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  1. Hope you have got decent security on that. If not drop me a pm, not called chain chick for nought!!!
  2. I am sure that I fell for this the last time - well here we go again. All for a couple of quid and a pie !
  3. I claimed from A&L I claimed for the paid fees and the od fees (not the monthly fee for having an od. as this is a service that they provide, so you can't charge) They also offered me the difference between the charges and the £12.00 No, said I and held out, I got £4500 from them. So not bad ah. Pop into the A&L forum and you will get loads of help
  4. Scorchy Just have a read up and if you don't understand anything, post up and someone will be along to help. I have won £4500 from A&L & just over £1000 from Capital One, so it can be done and is alot easier than you first think. So stick to the timetable and you should be ok
  5. Actually it looks like you haven't. I take it you wrote the LBA and asked for an amount, then they gave you back some of it direct into your account. You are still owed some, is that right?? If that is it, you need to go into the library and look for interest calculators. You can either charge CCI (more for you) or 8% Stat Interest. That's the one I went for coz it was easier and I wasn't too sure about the legal arguments behind the CCI, along with the fact that I didn't receive my statments only a list that they had typed up. Anyway, if you need the details of what to put on your MCOL form, that is also in the library, if not I have the one I used and can PM it to you if you would like
  6. Scallyally They did the same to me, said that they would defend and a couple of weeks later paid my account in full and sent a cheque for the rest. I am in Newcastle too. I used MCOL. I have actually written to them today and said thanks but they still owe me more interest and the £50 June payment I sent them. But stay with it, you should be hearing from them They have paid me £1070 so far, I have told them another £94 and then they can see the back of me
  7. Petedoyle They just cleared my account over 900 quid and sent me a cheque for the £100 which was over the top, they still owe me 94 quid ( I paid for £50 June & additional interest) so I wrote and said if they don't pay it I will continue the claim So stick with it. They made me 3 offers all of which were full and final, until they put in their defence!!! So they DO PAY and they haven't closed the account, the letter just says that they will charge £12 in future for late payments, and if I don't like it. perhaps I should close the account
  8. Just wrote to Cap One and thanked them for clearing the accout and for the cheque, told them however that I had already paid £50.00 which they didn't take into account along with extra interest, they need to send me £97.37 before I will write to the court and tell them that it is settled Hubby said do I think it's worth it, Ohhhhhhhh yeahhhhhh said I, It's my money, the only reason that I paid the 50 quid is to keep it all above board, even though I knew they owed me more than I owed them. So they can pay up - or go to court for the last bit of it yeah like that's gonna happen:rolleyes:
  9. They offered me a part payment. 3 times and said it was their final offer, then paid my account off in full and sent me a cheque for what was outstanding £1070 in total. They went upto the defense stage, then sent me the cheque whilst I was in the USA spending the cash I got from Alliance & Leciester So hang in there
  10. Tried to PM 3 mods to move my thread all have no space in their in boxes - so would someone please move my thread Chain Chick v Cap one to the WON section as they paid in FULL:D
  11. Well. well, well Capital One paid in full too They paid my account off in full and sent me a cheque for the rest!!! They failed to take into account the £50 I just sent them for this months payment so I should be in credit! I need to get that sorted then I will write to the courts. So stick with it every one. :D
  12. Well Done - I am waiting for them to pay me, have probably already received the letter, but I am in the USA at the moment so will have a nice surprise when I get back. I am spending the money I got from Alliance & Leciester at the moment, so a big thanks to them
  13. No problem. they sent me the you can have £12.00 etc etc. No can do matey - said I, and filed the MCOL claim. I have been told they are defending it. Okey Dokey, I am thinking about buying one of them nice white curly wigs Nah not really, I don't suppose I will get to see the inside of a court room. Didn't with A&L they said they would defend then sent me a chq for £4500 Stick with it
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