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  1. when I put my flexible working request in I sat down and first made a list of ALL the reasons they could come up with to say no then came up with a sound business way of countering it
  2. seriously not happy got my bill sent to me tonight and 2 services I cancelled last year, namely 1571 and caller id, due to the fact that they were going to start charging for them and I never use them, have been added back onto my bill and charged for! and to add insult to injury spent 28 mins on hold waiting for them to answer the phone and guess what, on the dot of 8pm the message of "thank you for waiting we are exceptionally busy and your call is important to us" guff the message changed to we are now closed I guess my call isnt THAT important to you if you cut me off after queuing for 28 mins! When I worked in customer services many years ago that queue was ALWAYS cleared before we left for the day!
  3. they have hit me twice with this since I took my contract out 16 months ago, thats more than once every 12 months and yes I am going to OFCOM
  4. an agreement signed by myself and my boss, witnessed by an HR rep and thanks, feel SO much better
  5. luckily they agreed with me, I have left with a clean sheet and they agreed to everything I asked for
  6. when I say compromise I mean an agreement that my reference will be neutral and it will save them money, if it went to disp then I would be putting grievances in with regards to my boss and also with regards to their treatment of me whilst acknowledging I am suffering from work related stress they would also be saving 2k in wages as well
  7. have been advised by ACAS to call HR when they open and offer a compromise agreement with my leaving them with immediate effect (thus saving them money and effort) in return for a neutral reference if they wont then it will be a months notice and fight my corner in the disp thb they will send this to a full disp as they have been trying to shed staff for ages thanks for the reply Emmazzi
  8. Hi all really need some advice I have been suspended on full pay (has been explained to me that this is not to be seen as disciplinary action in itself) pending an investigation into gross misconduct my investigation hearing is today previous to this all kicking off I applied for another job as I was wanting to leave the company anyway and today I have received an offer in writing my concern is any reference the company I am about to leave will be not the greatest I am going to hand my notice in today and am hoping it will be with immediate effect as frankly I cant face walking back into the building if I hand my notice in before the hearing would that mean that I wont get any mention of disciplinary proceedings on my reference seeming as suspension is not deemed to be a disciplinary action? many thanks Morteee
  9. it is highly unlikely they will have a copy of your agreement trust me, been down this route with them http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?214128-morteee-v-DLC-round-2&p=2977044&highlight=#post2977044 thats my thread they are full of it
  10. it was but for some reason it was in my maiden name (which I went to after I left my ex husband AND not the name I had when the card was taken out by my ex husband LOL!) oh dear
  11. 5-6k if I remember rightly, not heard a thing from them for a while and the amount kept changing LOL! wasnt even my chuffing credit card!
  12. Statue Barred as of the 9th June bye bye DLC
  13. awwwwww shame oh well am hoping they call when I am in anyway as I am going to have some fun with them to get them to remove my number
  14. right, I am a LONG term battler against DLC (please feel free to read my original threads for reassurance) I am going to tell you straight from direct experience of these people they are a DCA who haven't got a clue, in the early days I was scared silly of them then I came here, got some sterling advice, became empowered and now I find them to be highly amusing in the most condescending manner you can imagine MCB ARE DLC just under a different name, have dealt with both. if they havent sent you a valid CCA (they sent me an application form and then acknowledged it was an application form in their letters bless them) then dont pay them, after a while the letters die down to the "annual statement" then peter off totally, I dont even get an annual statement anymore and its SB this year anyway ignore threats of doorstep collectors, they are glorified monkeys who turn up and pretend to be all serious, although I cant see them actually sending one, they never did to me (but that could have been due to my Landlady aka mother sending them a VERY nasty letter stating at no time were they to place a toe on her property without a court order, we are still waiting for the court order lol) they are all wind and hot air and tbh if they have sent you a "discount" letter it 99% of the time means they havent got the correct paperwork to back it up in court, an example of just how on the ball they are, I went back to my maiden name 5 years ago, its fully traceable etc however they were still sending me letters in my old married name. GREAT BACKGROUND CHECKS THERE! keep all letters in a file just in case and if they haven't sent you a valid CCA with all the legal requirements then just fire them one simple letter stating until such time they DO send you one, you will not be entering into any correspondence with them now open a bottle of wine and enjoy your evening, ITS FRIDAY
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