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  1. Hi Not sure what to do now. I had a LLoyds credit card a few years ago and cut it up because I was getting too much into debt and receiving soooooo many charges. Lloyds sent it on to a debt collector and I am now dealing with them. The problem is that I want to reclaim all the charges that I paid to Lloyds but can find no paperwork on my old account. I phoned Lloyds and they said that they have no record of my account with them but to write in and give more details. I did this three weeks ago but have not heard a word. Any ideas on what to do next or where I can get old account info from?? Also can you reclaim on bank loan charges and how do you go about that? In the same way as bank and credit card reclaiming?? Please help with any advise. THANKS
  2. I don't suppose that I could do anything barr writing to complain is there. I mean THEY made a mistake in not informing me of their decision. But what can they say but sorry? West London Court has hampered me from day one of my claim. Giving me wrong information and giving Lloyds more time to comply than I would get, and on and on and on...... I feel so so angry that I had done all this work(since February this year) with the stress that this encompasses to have it all cut short because of an oversight! STINKS!!!! Yet again the banks seem to be getting their own way. My God, I sound so bitter....perhaps because I am! Anyway, if there is anything that I can do please let me know as I am now champing at the bit for a good old fight!
  3. Yes the case has been stayed.....10 days before I had the hearing. The court didn't write to me to let me know that an order had been made to stay.
  4. Just got back from West London County Court feeling well p***** off!! Had all prepared, even argument for stay request as I had heard nothing from either SC&M or court as to their request. Their solicitor was quite smarmy before hand as he was talking to me about how all courts were staying the cases. I just let him ramble as I was quite focused on what lay ahead and extremely nervous. Got called and the first thing the judge said was that a request for a stay had been received by the court and also my objection to the stay. I was getting ready with all my papers and files when she said that she was sorry but the case has already been ordered. It was judged 10 DAYS AGO!!! The court had not informed me or Lloyds about this. I began trying to argue my case from all the info on this site but she stopped me, commended me, told me that I was correct but THERE WAS NOTHING THAT SHE COULD DO AS THE CASE HAD ALREADY BEEN DECIDED!!! Is there anything that I can do about this? Just had to pack up and come home and now I think I'll drown my sorrows!! Thanks to all on the site for all your tireless work. I will keep looking in to help others if I can.
  5. Guido Can't thank you enough! Still really nervous though!
  6. Thanks for your advise, but could I ask a little more of you? In the posts that I have read it states that to begin with in court you should "tell your story" but I just can't think of where to start! I will be ok if I could just think of the first couple of sentences but my brain is getting fried! Please could you start me off?
  7. Yeah!! West London! Have you heard anything about a stay yet?
  8. Thanks! Still mind numbing. Hoping that it will stay in my mind. I presume I just need to outline that I believe the charges to be un-lawful and that I am seeking a refund. Do I need to state cases and refer to the technical jargon cause this is really going to throw me off kilter!
  9. I am in court on wed 2pm and am really struggling! What will be required of me? Will i have to give an opening argument? What should I say? I'm so terrified! I am by no means a public speaker and know that I will get tongue tied and lose it! Didn't really think that it would get to this stage! HELP! HELP! PLEASE!
  10. Congratulations! Wonder if you can give me some advise about court? I've got my hearing this wednesday (19th) and I'm at a loss as to what to expect and say etc. Could you please please help?
  11. West London County Court
  12. Thanks for the advise. Will do!!
  13. Thanks for the reply but sorry still very unclear. Do I write back to them to decline or not? Also, should I send a copy of the letter I took to the court?
  14. Hi I phoned the court the other day to find out if Lloyds had submitted the court bundle by the stated 14 days before hearing deadline. They hadn't, but was informed that they had sent a letter to the court requesting a stay. I downloaded and printed off a letter from this site objecting to this and took it round to the court. The next day I received the letter from Lloyds telling me of their request and asking to reply to them if I agreed. Obviously I don't, so my questions are, should I reply to them and do I have to send the letter that I took round to the court to Lloyds as well? My court date is 19th September. Thanks
  15. Just got the letter from Lloyds this morning telling me that they have asked the court for a stay. They ask me to agree in writing to this. Obviously I don't. So do I write and tell them this or do nothing and wait for the judges decision? Will he write to me before the hearing (19th Sep) or tell me his decision on the day? Please help!! Thanks
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