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  1. Thanks, one last question I have filled out section 7 on the small claims for I took the wording from this site, I have asked for the charges do i ask for the charges plus interest or just the charges in section 7 do they add on the interest? thanks
  2. Hello, I am currently filling out my 2 forms for the small claims court in Edinburgh in the section for name and address of defender do I put my branch address or the Trinity Rd address I bank with Bank of Scotland also on section 7 I have only put my charges amount I'm I right in the court will add the interest or should I add the interest and amend the amount I have written I copyed the wording from the libary, Any advice would be great. Thanks
  3. Can anyone tell me what address I put in on my smalls form for the address of the bank is it my branch address or the Trinity Rd address? I live in Edinburgh. any advice would be great Thanks
  4. Thanks very much for your reply, I have gone onto the scottish forum I am right in that I download form A1 and B1 fill them out and take them to the court with my list of charges? both form A1 and B1 look the same! is this correct or I'm I reading it wrong? Thanks
  5. Thanks for your reply, do I use the template and add my details to it? what court do I file with I live in Scotland (Edinburgh) thanks
  6. Hi, can anyone give me a bit of advice? I have just received a letter from Bank of Scotland they are saying that they have looked at my complaint and are satisfied that the charges on my account are correct so no payment will be made to me, what's the next step is it the small claims court? I live in scotland, I cant believe they have sent this letter is this the standard reply they give people? Thanks
  7. thats great thanks for the quiuck reply
  8. Quick Question I Am Sending My Lba Do I List The Interest Charges With This Letter? I Have Already Sent A List Of Charges With My Last Letter, I Am Sending This Again But Do I Add The Interest At This Stage? Any Help Would Be Great I'm Sending It Tomorrow. Thanks
  9. Hi Jowalshy, thanks for the advice will do it now and get it sent. thanks again for the quick response.
  10. Hello, Im now at the stage where I want to send the letter request for payment, I'm a bit unsure how to go about this, is this letter printable from the template libary? also what address do I post this letter to, I posted my last letter to my branch but have had nothing but hassel and delay, I live in Edinburgh. I assume I also post the calculation spreadsheet with all my charges with this letter? minus the interest? any advice would be great. thanks
  11. Hello, I need a bit of advice, I requested my statements on 6th Feb, I received half of my statements last Tuesday, I called Bank of scotland on the Tuesday asking why I only had from Feb 04, she said that it was because Halifax and Bank of Scotland merged then and the statements come from different places so the rest would be with me shortly is this true? I have calculated the ones I have to £674.00 do I claim for this now and claim the rest later or do I wait and claim all together? any advice would be great. thanks
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