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  1. Ok i sent it and they have sent a letter back saying that they are waiting on the result of the current court case before they can proceed any further but that our complaint is stored and logged and as soon as the proceedings are completed they will deal with our complaint as quickly as possible, do i need to do anything else as yet
  2. Ok so step one is complete. We got the statements and worked it out to be £2998 We also got a letter basially saying we know you want this cos of the bank charges an we aint paying anything out till the test case is over and that could take yonks so it aint worth bothering with On to letter number 2 hehehehehehe PS: Do i send the second letter to the same people as i sent the S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) to ? Never mind found the right addy lol
  3. Thanks, i thought that was the case. I dont think i qualify for hardship on a normal basis but this month his wages are £500 short due to a company co*k up so do you think that wold count lol. We are gonna be tight this month thats for sure once everything is paid or does it have to be on a regular basis Have printed my letters off and will get him to sign them in the morning, get the cheque sorted and get it all posted off, does the hardship claim have to go in when you make your request for payment
  4. Right today my battle on my OH's behalf has started with Halifax Last week he went £1.47 over his overdraft limit and this morning got a letter saying he is going be charged £35 admin and £28 for being over the limit so that amounts to £63 for £1.47. We rang the people online and they said they cant do anything its down to the branch, i wasn't sure if this was true so got the branch number and he rang them, after alot of question asking the put him on hold while they looked into it and then came back and said they can't do anything. There is nobody that can help. He said if they dropped the charge to around £12 he would pay it but they wouldnt budge so he threatened to take them to court for the last 6 years worth. We are going down there saturday and adding him to my Lloyds account if we can and if they still wont help he will close the accounts he has with them. Does anyone here know if they CAN do anything about the charge, if it is within their power at our branch to change the amount. We had the money in one of his other Halifax accounts, so had they done a quick phone call when the over limit happened it could have been solved on the spot thanks for any help you can give, this forum helped me with lloyds so here shoping we have the same luck with Haliax :grin:
  5. Hi just wanted to say we also just received one for my OH. It was sent to the address he lived at when he was 16 years old saying he owed Llyods £3500, now firstly he has never banked with Lloyds and secondly he hasnt lived there since he was 16 like i say. Am i right to say just ignore them, his mum and dad forwarded it on but they dont even live there now and apparantly they have just received something else in his name ( im assuming another one ) I told him in no uncertain terms NOT to tring them and try and solve it
  6. Ok i havent started thisnyet, i have been away with family issues and havent had time to do anything and it was only when my mate got back her £3345 ( without any fight i might add from RBS ) that it jogged my memory about this. Should i start from the letter saying i will go to court again or can i still file after thislong even though i said i was only giving them 14 days :o If needs be i could collect the court forms today on my way to college
  7. Ohhh thanks for that, it would seem as i am in recept of INcome Support that i dont actually have to pay the court fee so does that mean i have to go to my local court house to get the forms to fill in Do they tend to be quite helpful about this as im easily confused lol ?
  8. bugger, i sent my rejection letter but havent had the cash to file a claim yet, my mum is lending it to me this weekend is it too late as i did state 14 days on the rejection letter And can anyone help me here, what do i have to do to file my claim im nervous now that im gonna mess it up and get nothing :o
  9. Hi i was a bit late sending out my letter but now i have today received one offering £120 which brings the late fees i paid £35 for down to £12 a time Anyhoooo i cant see the letter to refuse this and do i again ask for full payment before going down the road to court ? Thanks guys i know i wouldnt have the nerve to have done this without you Lou
  10. Well as expected i have heard nothing back from Lloyds at all, have prepared the new letter tonight stating they have 14 days before i start court proceedings but it says " and therfore ....... court will rule in my favour " I have just put Maidstone i didnt know if i had to be more specific than that and give an address does anyone know Thanks Lou
  11. Thanks for that Is there a sample letter anywhere so i can see what needs to be written im not too good with letter writing I have been readin that some people have had success getting their money back so thats encouraging, just one question if you have to file a court claim do you get that money back aswell ? Lou
  12. Thanks Barty Have printed that off this afternoon and done a spreadsheet to show the charges and what they were for so will pop that off recorded delivery tomorrow and keep you all informed Lou
  13. Hi yeah the cd place I went in and they offered me a card and although it said HMV on it the statements come through from Royal Bank Of Scotland and it had their logo on it aswell - i dont have it anymore i snapped it up so might have to wait for the statement this month, i have nearly paid it off now but would be nice to get the charges back if i could Thanks Lou
  14. Hiya i have been browsing this site today and have seen contact details for Littlewoods Is that Littlewoods the catalogue and can you actually claim back the charges catalogues have imposed for late payments as you can do with banks I didnt know that and have a few of those aswell Today could end up being quite enlightening you know Lou
  15. Hiya i am attempting to recalim my bank charges from Lloyds TSB but it suddenly dawned on me i opened an account with HMV in 2004 and was issued with a card but the card was financed by the RBS and i could use it in cash machines and the like. Does anyone know if i can claim these charges back or not ?? Lou
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