sent it via e-mail and i actually got a responce today saying he will look into it and contact me back , not sure if its a generic responce or not but ill just wait and see !!
  2. well at last i think youve cracked it ! went to cab today and after sitting waiting for 2 hours they were no help at all !they did offer me a meeting with them tho on the 8/7/2011 to help me lol !! After re-reading your posts i paid online the sum of £130 and ive just called bailiff and told him ! he seemed happy that i paid and when i said id been to soliciters and CAB and that they informed me there was no such charge as a out on enforcment fee , he was like '' oh errm if the company have accepted payment online im happy with that ! '' He says if theres any issues with that amount he'll call me ? so i hope thats the end of it ! i just want to say thank you to those who have provided me with all the info on here mainly hallowitch , if im ever in eastwick ill buy you a drink Thank you and good nite !!!
  3. i can afford to make the payment of £110.00 plus £5 fee plus letter fee an vat = £130.00 ruffly ! but how a i going to get him to admit this £160 is not rite ?
  4. my pcn is £110.00 ! i have almost completed the longest email in history , read it through and let me no what you think ..................... Dear Mr Fitzgerald, Please recieve this E-mail as a formal complaint against your contracted bailiffs Equita and bailiff MrXXXXXXXXXXX. I recieved a letter from Equita requarding a parking charge i recieved , i contacted equita on 7/6/2011 to find out how much i needed to pay to clear arrears and was informed they did not know how much i had to pay but can transfer me to Mr XXXXXXX (bailiff) who has my file and can tell me. I spoke to Mr XXXXXXX and he confirmed my outstanding balance is £356.24. I didnt understand why or what these charges where for and was not told when asked but stated i will try to collect money together from loans of friends and family . After that call i searched the internet for information and advice , i found information stating that lawfully all i should be paying is the PCN @ £110.00 + £5 fee for the warrent of excecution + £11.20 for the only letter i received + VAT @ 20% . On 8/6/2011 i emailed equita requesting a breakdown of charges which i am yet to recieve ,on the 9/6/2011 I made 3 calls to Mr XXXXXX (ALL RECORDED ) through out the day to requst a breakdown but was told each time he was not in his van. He eventually called me back and stated he can remove £72.80 off the bill as he has not visited me but can not remove £160.00 ' out on enforcement fee ' which under the enforcement of road traffic debts regulations does not exsist . I am prepared to clear this outstanding debt but i am not prepared to pay for made up charges and phantom visit fees ! I very much doubt that my case is the only case with unlawful charges placed on it from your contracted bailiffs equita ? what can i improve on ?
  5. if he replys to me that is !! how would you aproach the bailiff telling him im not paying the £160 ? i was going to go to the soliciters tomorrow and try and get some advice also ?
  6. sorry to pester you again, i am about to send a e-mail to ged fitzgerald of liverpool council , is there any standard email on this site ? im not to good with words ?
  7. hes finally just called me back and said he can knock £72 off the bill.he also said there is a £160 out on enforcement fee ? i redorded the call and told him all the info and charges you guys told me and he said your wrong ? he also admitted he has never called out to my home !! any idea what a out on enforcement charge is ?
  8. great info from you both thank you ! is it worth calling him or should i do if via letter ? is email an option ?
  9. if i emiled them yesterday requesting a breakdown how long will it normally take before i hear anything back ?what difference would asking when the warrent of execution make ? if i call equita and say im making a payment of the amount you say what will the likley outcome be ? what do you mean about capita ? are they part of equita ? really sorry for all the questions . thanks again
  10. liverpool . he said he will provide it but hes away from his van at the mo. also wen i called equita and ask how much i owe they said they didnt know as the bailiff has all my info ?
  11. hello again all . i have called him 3 times now recording all calls and i still havent been given a break down of charges ? it feels like hes avoiding me now ! i was planning to go and see citizens advice tomorrow , is it worth me speaking to them ?? Again thanks .
  12. hello agan, Thanks again hallowitch , ive just called him now and hes saying hes driving and does not have my info to hand ! theres a shock lol ! ive told him ill call him again in the morning and he says he'll have my details. ill update when i hear more . also hallowitch what is the £5 charge for ?
  13. hi all , i recievved a letter dated 27/5/2011 from equita via the post stating ' REMOVAL NOTICE ' ! so i called equita and was told this account was in the hands of the bailiff and i needed to speak with him so she kindly put me through to him and to be fair he seemed a nice guy . i then asked him how much i needed to pay he replied £356.24. so i said ill try and find cash and call him back . i since have found you lovely people and it seems these charges are steep . now all ive had is the above mentioned letter and no visits or other letters from them !! ive requested a break down as per previous threads have mentioned , my real question is from the letter ive recieved ...... what stage am i up to with this ? Any and all help will be great Thanks
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