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  1. Blair Oliver & Scott are merely Bank of Scotland Retail Collections staff.
  2. Could be Metropolitan Collection Services (MCS) debt collectors for HSBC and Marks & Spencer Financial Services (owned by HSBC) Was it a Birmingham telephone number?
  3. My Solicitors are writing to the MD of Robison Way today throwing the book at him for non compliance with CCA request (committed an offence, report to TS & OFT). I hope he is wearing a thick pair of brown trousers when the letter hits his desk otherwise it could be quite messy!!
  4. I have just received a cheque from Abbey for £190, being the difference between the exit fee I paid in March 2006 of £225 and the amount financial analysts Defaquto says it actually costs them to close a mortgage (£35). It only took a letter from me and they paid up in about 5 weeks. My letter of claim was copied from the thisismoney website.
  5. Never deal with these people on the phone. Write and revoke any right you may have previously given to contact you by telephone at home or work. If they continue, report them for harassment.
  6. They will hit the 30 day mark on 20th April. I think I will write very slowly!
  7. I forgot to add, they returned the £1 Postal Order too!
  8. Creditor has sent very poor and illegible copy of what appears to be a microfiche of original Credit Card application form and has also enclosed the very latest and fully legible terms and conditions attached. I suspect that the original dating from 1996,has been shredded, otherwise why would they go to such lengths to cobble this one together? Is there any way of finding out, short of getting them to produce the original in Court? Their data people are adamant that they have fulfilled their obligations under the CCA.
  9. MCS are merely HSBC'S in-house debt collectors so I would be curious to know what charges have they been adding to bump up the debt and indeed, how they could possibly justify them?
  10. These dumbos are too thick to read the London Gazette but ignorance is no defence for them. They haven't got a chance now that you are bankrupt.
  11. Tigs33 - Remember that Sainsbury's supermarket tagline ? "Try something new today" - do just that. Report the b's to all the statutory authorities going. Think of all the negative publicity for their brand if the matter did go to Court.
  12. Yeah, as if you're going to phone their rip-off phone number too! What morons.
  13. They are obviously desperate now that you have rumbled them, hence the extra pressure ( the only response these people are capable of) Stick to your guns.
  14. DCAs seem to habitually backdate their letters to put pressure on people. (you must contact us within 7 days from the date of this letter - omigod that's today, panic, panic...) No doubt some vulnerable people would be very scared by this. This appears to be harassment in its own right.
  15. Bank of Scotland only owns 45% of Sainsbury's Bank so I doubt whether Sainsbury's could grab anything from a Halifax account.
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