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  1. Thanks for that, read all the above. When I posted the letter today (BBC/prelim, 14days etc), I stated that I was claiming for £100, the total which would be charged by the 18th Feb. This was based on the amount I was told on the phone to a&l. Only £25 has been charged so far, will this letter still be seen as valid? Should I post another one with £25 on it or wait 14 days and then send the LBA letter? Thanks, matthew
  2. hi everyone, I just recieved a letter from A&L today saying they are charging me £25 for a cheque being paid which took me over my overdraft limit. I exceeded my limit by £1.24 For this they have charged £25 for paying the cheque and will add another £25 on the 18th (at the end of the 'statement period') As I am a student and have little money I cannot afford to pay anything until the end of this month, meaning that I will be charged a further £50 after the 18th. TOTAL £100 Unfortunately when I found this site I had already posted a letter to A&L The 14 day letter on the bbc site BBC NEWS | Business | How to claim back penalty charges I have paid £1.24 in to my account, after a phone call from the branch to the head office, who refused to refund me and advised me to pay £10 for a claim pack! Any advice or opinions welcome. thanks matthew
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