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  1. Thank you for that help DX, I shall get on with that today. The ones that you haven't commented on.....do I presume there's no way if challenging them?I really appreciate everyone's time and helpfulness I am also in receipt of DLA, do the creditors need to take that into consideration?
  2. It was only when I printed details off from Stepchange this morning that I noticed RESTONS and I cannot remember who the original creditor id hence the fact I want Stepchange to tell me who it was. I thought there must have been some automatic transfer of debt ownership between SC and the original creditor to Restons?
  3. Thanks Andy, As far as I am aware, we are not involved in any sort of legal proceedings whatsoever?
  4. Stepchange took both mine and my hubbys debts as a package. That's why they were both together. Neither the us have s CCJ, so obviously an original creditor may have passed s debt on? No I haven't asked HMRC to verify the debt...but I will. What does OL stand for please? I also intend to ask Stepchange if they can provide us with a copy of all the original creditors that we sent them. And does the fact that I am in receipt of DLA make a difference in any of this?
  5. Hi DX and fkofilee. Original creditors are HMRC Tax Credits, Overpayment, Outstanding Balance £7,614.59 and £49.61 via stepchange Barclaycard, Credit Card, OB £4620.65, and £23.08 mth Halifax PLC, Overdraft, OB £3541.74and £23.08 mth Marks and Spencer, Credit Card, OP B£3349.55 and £12.46 mth Halifax, Hubbys Credit Card, OP £2335.83 and £8.76 mth Restons Solicitors Ltd, OB £1671.15 and £6.34 Creation Financial Services OB £1066.50 and £5.02 Halifax PLC , Overdraft, OB £299.50 and £5.02 Halifax PLC ? ? ? ? £4.53 Where I have missed details out, that is because I cannot remember who the original creditor was.. ...and for what type of credit it initially was.....sorry They are all paid proportinately via Stepchange We have been using Stepchange for approx 20 months and were paying only the necessary minimum payments to the creditors for as long as I can remember prior to that. Hope this info is what you need in order to advise me..........Thank you
  6. Thank you for replying dx100uk. Sorry to appear 'dense/thick', but are you needing me to list my debts etc on here? thank you
  7. Hi everyone, Ive been paying a DMP with Stepchange for almost 2years now. I was told by someone today that my debts can be challenged and possibly written off. Is this correct and if so, do you think I'd be able to cancel the DMP? Thank you
  8. Hi there Would someone please be able to point me in the right direction of these forms, cos ive been looking around on this site and i havent a clue where im going Apologies if ive been looking in the wrong place Thanx Shirleyx
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