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  1. had loan with natwest with ppi, its been running for 2 years cancelled the ppi 2 days ago, no proplems they done it straight away, but i thought i would get a refund on the ppi, am i right or wrong,,also ask natwest if i would get refund and all they done is give number of the insurance company,,thanxs update..natwest said they refunded 3000 and took it off the loan and thats why we paying 79 pond less a month, but we still have the same years left even though they said they paid 3000,, on loan agrrement ppi was 6307 loan--25000 over 7 years ppi---6307 interest---9072 repay---4
  2. we new nothing about this as 7 years my wife cleared her name so we could by a house she did phone them and they said she defalted in 1997 to 1998,she said she new nothing about this, we then asked to see credit agreement but nothing and they used the 1 pound to put on the loan
  3. has you no i have been helping my wife against aktiv kapital,on reading the forums can i ask a couple of questions pls,please remember this dept she new nothing of, and looking at statements and credit file there is nothing on there so we know this dept is ten years old, i sent them a letter asking for credit agrreement with 1 pound postal order, they never sent me 1, and put the pound on the loan, so i think from reading forums they have broken the law, now i have been doing a lot of reading on here, now she made contact do the 6 years thing restart, can they say we paid 1 pound so th
  4. aktiv kapital first investment ltd, sent them a 1 pound postal order asking for my wifes credit agreement they did not send it and took 1 pound off the loan
  5. this is updated letter guys, aktiv kapital first investment ltd, hew house, 24 george square, glasgow g2 leg. 08/02/2007 dear sir, I wrote to you on the 23/01/2007, asking you to send me a copy of the alleged credit agreement. I enclosed the statuory fee of £1 and I DO NOT ACKNOWLEDGE ANY DEBT TO YOUR COMPANY. I am in receipt of your letter of 03/02/2007 which does not contain the require information. As you know unless you can provide a true copy of the alleged agreement it is not enforceable in a court of law. You will also be aware that your failure to pr
  6. wow theres alot on this company bcw and aktiv, so what do i do about the 1 pound i sent
  7. aktiv kapital first investment ltd, sent them a letter for a credit agreement use the 1 pound and took it off the loan
  8. ok this is the first letter i ever wrote lol what you think.. dear sir, i wrote to you on the 23/01/2007,asking you to send me my credit agreement, i inclosed £1 for a copy of the credit agreement,as we DO NOT ACKNOWLEDGE ANY DEBT TO YOUR COMPANY,the £1 fee was for the credit agreement as stated in my letter and not for payment to a loan,i would like to see the credit agreement as stated in my prevouse letter date 23/01/2007 allso lads we sent the letters to bcw, 24 george square, glasgow g2 1eg, on the letter it says. pursuers:aktiv kapital first investment ltd,
  9. just been reading forums, i never sent this by recorded delivery, will i send it out again or tell them the 1 pound post order was for my credit aggrement
  10. ok dealing with aktiv kapital first investment ltd,,wife got a letter saying she owed them 3000 pound,she did,nt no nothing about this as 7 years earlyer she cleared her name, she rang them up saying she nows nothing about it, they said she defaulted in 1997,,so we sent this letter.. XX January 2007 Dear Sir/Madam I DO NOT ACKNOWLEDGE ANY DEBT TO YOUR COMPANY Re:− Account/Reference Number XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX With reference to the above agreement, we would be grateful if you would send us a copy of this credit agreement. We understand that under the Consumer
  11. just saying hi, just found this great website, looks really good, and going to ask for some advice straight away...
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