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  1. Good news you are fortunate. I have a business claim started Feb 06 for £4000. About to put a further claim in for £2000 extra in charges they have levied this year. This was due in Court August but was stayed on application by Lloyds. I appealed against this on the Common Law basis it being a business account, but the Judge ruled to uphold the stay until after the test case. Any details re the Truro case it may be worth writing.
  2. I have been to court with a business account case. I applied to have the stay lifted and the Judge - Judge Exon did not make a decision at the time but took the trouble to check to see if the stay applied to business cases. I received a notification from the court back that it did, as a higher Judge had ruled that the stay applied to business accounts as well. Unfortunately we have to wait.
  3. My original Court case was scheduled for 13/8, North Somerset County Court. SC&M applied for a stay which was granted. I applied at the time to get the stay lifted. Received a letter from the Court today saying my application to get the stay lifted will be heard on 4th October. 15 minutes has been set aside for the hearing. At least I am going to go before a Judge! Any advice will be gratefully accepted.
  4. Tigerlilly Just to clarify - SC&M had asked for a stay which Judge had given. I have applied for this to be lifted - hearing probably in Sept. The Court Manager told me that the Judge in Weston was putting all cases on stay until after the OFT hearing.
  5. Even though I had no time to object to the stay, the Court just said tough - The Judge here has placed stays on all Bank Claims. (North Somerset Courthouse, Weston-s-Mare) I am now having to apply to have the stay lifted and spending a further £65.00.
  6. I am going to Court later to see if I can get the stay removed. I will post as to what happened.
  7. Yes mine has - Hogbucket v Lloyds. I was supposed to be in Court today 14.30 received a letter Friday from the Court and one from SC&M - Court granting SC&M's request. Does not give me time to do anything. I am turning up at Court today anyway and I am going to object to the stay. I have already filled in form.
  8. My Case WAS due on Monday 13th - Have just received a letter from SC&M dated 7th saying in view of OFT they were applying for a stay, received also in same post received a letter from court confirming that case has been stayed until after the OFT case - although I am at liberty to apply to remove the stay within 7 days. Due to the lateness of this - 1 working day to deal with it, I am tempted to turn up and claim have not seen letters. Any advice?
  9. I would suggest that you speak to the local Branch Manager and inform them that if the money is not in your account by close of business Tuesday that you will be asking the local / national press to attend the branch along with the Bailiff to execute the warrant. I would imagine that will focus their attention. I also know a good PR company to make it happen:-)
  10. Thanks that worked. Will print it off and send to the Court. Hogbucket
  11. I'm in the same boat, sent my bundles in within the allotted time (due in court 13/8/7) have heard nothing from SC&M, I am just turning up in court at due date. Not sure that I want to contact SC&M in case it reminds them to apply for a stay.
  12. Link does not seem to work. Any other suggestions. Thanks Hogbucket.
  13. Due to go to court 13th August. Have heard nothing from SC&M since letter offering to enter into negotiations on 23rd June. I had to send my Court bundle in 14 days before the court case, duly done to the Court and SC&M on the 24th July. As I have received no copies of Documents to be used in Lloyds defence by SC&M I would presume they are not defending this. In view of the OFT case should I just turn up at court with my bundle and ask for judgement.
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